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Negotiation - Deeds of Settlement

General introductions
Claims process
Deeds of Settlement
Completed Settlements
Iwi Register forms
Office of Treaty Settlements
Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations
Waitangi Tribunal Reports


Department of Conservation Treaty information.
Given the particular importance of the land and other natural resources administered by the Department to Māori, the Department is included as a member of each Crown negotiating team.

Office of Treaty Settlements, Ministerial briefings.
Keep up to date with various stages of claimant groups who are in the process of establishing negotiation with the Crown.


Office of Treaty Settlements Claims Progress information
Under the Treaty of Waitangi Act, any Maori may lodge a claim with the Waitangi Tribunal although the Government prefers that settlements are concluded with large natural groupings eg all the claims of a large tribe. The number of registered claims therefore gives an inflated picture of how many settlements will be required. Settlements are currently occurring at a rate of about one every six months.

Map outlining claims in process by regional area. PDF(351kb)


Ngāti Manawa
Ngāti Whare
Ngāti Kahu ki Whangaroa (signed Terms of Negotiation)
Wellington (Taranaki Whanui) Deed of Mandate recognised, February 2004.


Claimant groups in this stage have signed Terms of Negotiation and are negotiating with the Crown towards the basic elements of a settlement.
There are many groups currently engaged in negotiation with the Office including :

Ngāti Manawa (Terms of Negotiation signed on 7 May 2004)
Ngāti Whare Iwi Trust (Terms of Negotiation signed on 7 May 2004)
Ngāti Kahu
Ngāti Apa (Rangitikei)
Ngāti Whātua o Orākei
Te Roroa
Te Rarawa

Agreements in Principle

Te Arawa Settlement
The Crown issued an offer to the Te Arawa Maori Trust Board on 31st May, 2001, covering a map of lakes area .
Te Ati Awa ($34 million)

Detailed Negotiations
Parties have agreed in principle and now work on the fine detail of the settlement to agree a draft Deed of Settlement that can be put to the claimant community for full agreement.

Ngāti Mutunga . ($14.5 million)
Rangitaane o Manawatu . ($8.5 million)


The following groups have reached Deeds of Settlement since December 2000 and are now awaiting settlement legislation for the Deeds to become unconditional.

Nga Rauru . PDF(162kb)
Several supporting documents including commercial properties, valuation information and a summary of proceedings can be found.

Ngäti Awa ($42.39 million)

Ngäti Tuwharetoa (Bay of Plenty) (now signed, 2003) ($10.5 million)
Map - showing deeds completed . PDF(36kb)


IwiRedress AmountYear of DeedLegislation
Ngāti Tama
Ngāti Ruanui
Te Uri o Hau$15,600,000 2000 2002
Pouakani$2,650,000 1999 2000
Ngāti Turangitukua $5,000,000 1998 1999
Ngai Tahu $170,000,000 1997 1998
Rotoma$129,032 1996
Te Maunga $43,931 1996
Waimakuku $375,000 1995
Waikato/Tainui raupatu $170,000,0001995 1995
Ngāti Whakaue $5,210,000 1994
Haui$715,682 1993
Commercial Fisheries$170,000,000 1992 1992
Ngāti Rangiteaorere $760,000 1991
Waitomoloan of $1,000,000* 1989

*The Crown transferred land at the Waitomo Caves to the claimant group, subject to a lease, and provided a loan.

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