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Quality Information. Fast. Professional search and information services

  • You know what information you need - we know how to find it.
  • Save time and money by focusing on what you do best
  • As skilled information professionals, we can make a difference every day in the speed, relevance, and accuracy of re search projects that meet business, industry, government, non-profit, and other needs.

About us

  • Prosearch is the professional search service of Wellington City Libraries.
  • Innovative and cutting edge business ideas are based on good market insights. For over 25 years Wellington City Libraries (WCL) has provided a wide range of business services and resources, including access to market research reports, industry trends and company profiles. We provide free search training, and confidentiality is guaranteed. If you need help to drive your business forward, visit our website www.wcl.govt.nz/business.
  • For all individuals or organisations with a WCL library card we can offer up to 1 hour's non-urgent free research per topic, plus any direct costs. For urgent enquiries, work can be undertaken at $60 per hour.
  • You can still use our services, whether or not you have a current library card. A clear cost-estimate will be given beforehand.

What we do

  • Satisfy your information needs quickly and cost-effectively
  • Save you time and money
  • Research new product concepts
  • Research your competitors
  • Locate companies who are potential buyers of your product
  • Provide guidance on internet searching
  • Offer personalized service and confidentiality

Contact us

Email Prosearch

Call 021 596 274 Marilyn Domney

Now located Level 7 MOB Building Civic Square

A number of business, public organisations, within the wider Wellington region use Prosearch on a regular basis. Other customers include students, people looking into their family history, authors, and people who need assistance with their research.

Use Prosearch for

  • Finding information - whether you just need a few quintessential articles on a specific topic, or are interested in a comprehensive literature review.
  • training on searching online to find information efficiently and effectively and reduce information overload. We can show how to get the sources you need.

Samples of recent work:

  • Not for profit sector in New Zealand today
  • Casual games market
  • Smart learning
  • Cosmeceuticals
  • International trends in craft brewing
  • Smart cities
  • Text bullying

What do people say about Prosearch?

  • "Thank you for your time today. It was exciting to see what you do and the possibilities for me seem endless. I have had a wonderful time reading the articles you sent so thank you very much for that."
  • "You have a wealth of information, very valuable for a lot of companies so I’ll spread the word."
  • "Our CEO is very pleased with the research you did for her -many thanks."
  • "Many thanks for your time and all the links Marilyn. It was a real eye opener to see all the databases and potential at your fingertips!"
  • "Just to let you know I have looked at your research as per below and it is really useful. We are now looking at next research steps so will be in touch when we have sorted these out."
  • "Thank you so much for your time and expertise this morning. You really have assisted us hugely. Great to know about all these resources!! I will be sure to spread the word and I'm sure call on your expertise again."
  • "Thanks it's great to get hold of articles that summarise research and propose solutions - bang on."
  • "Excellent reading - you've certainly unearthed a few that have been off our radar!"
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