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Write a book review - Win prizes!

What are your favourite books? Read anything great recently? Why not tell the world, and your friends, about it and win prizes?

Head over to our Kids Online Book Club and fill in the review form to tell us about a great (or not so great) book you've read recently and you can win prizes.

You'll receive a prize after your first 2 reviews and then every 5th review after that. So what are you waiting for? To get the prizes you must have your own library card (don't forget to type your card number into the box on the form). There are spot prizes for really excellent and thoughtful reviews too!

All reviews will be published on the Kids Blog. You can read the reviews to find out what other kids are reading and even write comments on other's reviews. Don't worry if your review doesn't show up straight away - sometimes it can take a day or two to appear.

Ready to write a review?

Kids Book Club Review Form

Summer Reading Challenge

Keep your eyes open for the annual children's Summer Reading Challenge, which is on from 1st December to 31st January. Pick up a Challenge booklist from your local library (or print at home) and challenge yourself to read and review as many titles from the list as you can in 2 months. There are lots of different books, comics, eBooks and eAudiobooks to choose from. Each review earns your way towards Kids' Club prizes and entries into the Challenge's main prize draw. More information about the Summer Reading Challenge will be available in November each year

The Fine Print

Open to all Wellington Library Child members aged 5-12 years old. Library card number must be entered on the form in order to be eligible for prizes. All reviews and comments are moderated before going live on the Kids Blog. By submitting your reviews you are giving us permission to publish your review online. Appropriate language is expected.

How to Write a Review

So what's in a good review?

First, tell us a little bit about what happens in the story, but not too much! (You shouldn't tell us any surprise endings, and you probably don't need to tell us that Great Uncle Fitzgibbon's favourite pet budgie was called Gertrude.)

Then, tell us about what you thought. Why was it so good (or why was it bad)? Was there lots of action, or were the characters very real? Did you like the way it was written? Did it make you laugh, or cry, or was it really serious? What did you learn? If you didn't enjoy it, was there anything you liked?

Have a think about these questions:

  • Who was you favourite character and why?
  • Who did you dislike the most? Why?
  • What was the best or worst bit in the book?
  • If you could rewrite the ending, how would you do it?
  • If you could give this book another title, what would it be?
  • Did you learn anything new from this book?
  • Would you recommend this book to you friends? Why?
  • Who do you think would enjoy reading this book the most - boys, girls? What age group?
  • Was any bit of the book boring? Was any bit really exciting?
  • Is this book similar to any other books you've read?

You don't have to write heaps, but we do like hearing your opinion, so don't forget that!

Where can I find good books to read?

We write about new and popular books on the Kids Blog (and this is where your reviews will go too), so that should always be one of the first places to start.

You can also check out websites like Kids Reads and the Guardian Children's Book Club for some reading inspiration.