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Below is a guide to the range of services and resources available to customers with an interest in business and management


ProSearch is the professional search services of Wellington City Libraries. We have the skills and specialist resources to track down reliable, up-to-date information quickly.


HQCBD: Need a central meeting place in Wellington City? Or just a quiet place to work or discuss issues? HQCBD is our casual office space available at the Central Library.

Business Directories

The Business Directories page provides information on the Wellington City Libraries' collection which includes a full range of current business, trade, telephone and fax directories. We provide both print and online resources.

Annual reports

Annual reports are a great way of finding out all about a particular company, e.g.-

  • What projects have they completed during the past year
  • Have they made a profit
  • What are their intentions for the next financial year
  • Who is on the board
Annual Reports are also very useful to consult if you are thinking of applying for a position in a particular company.

Business magazines

The following are just some of the magazines held in Wellington City Libraries relevant to management and business. Unless otherwise specified, these magazines will be found on the 1st floor north of the Central Library.

General business magazines

Business review weekly (Australian)
Contains articles about business ranging from sales and accountancy to management and small business. Includes commentary and essays and technology review.
Business Today
NZ business publication published bi-monthly.
Ethical investor
Australian publication. Their mission "is to set the agenda, facilitate thought-leadership and build audiences for Australian business and investors in the sustainability arena."
Aimed at corporate officers and other major executives in business interested in developing management insight through review of the nation's largest corporations.
Directed at giving top executives, and those working to reach senior positions in business, information on the economic, political and social trends that affect the environment of business.
Harvard Business Review
Is written for upper level management. Presents analysis of management problems and helpful commentary on advanced thinking and practice in all fields of management and administration.
Her magazine
A NZ bi-monthly publication which features positive articles relating to women in business, including success stories and personal growth topics.
Idealog is the magazine and website of New Zealand creative business, ideas and innovation.
Formerly In business Wellington.
Management (1st floor, lending, 2nd floor NZ reference copies)
A monthly New Zealand publications which is targeted at middle to senior management level and contains articles about management theory, practice and trends. It is the officially recognised magazine of the New Zealand Institute of Management.
Management today
Contains articles, research, commentary, profiles, training and book reviews on all aspects of business management. It is published in London for members of the Institute of Management.
Marketing magazine
A monthly New Zealand publication which provides indepth analysis of consumer and industry sector marketing trends, and current issues facing New Zealand marketers.
MIT Sloan Management Review
Contains refereed articles, commentary and reviews by management academics, consultants and practitioners on what is most useful in current management theory and practice. It is written for professional managers and is peer reviewed.
National Business Review (2nd floor NZ reference)
New Zealand Business
Monthly business magazine targeted at business executives, featuring articles about innovation and success.
A New Zealand publication which intends to act as a guide for business and life in the age of the internet. It is aimed at senior managers, executives and decision makers who look upon innovation and initiative as their competitive advantage.

Human resources magazines

HR Magazine
Feature articles providing insights into innovative approaches and successful programs, commentary, compensation, legislation and news of note aimed at professionals in human resource management
Human Resources
is the bi-monthly magazine of the Human Resources Institute of New Zealand, the leading professional organisation for people interested or involved in any aspect of Human Resources management and development. HumanResources cover all areas of HR management and development. It reports significant trends and developments, features profiles of key HR people and best practices, and offers current information and advice.
Employment Today
A New Zealand publication which is takes a practical "how to guide"approach to every aspect of employment. A practical working tool for companies, no matter their size.
People and performance
The officially recognised journal of the NZ Association for Training and Development bi-monthly
Training and development
A publication of the American Society for Training and Development which is committed to the development and utilization of human potential. Contains articles on training programmes, development skills and counseling and guidance.

Subject Indexes

Apart from browsing through specific magazines on a regular basis, the best way to access the vast range of New Zealand and international journals held is via subject indexes :

  • Index New Zealand (INNZ) - available via our mygateway.info online databases: - indexes New Zealand magazines and newspapers for articles both of general and business interest.
  • EBSCO - international databases which do include some New Zealand magazines, including New Zealand Business. This can be accessed via our mygateway.info online databases.
  • ABI-INFORM - good United Kingdom focussed business database which also includes the Wall Street Journal. This can be accessed via our mygateway.info online databases.
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Shelf Help

The Shelf Help page is a quick guide to key Dewey (shelf) numbers, providing you with easy identification of where to look for books on business and management at our libraries


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