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Library Value Calculator

What is your library worth to you?

How much do you save by using the library?

  • Enter in the left hand column the number of items you borrow or reserve etc. per month
  • The spreadsheet will calculate what you pay at the library and your saving for those items will be displayed on the right
  • Total value of your library use is shown at the bottom of the worksheet, as well as your total saving
Value of Library Services
Input Your Use
(e.g. 1, 2, 3)
Library Services Actual value
of services
Cost per item
@ the library
Total library charges Saving
50c each


We'd love to hear what value you arrived at! You can use our Feedback Form to send a message.


The calculator worksheet has been adapted from original downloadable spreadsheet by the Massachusetts Library Association and then adapted for the web by Chelmsford Public Library and Maine State Library. Wellington City Libraries have made some adjustments to fit our content.

Costs are based on typical averages for direct costs. Some may be much more expensive, some less. General overheads such as rates, building maintenance are not included within the calculations.

Having trouble using this form? Use this Excel spreadsheet to calculate the value of your library use.

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