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Highlights of 2022

It's time to reflect on another incredible year of books! Below you will find our chosen highlights for 2022, for both fiction and non-fiction. We've selected an eclectic mix of acclaimed local authors, New York Times Bestsellers, Pulitzer prize winners and breakthrough newcomers. There's plenty of choice for the deep-dive readers and coffee book lovers alike (and everyone in-between). Happy reading!

Love marriage

Ali, Monica

Our wives under the sea

Armfield, Julia

Shrines of gaiety

Atkinson, Kate

Elizabeth Finch

Barnes, Julian

All the broken places

Boyne, John


Bulawayo, NoViolet

Reward system

Calder, Jem

The Leonard girls

Challinor, Deborah

The axeman's carnival

Chidgey, Catherine


Coe, Jonathan

In Her Blood

Crutchley, Nikki

Eddy, Eddy

De Goldi, Kate


Díaz, Hernán

Haven : a novel

Donoghue, Emma

Winter time

Fearnley, Laurence

Lessons in chemistry

Garmus, Bonnie

Treacle Walker

Garner, Alan

Marigold and Rose

Gluck, Louise

Slow down, you're here

Gnanalingam, Brannavan

The last white man

Hamid, Mohsin

Act of oblivion

Harris, Robert

Vladimir : a novel

Jonas, Julia May

The fish

Jones, Lloyd

Amy and Lan

Jones, Sadie

The seven moons of Maali Almeida

Karunatilaka, Shehan

Small things like these

Keegan, Claire


Kennedy, Louise

Demon Copperhead

Kingsolver, Barbara

Arms & legs

Lane, Chloe


Lane, Jennifer

Home theatre

Lapwood, Anthony


Lenihan, Colleen Maria

In Amber's wake

Leunens, Christine

The book of goose

Li, Yiyun

Bliss montage

Ma, Ling

The colony

Magee, Audrey

The passenger

McCarthy, Cormac


McEwan, Ian

An olive grove in Ends

McKenzie, Moses

The exhibitionist

Mendelson, Charlotte


Mottley, Leila

Remember Me

Norman, Charity

The marriage portrait

O'Farrell, Maggie

Isaac and the Egg

Palmer, Bobby

Nights of Plague

Pamuk, Orhan

Run, Rose, run

Parton, Dolly


Pollard, Clare

A hunger

Raisin, Ross

By the green of the spring

Richardson, Paddy

Liberation day : stories

Saunders, George

After Sappho

Schwartz, Selby Wynn

Great circle

Shipstead, Maggie

Companion piece

Smith, Ali

Down from upland : a novel

Stephens, Murdoch

Young Mungo : a novel

Stuart, Douglas

French braid

Tyler, Anne

Harrow : a novel

Williams, Joy

To paradise

Yanagihara, Hanya

The murder book

Billingham, Mark


Boyle, Frankie


Burr, Shelley

Queen high

Carey, C J

The cook

Chowdhury, Ajay

The pain tourist

Cleave, Paul

The rising tide

Cleeves, Ann

The trees : a novel

Everett, Percival

Bleeding heart yard

Griffiths, Elly

Hawk Mountain : a novel

Habib, Conner

The Twyford code

Hallett, Janice


Harper, Jane

The devil takes you home

Iglesias, Gabino

The lost man of Bombay

Khan, Vaseem

The slow roll

Lendrum, Simon

Give unto others

Leon, Donna

Wrong place, wrong time

McAllister, Gillian


McDermid, Val

The heretic

McIlvanney, Liam

Blue Water

Nattrass, Leonora

The bullet that missed

Osman, Richard

May God forgive

Parks, Alan

A World of Curiosities

Penny, Louise

The maid

Prose, Nita


Ragnar Jónasson

Blood matters


The doctor's wife

Sussman, Fiona

Blue Hotel

Taylor, Chad

The second cut

Welsh, Louise

City on fire

Winslow, Don

The partisan

Worrall, Patrick

Bordering on miraculous

Edmeades, Lynley

Extra good things

Ottolenghi, Yotam

Fen, bog and swamp

Proulx, Annie

Novelist as a vocation

Murakami, Haruki

Paradise camp

Kihara, Shigeyuki

Secrets of the sea

Vennell, Robert

The World: A Family History

Montefiore, Simon Sebag

Unexhausted time

Berry, Emily

We're all made of lightning

Mohamed, Khadro

Wild : the naturalistic garden

Kingsbury, Noël

Black & white

Taylor, Ross

Finding me

Davis, Viola

Getting Lost

Ernaux, Annie/ Strayer, Alison L. (TRN)

I'm glad my mom died

McCurdy, Jennette

Lessons from the edge : a memoir

Yovanovitch, Marie L.

Lost & found : a memoir

Schulz, Kathryn

Solito : a memoir

Zamora, Javier

Straight up

Tui, Ruby