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993.101 BRO
Broughton, Ruka. Origins of Ngaa Rauru Kitahi (English translation). VUW, 1979

993.12 GRI
Griffin, E. M. Tales of Te Namu and Hori Teira. Printed by Taranaki Newspapers, [1974?]

993.12 HOU
Houston, John. Māori life in old Taranaki, foreword by Danny Keenan. (new ed.) Reed, 2006.

993.12 RIS
Riseborough, H. Days of darkness : Taranaki, 1878.1884. Allen & Unwin, 1989.

993.12 SMI
Smith, S.Percy. History and traditions of the Maoris of the West Coast, North Island of New Zealand, prior to 1840. New Plymouth : Polynesian Society, 1910.

993.1 SMI
Smith, S. Percy. Māori wars of the nineteenth century : the struggle of the northern against the southern Māori tribes prior to the colonisation of New Zealand in 1840. Whitcombe & Tombs, 1910.

346.0432 EPI
Turton, H. H. An epitome of official documents relative to native affairs and land purchases in the North Island of New Zealand. Govt. Printer, 1883 (microfilm)

993.12 WEL
Wells, B. The history of Taranaki. Edmondson & Avery, 1878.

Wharemaru, H. Heeni : a Tainui elder remembers. HarperCollins NZ, 1997.

993.101 WHI
White, John. The ancient history of the Māori. 13 vols. Government printer 1887-90 and Waikato University. (available as book or CD Rom)
Vol. 8. Awatea, Taranaki, Ngatihau, Ngatiruanui

Wanganui / Rangitikei

book cover courtesy of Reed Books 993.101 MACE
Rangitane : a tribal history, by J.M. McEwen. (1986, 2002)
This major work traces the history of the Rangitāne tribe, now based around the Manawatu but with genealogical and political links extending throughout central New Zealand.

993.14 BUI
Buick, T. Lindsay. Old Manawatu or the wild days of the West. Capper Press, 1975.

993.14 DOW
Downes, T. W. Old Whanganui. W. A. Parkinson, 1915.

Kapiti Coast

book cover courtesy of Reed Books 993.14 CAR
The Kapiti Coast : Maori tribal history and place names of the Paekakariki-Otaki district, by Wakahuia Carkeek. (1978, 2004)
This recounts the sequence of settlement from the first arrivals of the Tokomaru and Kurahaupo canoes to the European settlers' ships. Particular attention is given to the story of Te Rauparaha, who had his base on Kapiti Island.

993.146 HIS
Browne, C. Bill Jenkins, Kapiti coast pioneer, in, Otaki Historical Society historical journal; no.7 (1984)

993.14 MACD
McDonald, Rod A. Te Hekenga : early days in Horowhenua. G.H Bennett, 1979.

993.14 RAM
Ramsden, E. Rangiatea : the story of the Otaki Church, its first pastor and its people. Reed, 1951.


993.143 BAG
Bagnall, A. G. Wairarapa : an historical excursion. Masterton : Hedley's Bookshop, 1976.

993.143 RAP
Te raparapatanga oāku kamo, compiled by Tipene Chrisp. [1998] 7 v ; 30 cm.
Printout of a database of Wairarapa Māori history and sources. These items contain records relating to subjects from traditional whare wananga about the creation of the universe, the migration of the ancestors to New Zealand and the settlement of Wairarapa. They also contain information about contemporary events and activities in the 19th century which occurred in the Wairarapa. All this information is interlinked by the detailed whakapapa records.
Contents : 1. Te Matakitaki-ā-Kupe, whiti atu ki Wairarapa moana -- 2. Papawai me ōna karangatanga hapū --3. Ngai Tumapuhia-ā-Rangi me ōna karangatanga hapū --4. Te Hika o Papauma me ōna karangatanga hapō --5. Maungaraki, whiti atu ki Hurunuiorangi, ki whiti atu ki Te Whiti -- 6. Ngāti Hamua me ōna karangatanga hapū -- 7. Wairarapa whānui

Hutt Valley

993.141 BAG
Bagnall, A. G. Okiwi : European contact of the Eastern Bays, Port Nicholson : an outline history. Eastbourne : Mahina Press, 1972.

993.142 BAY
Bayly, J. The Heretaunga/Waiwhetu river mouth : an historical perspective. Petone : Petone Settlers Museum, 1988

993.142 JOH
Gilmore, Neville. Te Umumamaku, in, Woburn (Te Umumamaku) by Warwick Johnston. Hutt City Libraries, 2002.

993.142 JOH
Johnston, Warwick. Britannia by the river. Petone Settlers Museum, 1999.
pp. 25-34. The Heretaunga River valley, 1820s-40s.

993.142 JOH
Johnston, Warwick. The history of Petone foreshore. W. Johnston, 2009.
Pp. 23-43. Poutohutohu

993.142 MAL
Malcom, K. Calling Korokoro home : a history of the hills, 1800 to 2003. Petone : Korokoro School, 2003.
Chap. 1. Maori occupation, 1800-1890.

993.142 MIL
Millar, D. P. Once upon a village : a history of Lower Hutt, 1819-1965. New Zealand University Press, 1972.

Porirua to Johnsonville

993.141 BES
Best, Elsdon. Porirua and they who settled it, from, Canterbury Times, 4 March 1914.

287.193141 BOL
Bolitho, E. E. The vision restored : Cashmere Methodist Community Centre. Ngaio Union Church, 2003.

Burns, Patricia. Te Rauparaha : a new perspective. Reed, 1980.

Wellington Harbour

book cover courtesy of Syndetics 993.141 YSK
Wellington : biography of a city, by Redmer Yska. (2006)
"Published in association with Wellington City Council and the Ministry for Culture and Heritage"
Chap. 1. Colonial settlement to borough capital (1839-1870).
Some details of early people are sketched, although there is an extended account of the Ruhia Porutu and Tommy McKenzie incident.
919.3141 ADK
Adkin, G. L . The great harbour of Tara : traditional Maori place-names and sites of Wellington Harbour. 1959.

993.141 MAK
Ballara, Angela. Te Whanganui-a-Tara : phases of Maori occupation of Wellington Harbour c1800.1840, in The Making of Wellington : 1800-1914, 1914 edited by David Hamer and Roberta. Nicholls, 1998.

993.14 BES
Best, Elsdon. The land of Tara and they who settled it : the story of the occupation of Te Whanganui-a-Tara. 1919.
Also online at www.wcl.govt.nz .

993.14 BES
Best, Elsdon. Te Whanganui-a-Tara : Wellington in pre-European days, 1901.
Also in also in, Journal of the Polynesian Society ; v. 10, (1901) p. 154.55 at www.jps.auckland.ac.nz .

Caughley, Angela. The interpreter : the biography of Richard 'Dicky' Barrett. 1998.

993.14 BES
Clarke, Sandra. Nga tupuna o Te Whanganui-a-Tara. 4 volumes.

993.141 IRV
The streets of my city, by Fanny Irvine-Smith. (1949)
Also online at www.wcl.govt.nz .

333 JEL
Jellicoe, Roland. The New Zealand Company's native reserves / compiled from parliamentary papers, departmental documents and other authentic sources of information, . (1930)

993.141 JON
Jellicoe, Roland. A guide to Wellington's Maori history : nga korero mua o te upoko o te ika, devised and written by Kevin Jones. (1985)

993.141 JOH
Jones, Kevin L. A guide to Wellington's Maori history : nga korero mua o te Upoko o te Ika. Wellington : Wellington Regional Committee of the New Zealand Historic Places Trust, 1986.

993.142 JOH
Johnston, Warwick. Petone foreshore : landscapes, Warwick Johnston, Maureen Burgess, Neville Gilmore, 2002.
P. 13-18. Poutohutohu by Neville Gilmore : Migrations of Te Ati Awa to Te Whanganui-a-Tara ; Tama Te Uaua ; The Beach ; Korokoro ; Pito-one; Hikoikoi.

993.141 LAW
Lawlor, Pat. Old Wellington days. (1959)
Includes, Chap. 8. James Cowan and his Wellington place-names pp. 194-216. (based on stories of Rangi Te Puni).

993.141 LOV
Love, Matene. Heritage trail : Te ara o nga tupuna = The path of our ancestors. .

993.14 MUL
Mulgan, Alan City of the strait. 1939.

993.141 PRI
Priestley, Dinah. Old Thorndon. 1988.

993.141 WAA
Nga Waahi taonga o Te Whanganui-a-Tara : Maori sites inventory. 1995.

993.141 ROB
Roberts, John H. Te Aro Pa : its significance. 1989.

Roberts, John H. Wesleyan Maori Mission at Te Aro 1839-1877, in, Journal (Wesleyan Historical Society New Zealand), 1990. p. 14-49

266.71 ROB
Roberts, John H. The Wesleyan Maori Mission in Te Upoko o te Ika, Wellington district, 1839-1885. 1992.
993.141 STR
Struthers, John. Miramar peninsula : a historical and social study. Miramar : Struthers, 1975.

Thessman, J. Worser the whaler, in, The Dominion 15 January 1988.

346.0432 EPI
Turton, H. H. An epitome of official documents relative to native affairs and land purchases in the North Island of New Zealand. 1883 [microfilm].
Vol. I, Province of Auckland. Maori deeds of land purchases in the North Island of New Zealand. Vol. II, Provinces of Taranaki, Wellington, and Hawke's Bay. Maori deeds of old private land purchases in New Zealand, from the year 1815 to 1840, with pre-emptive and other claims, together with a list of the old land claims and the report of Mr. Commissioner F. Dillon Bell. Plans of land purchases in the North Island of New Zealand. Vol. I, Province of Auckland. Plans of land purchases in the North Island of New Zealand. Vol. II, Provinces of Taranaki, Wellington, and Hawke's Bay.

993.141 VIC
Vickers, J. and A. J. Fitchett. Early Brooklyn revisited. 1998.

993.1 WAK
Wakefield, E. J. Adventure in New Zealand from 1839-1844. Christchurch : Whitcombe & Tombs, 1908.

993.14 WAR
Ward, L. E. Early Wellington. Auckland : Whitcombe & Tombs, 1928.

993.14 WEL
Wellington Tenths Trust. GIS mapbook 1st ed. 2004.

Wellington South Coast

622.3422 BRO
Brodie, J. W. Terawhiti and the goldfields. Karori Historical Society, 1986.

346.0432 MAO
Maori deeds of old private land purchases in New Zealand, from the year 1815 to 1840. Govt. Printer, 1882. [microfilm]

993.141 MOR
Morrison, C. Terawhiti. Arty Bee.s Books, 2003.

993.141 WAA
Nga Waahi taonga o Te Whanganui-a-Tara : Maori sites inventory. Wellington City Council, [1995]


King, Michael. A land apart : the Chatham Islands of New Zealand / text, Michael King ; photographs, Robin Morrison. Auckland, N.Z. : Random Century, 1990.

King, Michael. Moriori : a people rediscovered. Auckland, N.Z. Rev. ed. : Viking, 2000.

993.149 TE MI
Wills Johnson, Te Miria Kate. The people of the Chathams : true tales of the islanders. early days. [Martinborough : GWJ Publications, 1994]


929.2 NGA
Arapere, Bernadette Roka. Maku ano hei hanga i toku nei whare : hapu dynamics in the Rangitikei area, 1830-1872. 1999.

993.101 BRO
Broughton, Ruka. The origins of Ngaa Rauru Kiitahi (English translation) Wellington, N.Z. : Dept. of Maori Affairs, 1983

731.462 DAY
Day, Kelvin. Te Tai Hauauru : Maori tribal carving from the Western District Thesis (MA--Anthropology)--University of Auckland, 1983..

Gilmore, Neville. Kei Pipitea taku kainga, ko Te Matehou te ingoa o taku iwi : The NZ Company Native Reserve scheme, Pipitea, 1839-1888. Thesis (MA)--La Trobe University, 1986.

993.12 KEE
Keenan, Danny. Haere whakamua, hoki whakamuri, going forward, thinking back : tribal and hapuū perspectives of the past in 19th century Taranaki : a thesis submitted for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in History at Massey University. 1994.

McLean, Ronald, William. Dicky Barrett : trader, whaler, interpreter. Thesis (MA--History)--University of Auckland, 1994, 1994

784.2 SMI
Smith, Ailsa. Taranaki waiata tangi and feelings for place : a thesis submitted in fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy at Lincoln University / by Ailsa Lorraine Smith. 2001.

Smith, Ailsa. Ko Tohu te matua : the story of Tohu Kakahi of Parihaka : a thesis submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Arts in Maori Studies in the University of Canterbury. 1990.

Te Tau Ihu o te Waka

book cover courtesy of Syndetics 993.15 MIT
Te Tau Ihu o te Waka : a history of Maori of Nelson and Marlborough., by H & J. Mitchell. (2004) 3 Vols. Huia Publishers.
This valuable regional history encompasses myths and legents, and the interaction of tribes who have inhabited Te Tau Ihu a Te Waka a Maui and their interactions with each other. Drawn from oral histories, family records, diaries, official documents, reporters and observers. (drawn from the book cover)

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