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New Booklists — May 2022

Every month, we provide lists of new material in our libraries' collections on this page. You might also be interested in our Staff Recent Picks. Didn't find what you were looking for? Try our Quick Searches.


(178 titles)

Amongst our weapons

Aaronovitch, Ben, 1964- 2022

Ink and shadows

Adams, Ellery 2021

Becoming my sister

Andrews, V. C. 2022

Two moons. Volume one. The iron noose

Arcudi, John 2021 Graphic Novel

The deepest of secrets

Armstrong, Kelley 2022

The secrets of Sainte Madeleine

Bagshawe, Tilly 2022

The houseboat : a novel

Bahr, Dane 2022

Come over come over

Barry, Lynda, 1956- 2022 Graphic Novel

Death of a green-eyed monster

Beaton, M. C. 2022

The carnival of ash

Beckerlegge, Tom, 1981- 2022

Her hidden genius

Benedict, Marie 2022 Large Print

Murder at the Porte de Versailles

Black, Cara, 1951- 2022

Brunswick Street blues

Bothroyd, Sally 2022

The Mother

Caro, Jane 2022

Our little secret : a graphic memoir

Carrington, Emily 2022 Graphic Novel

The house of sorrowing stars

Cartwright, Beth 2022

MonsterMind : dealing with anxiety & self-doubt

Casas, Alfonso 2021 Graphic Novel

Crema : a haunted romance in three chapters

Christmas, Johnnie 2022 Graphic Novel

Children of the woods

Ciano, Joe 2022 Graphic Novel

When we fall

Clifford, Aoife. 2022

The match

Coben, Harlan, 1962- 2022

The way from here

Cockram, Jane 2022

Breaking point

Coffey, Edel 2022

Batman, White Knight presents Harley Quinn

Collins, Katana 2021 Graphic Novel


Cossé, Antoine 2022 Graphic Novel

A time to remember

Cox, Josephine 2022

Disorder : a novel

Crider, Amy 2021

The wanderer

D'Andrea, Luca, 1979- 2022

A relative murder

Deveraux, Jude 2022

Anything could happen

Diamond, Lucy, 1970- 2021

The darkest season

Ellory, Roger Jon 2022

The harbor

Engberg, Katrine, 1975- 2022

Sisters of the Great War

Feldman, Suzanne, 1958- 2021


Felker-Martin, Gretchen 2022

A wedding in Provence

Fforde, Katie 2022

The night shift

Finlay, Alex 2022

The Paris apartment : a novel

Foley, Lucy (Novelist) 2022


Ford, John M. 2022

Booth : a novel

Fowler, Karen Joy 2022

The Sandman : the deluxe edition. Book four

Gaiman, Neil 2021 Graphic Novel


Gelatt, Philip 2022 Graphic Novel

Last exit

Gladstone, Max 2022

Two storm wood

Gray, Phillip 2021

The locked room

Griffiths, Elly 2022

As the wicked watch

Hall, Tamron 2021

Sea Glass Cottage

Hannon, Irene 2022

All she wants

Hawkins, Kelli 2022

The love hypothesis

Hazelwood, Ali 2021

Near the bone

Henry, Christina, 1974- 2021


Hereaka, Whiti 2021

Whatever gets you through the night

Higson, Charles, 1958- 2022

Animal stories

Hoey, Peter 2021 Graphic Novel

Made in Korea [1]

Holt, 1982- 2022 Graphic Novel


Hoover, Colleen 2021

Reminders of him : a novel

Hoover, Colleen 2022

Summer at Kangaroo Ridge

Hurley-Moore, Nicole 2022

Dark horse

Hurwitz, Gregg 2022

The gifts

Hyder, Liz 2022

The tricky art of forgiveness

Jaffé, Meredith 2022

The Jodorowsky library. Volume 2, Son of the gun ; Pietrolino

Jodorowsky, Alejandro, 1929- 2022 Graphic Novel


Jones, Gwyneth A., 1952- 2021

The fish

Jones, Lloyd, 1955- 2022

At certain points we touch

Joseph, Lauren John 2022


Keane, Jessie 2022

Shadow fallen

Kenyon, Sherrilyn, 1965- 2022

The game

Kershaw, Scott 2022

Again, Rachel

Keyes, Marian 2022

Gwendy's final task

King, Stephen, 1947- 2022

Where blood runs cold

Kristian, Giles 2022

The thousand eyes

Larkwood, A. K. 2022

The Vatican secret

Leadbeater, David 2022

Untraceable : a novel

Lebedev, Sergeĭ, 1981- 2021

Beach murder

Ledwidge, Michael 2022

Black Hammer. Volume 5, Reborn, part I

Lemire, Jeff 2022 Graphic Novel

Snow angels. Volume 1

Lemire, Jeff 2022 Graphic Novel

Give unto others

Leon, Donna 2022

In Amber's wake

Leunens, Christine 2022

Think of me

Liardet, Frances 2022

The Club : a novel

Lloyd, Ellery 2022

The trivia night

Lowe, Ali. 2022

A family of strangers

Lowe, Fiona 2022


Lukins, Robert 2022

House of sky and breath

Maas, Sarah J 2022


Macallister, G.R. 2022

The drowned city

Maitland, J. J. 2021

Sea of Tranquility

Mandel, Emily St. John, 1979- 2022

Should I tell you?

Mansell, Jill 2022

Wild and wicked things

May, Francesca 2022


McCulloch, Amy, 1986- 2022

This Charming Man

McDonnell, C. K 2022

The convict stain

McGill, David 2021

A million aunties

McKenzie, Alecia, 1960- 2022

The lightning rod

Meltzer, Brad 2022

Tales from the Outerverse

Mignola, Michael 2022 Graphic Novel

The house of lost horizons : a Sarah Jewell mystery

Mignola, Michael 2022 Graphic Novel

Jupiter's legacy. Volume 5

Millar, Mark 2022 Graphic Novel

The plant hunter

Mogford, Thomas 2022

This thing between us

Moreno, Gus, 1985- 2021

The bone orchard

Mueller, Sara A. 2022

The unquiet dead

Murphy, Stacie 2022

Two spies in Caracas : a novel

Naím, Moisés 2021

Remember Me

Norman, Charity 2022

The high road

O'Brien, Edna 2022

Murder on an Irish farm

O'Connor, Carlene 2022

Ocean state

O'Nan, Stewart, 1961- 2022


Okorafor, Nnedi 2022 Graphic Novel

All that lives

Oswald, James. 2022

The forest

Ott, Thomas, 1966- 2022 Graphic Novel

Braking Day

Oyebanji, Adam 2022

Love in the big city : a novel

Pak, Sang-yŏng, 1988- 2021

So we meet again : a novel

Park, Suzanne 2021

She who became the sun

Parker-Chan, Shelley 2021

Run, Rose, run

Parton, Dolly 2022 Large Print

Run, Rose, run

Parton, Dolly, 1946- 2022

Death of the black widow

Patterson, James, 1947- 2022

Wolverine. Vol. 3

Percy, Benjamin 2021 Graphic Novel

X-Force. Vol. 4

Percy, Benjamin 2021 Graphic Novel

Castaways : a graphic novel

Pérez Granell, Laura, 1983- 2022 Graphic Novel

Fresh water for flowers

Perrin, Valérie, 1967- 2021

Ice Cream Man. Volume seven, Certain descents

Prince, W. Maxwell 2022 Graphic Novel

Dava Shastri's last day : a novel

Ramisetti, Kirthana 2021

Night Mary

Remender, Rick 2022 Graphic Novel

Into the real

Ringo, John, 1963- 2022

Citizen K-9

Rosenfelt, David 2022

Beats of the pa'u

Samuela, Maria 2022


Sanderson, Brandon 2021

The Kaiju Preservation Society

Scalzi, John, 1969- 2022

What happened to the Bennetts

Scottoline, Lisa 2022

The last supper

Shrager, Rosemary 2022

Hear no evil

Smith, Sarah (Scottish writer) 2022

Undiscovered country. Volume three, Possibility

Snyder, Scott 2022 Graphic Novel


Stapley, Marissa 2021


Starnone, Domenico, 1943- 2021

Beautiful : a novel

Steel, Danielle 2022

High stakes : a novel

Steel, Danielle 2022

High stakes : a novel

Steel, Danielle 2022 Large Print

Quantum of nightmares

Stross, Charles 2022

Escape from Yokai land

Stross, Charles 2022

Young Mungo : a novel

Stuart, Douglas, 1976- 2022

Batman Detective Comics. Vol. 1, The neighborhood

Tamaki, Mariko 2021 Graphic Novel


Tchaikovsky, Adrian, 1972- 2022

Excellence. Volume two, The present tense

Thomas, Brandon 2022 Graphic Novel

All the horses of Iceland

Tolmie, Sarah 2022

What comes after : a novel

Tompkins, JoAnne, 1956 July 10- 2021

Echoes in the Cotswolds

Tope, Rebecca 2021

French braid

Tyler, Anne 2022

French braid

Tyler, Anne 2022 Large Print

The Joker war saga

Tynion, James, IV 2021 Graphic Novel

Reptile memoirs : a novel

Ulstein, Silje 2022

Those who perish

Viskic, Emma 2022

Joan is okay : a novel

Wang, Weike 2022

The lifeguards : a novel

Ward, Amanda Eyre, 1972- 2022

The fourth species

Warren, A. E. 2022

To love and to loathe : a novel

Waters, Martha, 1988- 2021

Hellions. Vol. 3

Wells, Zeb 2021 Graphic Novel

The patient's secret : a novel

White, Loreth Anne 2022

Mouth to mouth

Wilson, Antoine 2022

A sunlit weapon

Winspear, Jacqueline, 1955- 2022

The circus infinite

Wong, Khan 2022

Stillwater. Vol. 2, Always loyal

Zdarsky, Chip 2022 Graphic Novel


2021 Graphic Novel


(408 titles)

Uncomputable : play and politics in the long digital age

Galloway, Alexander R., 1974- 2021 004.09 GAL

Computers for seniors

Wempen, Faithe 2022 004.16 WEM

iPad for seniors

Spivey, Dwight 2022 004.1675 SPI

The self-taught programmer

Althoff, Cory 2022 005.13 ALT

C# 10.0 all-in-one for dummies

Mueller, John, 1958- 2022 005.133 C#

Cool Excel sh*t

Umlas, Bob 2021 005.54 ME

Microsoft Excel dashboards & reports

Alexander, Michael, 1972- 2022 005.54 ME

Principles of web design

Miller, Brian D., 1973- 2022 005.72 MIL

Sams teach yourself SQL in 24 hours

Stephens, Ryan K. 2022 005.7565 STE

Overdue : reckoning with the public library

Oliver, Amanda (Librarian) 2022 027.473 OLI

Beautiful news

McCandless, David 2021 032 MACC

Dilettante : true tales of excess, triumph, and disaster

Brown, Dana, (Editor) 2022 070.51092 BRO

Feng shui modern

Tan, Cliff 2022 133.3337 TAN

The luminous solution

Wood, Charlotte, 1965- 2021 153.3 WOO

12 notes : on life and creativity

Jones, Quincy, 1933- 2022 153.35 JON

Future you

Valintine, Frances 2022 155.24 VAL

Grief is love : living with loss

Lee, Marisa Renee 2022 155.937 LEE

Brighter by the day : waking up to new hopes and dreams

Roberts, Robin, 1960- 2022 158.1 ROB


Auerbach, Annie 2021 158.1082 AUE

You do have the authority here!

Weaver, Jackie 2021 158.1082 WEA

Mindful new mum

Boyd, Caroline Dr 2022 158.13 BOY

The little book of big ethical questions

Liautaud, Susan 2022 170 LIA

Triple helix : my donor-conceived story

Burns, Lauren 2022 176 BUR

In love : a memoir of love and loss

Bloom, Amy, 1953- 2022 179.7092 BLO

The Jesuits : a history

Friedrich, Markus 2022 271.53 FRI

The super age : decoding our demographic destiny

Schurman, Bradley 2022 304.6 SCH

They : what Muslims and non-Muslims get wrong about each other

Manzoor, Sarfraz, 1971- 2021 305.697 MAN

Girls can kiss now : essays

Gutowitz, Jill 2022 306.7663 GUT

Knocked down : a high-risk memoir

Weintraub, Aileen, 1973- 2022 306.8743 WEI

Spies and sparrows : ASIO and the Cold War

Deery, Phillip 2022 327.12 DEE

The power law : venture capital and the art of disruption

Mallaby, Sebastian 2022 332.04154 MAL

We need to talk about money

Uwagba, Otegha 2021 332.4 UWA

Error account 4.

333.782 HEM

The case for a debt jubilee

Vague, Richard 2022 336.36 VAG

Bomber command : men, machines and missions - 1936-68

Wilson, Gordon A. A. 2021 358.4209 WIL

The urge : our history of addiction

Fisher, Carl Erik 2022 362.29092 FIS

39 ways to save the planet

Heap, Tom 2021 363.73874 HEA

In praise of good bookstores

Deutsch, Jeff, 1975- 2022 381.45002 DEU

Collectable names and designs in women's handbags

Martin, Tracy (Writer on fashion and collectables) 2021 391.44 MAR

Drawn to Nature : Gilbert White and the Artists

Martin, Simon, 1979- 2021 508.022 MAR

Simply maths.

2022 510 SIM

The Universe

Cohen, Andrew (Scientist) 2021 523.1 COH

A little book about the big bang

Rothman, Tony 2022 523.18 ROT

The red planet : a natural history of Mars

Morden, Simon 2021 523.43 MOR

Extinctions : living and dying in the margin of error

Hannah, Michael, 1954- 2021 576.84 HAN

The future is fungi

Lim, Michael 2022 579.5 LIM

The way of the rabbit

Hawthorne, Mark 2021 599.32 HAW

Gut feelings : the microbiome and our health

Fasano, Alessio 2021 612.33 FAS

Seven and a half lessons about the brain

Barrett, Lisa Feldman 2021 612.82 BAR

3 minute workouts : high intensity fitness fast!

Goonewardena, Kusal 2022 613.71 GOO

Stepping up : COVID-19 checkpoints and rangatiratanga

Fitzmaurice, Luke 2021 614.592414 FIT

The beauty of dusk : on vision lost and found

Bruni, Frank 2022 614.5997 BRU

Let me count the ways : a memoir

Morín, Tomás Q. 2022 616.85227 MOR

Your head is a houseboat

Walker, Campbell 2021 616.89 WAL

Don't sweat it : how to make 'the change' a good one

Pellegrino, Nicky 2022 618.175 PEL

The little book of vegan bakes

Jade, Holly 2022 641.56362 JAD

Nom nom paleo. Let's go!

Tam, Michelle 2022 641.5638 TAM

The low carb weight-loss cookbook

Caldesi, Katie 2022 641.56383 CAL

Mabu mabu : an Australian kitchen cookbook

Bero, Nornie 2022 641.5994 BER

The flexible baker

Pratt, Jo 2022 641.815 PRA

The biscuit : the history of a very British indulgence

Collingham, E. M. 2021 641.8654 COL

Skincare : the new edit

Hirons, Caroline 2021 646.726 HIR

Career remix

Brown, Damon 2022 650.14 BRO

Accounting for dummies

Tracy, John A. 2022 657 TRA

Talent : the market cap multiplier

Batlaw, Anish 2022 658.4092 BAT

Suddenly hybrid : managing the modern meeting

Reed, Karin M. 2022 658.456 REE

Right on the money : new principles for bold growth

Francis, Colleen, 1970- 2022 658.85 FRA

Graphis design annual.

659.13058 GRA ed 2022 , Large Book

Treetop hideaways : treehouses for adults

Jodidio, Philip 2022 690.89 JOD

Toi tū, toi ora : contemporary Māori art

2022 704.03994 TOI , Large Book

Making it modern : essays on the art of the now

Nochlin, Linda 2022 709.04 NOC

Artists on art : how they see, think and create

Black, Holly (Arts journalist) 2021 709.2 BLA


Chace, Teri Dunn 2022 712.6 CHA

How to garden when you rent

Pottage, Matthew 2022 712.6 POT

Inside your Japanese garden

Yasumoro, Sadao 2021 712.60952 YAS

Adelaide Hills Gardens

McCabe, Christine 2022 712.609942 MACC , Large Book

Ravenscar House : a biography

Blundell, Sally, 1963- 2022 727.70993 BLU

Bigger than tiny, smaller than average

Koones, Sheri, 1949- 2022 728.37 KOO

What's so funny? : a cartoonist's memoir

Sipress, David 2022 741.5092 SIP

Making traditional marbled papers

Brett, Kate 2021 745.54 BRE

A knitter's guide to shawl design

Vining, Emma 2021 746.43 VIN

Karl Lagerfeld : a life in fashion

Kaiser, Alfons 2022 746.92092 LAG

Sybil & Cyril : cutting through time

Uglow, Jennifer S. 2021 769.92 UGL

We could be... : Bowie and his heroes

Hagler, Tom 2021 786.9 BOW


Pinkard, Ryan 2022 786.9 NAT

Crying in H Mart : a memoir

Zauner, Michelle 2021 786.9 ZAU

Five straight lines : a history of music

Gant, Andrew, 1963- 2021 788 GAN

Mike Nichols : a life

Harris, Mark, 1963- 2021 791.43092 NIC

The Peaky Blinders compendium

2021 791.4572 PEA

The defining moment : how writers and actors build characters

Riley, Christopher, 1961- 2022 792.028 RIL

Seven games : a human history

Roeder, Oliver 2022 794 ROE

The history of women's football

Williams, Jean, 1964- 2021 796.334 WIL

Hooked : addiction and the long road to recovery

Merson, Paul 2021 796.334092 MER

Becoming Forrest : one man's epic run across America

Pope, Rob (Long distance runner) 2021 796.42092 POP

Fish of the day

Gayford, Clarke, 1976- 2021 799.1 GAY

Rooms of their own : where great writers write

Johnson, Alex, 1969- 2022 808.02 JOH

Write for your life

Quindlen, Anna 2022 808.02 QUI

Body work : the radical power of personal narrative

Febos, Melissa 2022 808.06692 FEB

Actions & travels : how poetry works

Jackson, Anna, 1967- 2022 808.1 JAC

Letters of note. Grief

Usher, Shaun, 1978- 2022 808.8693 USH

Raid on the inarticulate

Chopra, Deepak 2022 811 CHO

You better be lightning

Gibson, Andrea (Poet) 2021 811 GIB

Then the war : and selected poems, 2007-2020

Phillips, Carl, 1959- 2022 811 PHI

Time is a mother

Vuong, Ocean, 1988- 2022 811 VUO

The unwritten book : an investigation

Hunt, Samantha 2022 818 HUN

Rapture and melancholy : the diaries of Edna St. Vincent Millay

Millay, Edna St. Vincent, 1892-1950 2022 818 MIL

The very last interview

Shields, David, 1956- 2022 818 SHI

Safety in numbers

McGough, Roger 2021 821 MACG

Continuous creation : last poems

Murray, Les A., 1938-2019 2022 821 MUR

Mō taku tama

Rapatahana, Vaughan 2021 821 RAP

The late sun

Reid, Christopher, 1949- 2021 821 REI

Super model minority

Tse, Chris, 1982- 2022 821 TSE

Orwell's roses

Solnit, Rebecca 2021 823 ORW

Beirut 2020 : diary of the collapse

Majdalani, Charif, 1960- 2021 848 MAJ

Selected poems

Ai, Qing 1957- 2021 895.11 AI

Legacy of violence : a history of the British empire

Elkins, Caroline 2022 909.0971241 ELK

The invention of power : popes, kings, and the birth of the West

Bueno de Mesquita, Bruce, 1946- 2022 909.09821 BUE

The lost wrecks of Wairarapa

Pacey, Mark, 1982- 2022 910.452 PAC

101 weekends in Europe

Barton, Robin 2022 914 BAR

The book lover's guide to London

Milne, Sarah (Journalist) 2021 914.21 MIL

Rosamunde Pilcher's Cornwall

Knappett, Gill 2022 914.237 KNA

Trouble brewing in the Loire

Barnes, Tommy 2021 914.45 BAR

Camino Ignaciano : walking the Ignatian way in northern Spain

Stewart, Murray (Independent Writing and Editing Professional) 2022 914.6 STE

The rough guide to Crete

Fisher, John, 1958- 2022 914.959 FIS

Ultimate road trips : Aotearoa New Zealand

Atkinson, Brett 2022 919.3 ATK

Fodor's essential New Zealand

Freeman, Stu 2022 919.3 FRE

Ancestors : a prehistory of Britain in seven burials

Roberts, Alice, 1973- 2021 936.1 ROB

Hannibal : Rome's greatest enemy

Freeman, Philip, 1961- 2022 937.04 FRE

The newspaper axis : six press barons who enabled Hitler

Olmsted, Kathryn S. 2022 940.53112 OLM

The U-boat war : a global history 1939-45

Paterson, Lawrence 2022 940.5451 PAT

The secret history of here : a year in the valley

Moffat, Alistair 2021 941.37 MOF


2022 945.632 ROM

Osebol : voices from a Swedish village

Kapla, Marit, 1970- 2021 948.7 KAP

Karachi Vice : life and death in a divided city

Shackle, Samira 2021 954.9183 SHA

Lieutenant Dangerous : a Vietnam War memoir

Danziger, Jeff 2021 959.7043 DAN

The game : a portrait of Scott Morrison

Kelly, Sean 2021 994.072092 MOR

Easy beauty : a memoir

Cooper Jones, Chloé, 1983- 2022 Biography B COO

Things I learned at art school

Dunn, Megan 2021 Biography B DUN

Left on Tenth : a second chance at life : a memoir

Ephron, Delia 2022 Biography B EPH

A curious boy : the making of a scientist

Fortey, Richard A. 2021 Biography B FOR

The unquiet Englishman : a life of Graham Greene

Greene, Richard, 1961- 2021 Biography B GRE


Heyman, Kathryn, 1965- 2021 Biography B HEY

Mother's boy

Jacobson, Howard 2022 Biography B JAC


Patterson, Tom 2022 Biography B MAY

Tasha : a son's memoir

Morton, Brian, 1955- 2022 Biography B MOR

Dancing with the machine : adventures of a rebel

Morgan, Jo 2022 Biography B MOR

From Rags to Ricky

Owen, Sid, 1972- 2021 Biography B OWE

Happy people are annoying

Peck, Josh, 1986- 2022 Biography B PEC

Made in China : a memoir of love and labor

Qu, Anna 2021 Biography B QU

Patch work : a life amongst clothes

Wilcox, Claire 2021 Biography B WIL

Funny farm : my unexpected life with 600 rescue animals

Zaleski, Laurie 2021 Biography B ZAL


(44 titles)

A discovery of witches. Series 3.

Television program (DVD)


Motion picture (Bluray)


Motion picture (DVD)

Breaking bread

Documentary (DVD)

Bye bye morons

Motion picture (DVD)


Motion picture (DVD)

Cry macho

Motion picture (DVD)

Dalgliesh. Series 1.

Television program (DVD)


Motion picture (DVD)


Motion picture (Bluray)


Motion picture (DVD)

First love

Motion picture (DVD)

Ghostbusters Afterlife [4K UltraHD]

Motion picture (Bluray)

Ghostbusters Afterlife

Motion picture (Bluray)

Ghostbusters Afterlife

Motion picture (DVD)


Motion picture (DVD)

Hollington Drive.

Television program (DVD)

Jackass fore♥er

Motion picture (DVD)

My life is murder. Series 2.

Television program (DVD)

My life is murder. Series one.

Television program (DVD)

Never too late

Motion picture (DVD)

Queen bees

Motion picture (DVD)

Queen of spades

Motion picture (DVD)

Rose plays Julie

Motion picture (DVD)

Save yourselves

Motion picture (DVD)


Motion picture (DVD)

Spider-Man. No way home

Motion picture (Bluray)

Spider-Man. No way home

Motion picture (DVD)

Supergirl. The sixth and final season.

Television program (DVD)


Motion picture (DVD)

The big hit

Motion picture (DVD)

The courier

Motion picture (DVD)

The green planet

Documentary (DVD)

The Matrix Resurrections

Motion picture (Bluray)

The Matrix Resurrections

Motion picture (DVD)

The reincarnation of Peter Proud.

Motion picture (DVD)

The show.

Motion picture (Bluray)

The show.

Motion picture (DVD)

The unguarded moment

Motion picture (DVD)

The worst person in the world

Motion picture (DVD)


Motion picture (DVD)


Documentary (DVD)


Motion picture (DVD)


(76 titles)


Imarhan 2022 CD Algeria


Fraser, Brooke, 1983- 2021 Vinyl Wellington

Anaïs Mitchell.

Mitchell, Anaïs, 1981- 2022 CD American folk

Another side.

Nocentelli, Leo, 1946- 2021 CD Soul/R&B

Besser string quartets

Besser, Jonathan, 1949- 2022 CD String quartets

Black acid soul.

Lady Blackbird 2021 CD Jazz

Black radio III.

Glasper, Robert, 1978- 2021 CD Jazz


2022 CD Compilations

Chloë and the next 20th century.

Misty, Father John, 1981- 2022 CD Popular

Chloë and the next 20th century.

Misty, Father John, 1981- 2022 Vinyl Popular

Classic objects.

Hval, Jenny, 1980- 2022 CD Popular

Die schöne Müllerin

Schubert, Franz, 1797-1828 2021 CD Songs

Extreme witchcraft.

Eels (Musical group) 2022 CD Popular


Bonobo, 1976- 2022 CD Electronica

Ghost song.

Salvant, Cécile McLorin, 1989- 2022 CD Jazz


Koffee, 2000- 2022 CD Reggae

Gott soll allein mein Herze haben ; Geist und seele wird verwirret

Bach, Johann Sebastian, 1685-1750 2022 CD Cantatas


Bublé, Michael, 1975- 2022 CD Popular

Hits to the head.

Franz Ferdinand (Musical group) 2022 CD Popular

Hop up.

Weeks, Orlando, 1983- 2022 CD Popular

How is it that I should look at the stars

Weather Station 2022 CD Popular

Irish songs

Beethoven, Ludwig van, 1770-1827 2021 CD Songs

It's a shame about Ray.

Lemonheads 2022 CD Popular

Life on Earth.

Hurray for the Riff Raff 2022 CD Popular


Forsyth, Keeley, 1979- 2022 CD Experimental

Live at the Village Vanguard.

Petrucciani, Michel, 1962-1999 2021 CD Jazz

Live at the Windsor Castle, 1986.

Verlaines 2021 Vinyl New Zealand

Ma mère l'oye ; Bolero

Ravel, Maurice, 1875-1937 2022 CD Orchestral

Mozart x 3

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus, 1756-1791 2022 CD Opera


Brown, Alan (Jazz pianist) 2021 CD New Zealand

Nightmare withdrawals.

Blindfolded And Led To The Woods 2021 CD New Zealand

Old friend : the deluxe collection (1976-1998).

Hyman, Phyllis, 1949-1995 2021 CD Soul/R&B


Wilkins, Immanuel, 1997- 2021 CD Jazz


Yanya, Nilüfer, 1996- 2022 CD Popular

Peni Pati.

2022 CD Singers

Phantasmagoria, or, A different kind of journey

Aarset, Eivind, 1961- 2021 CD Experimental

Portrait with piano

McLeod, Jennifer Helen, 1941- 2021 CD Piano M

Present tense.

Yumi Zouma 2022 CD New Zealand


Tangerine Dream 2022 CD Electronica


Korn 2022 CD Metal

Scenes from the Kalevala

2021 CD Orchestral

Schwanengesang ; String quintet

Schubert, Franz, 1797-1828 2021 CD Songs

Sgt Culpepper.

Culpepper, Joel, 1984- 2021 CD Soul/R&B

Shadow waltz

Rollins, Sonny, 1930- 2021 CD Jazz

Sonatas & rondos

Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel, 1714-1788 2022 CD Piano

Strangers on a train

Left Banke 2022 CD Popular

Symphonies nos. 1 & 3

Price, Florence, 1887-1953 2022 CD Symphonies

Symphonies nos. 1 & 5

Bruckner, Anton, 1824-1896 2022 CD Symphonies

Tales of common folk, salt & sweet kisses.

Parry, Nigel (Musician) 2022 CD Wellington

The apple drop.

Liars 2021 CD Popular

The best of 2021.

2022 CD Compilations

The collection

Pärt, Arvo 2021 CD Orchestral

The dream.

Alt-J 2022 CD Popular

The kiwi music scene 1964.

2022 CD New Zealand

The lady in the balcony : lockdown sessions.

Clapton, Eric, 1945- 2021 CD Popular

The Montreux years.

James, Etta, 1938-2012 2021 CD Blues

The overload.

Yard Act 2021 CD Popular

The sun is shining down.

Mayall, John, 1933- 2022 CD Blues

The tipping point.

Tears For Fears 2022 CD Popular

They seek my head.

End Boss 2022 Vinyl Wellington

Things are great.

Band of Horses 2021 CD Popular


Villa-Lobos, Heitor 2021 CD Guitar

Unlimited love.

Red Hot Chili Peppers 2022 CD Popular

Version galore ; U Roy.

U-Roy, 1942-2021 2022 CD Reggae

Vienna stories

2021 CD Harp

Viola concertos ; Overtures ; Fantasias

Telemann, Georg Philipp, 1681-1767 2022 CD Viola

Violin concertos

2022 CD Concertos/Violin

Violin sonatas

Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix, 1809-1847 2022 CD Violin


Empath 2022 CD Popular

Wild loneliness.

Superchunk 2022 CD Popular

Wires turned sideways in time.

Marquiss, Duncan, 1979- 2022 CD Popular


(120 titles)

The life of Jesus

Grindley, Sally 2022 Non-fiction / Religion

Eid al-Adha

Mohamed, Mariam 2022 Non-fiction / Religion

Our skin : a first conversation about race

Madison, Megan 2021 Non-fiction / Our Society

My name is Bana

Alabed, Bana, 2009- 2021 Non-fiction / Our Society

Helping hospital : a community helpers book

Ward, Lindsay 2021 Non-fiction / Our Society

Diario del wimpy kid : Un renacuajo

Kinney, Jeff 2022 Non-fiction / Language

Zhui xing xing de hai zi

Raúf, Onjali Q. 2021 Non-fiction / Language

Ko tōku māmā te kuini o te rori

Beck, Jennifer 2022 Non-fiction / Language

Takurua : my winter words = Ngā kupu Māori mō te Takurura

Dale, Christine 2022 Non-fiction / Language

All things change

Claybourne, Anna 2021 Non-fiction / Science

The world of coral reefs

Spencer, Erin 2022 Non-fiction / Science

The extraordinary world of birds

Lindo, David, 1963- 2022 Non-fiction / Science

Easy origami for kids

Ishibashi, Naoko 2021 Non-fiction / The Arts

Disney songs for kids : easy piano.

2021 Non-fiction / The Arts

101 cool things to do in Roblox

Pettman, Kevin 2022 Non-fiction / The Arts

Pokémon legendary and mythical guidebook

Whitehill, Simcha 2022 Non-fiction / The Arts

My name is Henry Fanshaw : the true story of New Zealand's bomber squadron

Torckler, Gillian 2021 Non-fiction / Geography & History


Klepeis, Alicia, 1971- 2021 Non-fiction / Geography & History

All about Vietnam : projects & activities for kids, learn about Vietnamese culture with stories, son

Tran, Phuoc Thi Minh, 1954- 2022 Non-fiction / Geography & History

The Civil War visual encyclopedia

Parker, Philip, 1965- 2021 Non-fiction / Geography & History

The ruins of Gorlan

Flanagan, John 2022 Audiobook on CD

Scaredy cat

Patterson, James, 1947- 2021 Audiobook on CD

Sing. 2

2022 DVD

The vanished

Stone, Nic 2021 Chapter Book

Into the sideways world

Welford, Ross 2022 Chapter Book

Amelia Bedelia hops to it

Parish, Herman 2022 Chapter Book

The venom spreads

Hunter, Erin 2022 Chapter Book

Those kids from Fawn Creek

Kelly, Erin Entrada 2022 Chapter Book


Faruqi, Reem 2021 Chapter Book

The mapmakers

Merchant, Tamzin 2022 Chapter Book

Eva Evergreen and the cursed witch

Abe, Julie 2021 Chapter Book

My life as a potato

Costner, Arianne 2022 Chapter Book

Genius Camp

Grabenstein, Chris 2021 Chapter Book

Please write soon

Rosen, Michael, 1946- 2022 Chapter Book

The witch, the sword, and the cursed knights

Rogers, Alexandria 2022 Chapter Book

The one thing you'd save

Park, Linda Sue 2021 Chapter Book

The flames of hope

Sutherland, Tui, 1978- 2022 Chapter Book

When the world turned upside down

Ibura, K. 2021 Chapter Book


Stone, Nic 2022 Chapter Book

Aru Shah and the nectar of immortality

Chokshi, Roshani 2022 Chapter Book

Rise of the Lion Beast

Chan, M. 2022 Chapter Book

Ming and Flo fight for the future

French, Jackie 2022 Chapter Book

Tiger in trouble

Butterworth, Jess 2022 Chapter Book

Yesterday crumb and the storm in a teacup

Sagar, Andy 2022 Chapter Book

Sadiq and the explorers

Nuurali, Siman 2021 Chapter Book

Wednesday Wilson gets down to business

Galbraith, Bree 2021 Chapter Book

When the war came home

Parr, Lesley 2022 Chapter Book

Cameron Battle and the hidden kingdoms

Perry, Jamar J. 2022 Chapter Book

The blue lady of Coffin Hall

Keene, Carolyn 2022 Chapter Book

Back to nature

Alpine, Rachele, 1979- 2021 Chapter Book

As the falcon flies

Dixon, Franklin W. 2022 Chapter Book

Fergus and Zeke and the 100th day of school

Messner, Kate 2021 Chapter Book

How war changed Rondo

Romanyshyn, Romana, 1984- 2021 Chapter Book

Donut delivery!

Simon, Coco 2021 Chapter Book

The backyard mystery

Rippin, Sally 2022 Chapter Book

The special guest

Rippin, Sally 2022 Chapter Book

The suspicious scarf

Siberry, Lisa 2021 Chapter Book

The fire truck

Rippin, Sally 2022 Chapter Book

Hit a grand slam

Temple, Kate 2022 Chapter Book

I'll keep you close

Verstegen, Jeska 2022 Chapter Book

Dear Greta

Poshoglian, Yvette 2022 Chapter Book

Mr Bambuckle's Remarkables join forces

Harris, Tim. 2022 Chapter Book

Ballet class

McRitchie, Rebecca 2022 Chapter Book

Lost book

McRitchie, Rebecca 2022 Chapter Book

Mission to disaster

Ireland, Justina 2022 Chapter Book

Amorangi and Millie's trip through time

Keenan, Lauren 2021 Chapter Book

The pencil case

Shelton, Dave 2021 Chapter Book


Smith, Wilbur A. 2022 Chapter Book

Omar rising

Saeed, Aisha 2022 Chapter Book

By rowan and yew

Harrison, Melissa, 1975- 2021 Chapter Book

The howling hag mystery

Thornton, Nicki 2021 Chapter Book

Augustin and the hot air balloon

Metzenthen, David, 1958- 2022 Chapter Book


Pennypacker, Sara, 1951- 2021 Children Large Print

Rowley Jefferson's awesome friendly spooky stories

Kinney, Jeff 2021 Children Large Print

Never, not ever!

Alemagna, Béatrice 2021 Picture Book

Maya's big scene

Arsenault, Isabelle, 1978- 2021 Picture Book

John's turn

Barnett, Mac 2022 Picture Book

My mum is queen of the road

Beck, Jennifer 2022 Picture Book

Smiley eyes, smiley faces : a lift-the-flap face-mask book

McNiff, Dawn 2021 Picture Book (Board Book)

Cars and trucks

McDonald, Jill 2021 Picture Book

The very hungry caterpillar eats lunch : a colors book.

Carle, Eric 2022 Picture Book (Board Book)

Bubbles : a Narwhal and Jelly board book

Clanton, Ben, 1988- 2021 Picture Book

Nosy lion

Milbourne, Anna 2021 Picture Book (Board Book)

Night night truck

Claude, Jean 2022 Picture Book (Board Book)

Count to love!

Pinkney, Andrea Davis 2021 Picture Book (Board Book)

Lost in the museum

Cleal, Victoria 2022 Picture Book

Nature's alphabet : a New Zealand nature trail

Crowe, Andrew, 1952- 2022 Picture Book

Nigel and the moon

Eady, Antwan 2022 Picture Book

I can help

Faruqi, Reem 2021 Picture Book

Wild for Winnie

Fitzgerald, Laura Marx 2022 Picture Book

We all play = Kimêtawânaw

Flett, Julie 2021 Picture Book

The happiness of a dog with a ball in its mouth

Handy, Bruce 2021 Picture Book

Eyes that speak to the stars

Ho, Joanna. 2022 Picture Book

Ready for the spotlight!

Kim, Jaime 2021 Picture Book

The digger and the duckling

Kuefler, Joseph 2022 Picture Book

My tree

Lim, Hope 2021 Picture Book

Téo's tutu

Macias, Maryann Jacob 2021 Picture Book

Out of a jar

Marcero, Deborah 2022 Picture Book

Pippin paints a portrait

Mei, Charlotte 2021 Picture Book

A new day

Meltzer, Brad 2021 Children PIcture Book MEL

Ruffles and the red red coat

Melling, David 2021 Picture Book

Be strong

Miller, Pat Zietlow 2021 Picture Book

Chester van Chime who forgot how to rhyme

Monsen, Avery 2022 Picture Book

My first day

Phung, Nguyen Quang 2021 Picture Book

Love you by heart

Reynolds, Peter H. 1961- 2021 Picture Book

Daddy's rainbow

Rowland, Lucy (Children's author) 2022 Picture Book

Brilliant Bea

Rudolph, Shaina 2021 Picture Book

Time for school, Little Blue Truck

Schertle, Alice 2021 Picture Book

Once upon a time there was and will be so much more

Schaible, Johanna 2021 Picture Book

A pizza with everything on it

Scheele, Kyle 2021 Picture Book

Chez Bob

Shea, Bob 2021 Picture Book

When Lola visits

Sterling, Michelle 2021 Picture Book

Lost in the clouds

Tinn-Disbury, Tom 2021 Picture Book

Dream Street

Walker, Tricia Elam 2021 Picture Book


Wang, Andrea 2021 Picture Book

The longest storm

Yaccarino, Dan 2021 Picture Book

I'll meet you in your dreams

Young, Jessica 2021 Picture Book


(59 titles)

Black Widow [2] : I am the Black Widow

Thompson, Kelly, 1976- 2021 Comic


Layman, John, 1967- 2022 Comic


Schwab, Victoria 2022 Fiction

Blood scion

Falaye, Deborah 2022 Fiction

Black spiral

Merriman, Eileen (Haematologist) 2022 Fiction

An arrow to the moon

Pan, Emily X. R. 2022 Fiction

Gone to the woods : surviving a lost childhood

Paulsen, Gary 2021 Non-fiction

The valley and the flood

Mahoney, Rebecca 2021 Fiction

Skin of the sea

Bowen, Natasha 2021 Fiction

The fear

Preston, Natasha 2022 Fiction

All my rage

Tahir, Sabaa 2022 Fiction

Hotel Magnifique

Taylor, Emily J. 2022 Fiction

Horror hotel

Fulton, Victoria 2022 Fiction

It's behind you

Foxfield, Kathryn 2021 Fiction

Iron widow

Zhao, Xiran Jay 2021 Fiction

Remember me

Laure, Estelle 2022 Fiction

Dreams bigger than heartbreak

Anders, Charlie Jane 2022 Fiction

A far wilder magic

Saft, Allison 2022 Fiction


McLemore, Anna-Marie. 2022 Fiction

You've reached Sam

Thao, Dustin 2021 Fiction

Bright ruined things

Cohoe, Samantha 2022 Fiction

Anatomy : a love story

Schwartz, Dana 2022 Fiction

The girl who fell beneath the sea

Oh, Axie 2022 Fiction

Marauders. Vol. 4

Duggan, Gerry 2022 Comic

Non-stop Spider-Man : big brain play

Kelly, Joe, 1971- 2021 Comic

Symbiote Spider-Man : crossroads

David, Peter 2021 Comic

Way of X. Vol. 1

Spurrier, Simon 2021 Comic

X-Men : Hellfire gala

Hickman, Jonathan 2021 Comic

S.W.O.R.D. Vol. 2

Ewing, Al, 1977- 2021 Comic

Extreme Carnage

Johnson, Phillip Kennedy, 1970- 2021 Comic

Reign of X. Volume 9

Wells, Zeb 2021 Comic

Lies my memory told me

Wunsch, Sacha 2021 Fiction

The rumor game

Charaipotra, Sona. 2022 Fiction

A perfectionist's guide to not being perfect

Zucker, Bonnie, 1974- 2022 Non-fiction

Stranger things : Erica the great

Lore, Danny 2022 Comic

Madman. Volume 2

Allred, Mike 2022 Comic

She gets the girl

Lippincott, Rachael 2022 Fiction


Tamaki, Mariko 2022 Fiction

A spark within the forge

Tahir, Sabaa 2021 Comic

Ski weekend : a novel

Ross, Rektok 2021 Fiction

Gender inequality in sports : from Title IX to world titles

Cronn-Mills, Kirstin, 1968- 2022 Non-fiction

Where have all the birds gone? : nature in crisis

Hirsch, Rebecca E 2022 Non-fiction


Westerfeld, Scott 2022 Fiction

Wolf's lair

Falkner, Brian 2022 Fiction


Walker, Stan, 1990- 2022 Non-fiction

Mister Miracle : the great escape

Johnson, Varian 2022 Comic

Crime Syndicate

Schmidt, Andy, 1976- 2022 Comic

Batman : the detective

Taylor, Tom, 1978- 2022 Comic

Lionheart girl

Badoe, Yaba 2021 Fiction

Jujutsu kaisen. 12, The Shibuya incident : summon

Akutami, Gege, 1992- 2021 Comic

Komi can't communicate. Volume 16

Oda, Tomohito, 1991- 2021 Comic


(278 titles)

Top-secret treehouse tales : tales too silly to be told ... until now!

Griffiths, Andy, 1961- 2022 Children eAudiobook Borrowbox

Quint and Dirk's hero quest

Brallier, Max 2022 Children eAudiobook Overdrive

Aru shah and the nectar of immortality

Chokshi, Roshani 2022 Children eAudiobook Overdrive

Falling short

Cisneros, Ernesto 2022 Children eAudiobook Overdrive

Minecraft : mob squad : never say nether

Dawson, Delilah 2022 Children eAudiobook Overdrive

A duet for home

Glaser, Karina Yan 2022 Children eAudiobook Overdrive


Hunter, Erin 2022 Children eAudiobook Overdrive

Mostly the honest truth

Little, Jody J. 2022 Children eAudiobook Overdrive

Unseen magic

Lloyd-Jones, Emily 2022 Children eAudiobook Overdrive


Ortega, Claribel A. 2022 Children eAudiobook Overdrive

Cameron Battle and the hidden kingdoms

Perry, Jamar J 2022 Children eAudiobook Overdrive

Captain underpants and the revolting revenge of the radioactive robo-boxers

Pilkey, Dav, 1966- 2021 Children eAudiobook Overdrive

Captain Underpants and the sensational saga of Sir Stinks-A-Lot

Pilkey, Dav, 1966- 2022 Children eAudiobook Overdrive

Captain Underpants and the tyrannical retaliation of the Turbo Toilet 2000

Pilkey, Dav, 1966- 2021 Children eAudiobook Overdrive

The flames of hope

Sutherland, Tui, 1978- 2022 Children eAudiobook Overdrive

Amari and the night brothers

Alston, B. B 2021 Children eBook Borrowbox


Leonard, M. G. 2021 Children eBook Borrowbox

The puzzling pearls

Siberry, Lisa 2021 Children eBook Borrowbox

Maddie and Mabel

Allen, Kari 2022 Children eBook Overdrive

The Great Zapfino

Barnett, Mac 2022 Children eBook Overdrive

The Berenstain Bears trick or treat

Berenstain, Stan, 1923-2005. 2010 Children eBook Overdrive

Quint and Dirk's hero quest

Brallier, Max 2022 Children eBook Overdrive

Drive it! fix it!

Brimner, Larry Dane 2022 Children eBook Overdrive

Fred gets dressed

Brown, Peter, 1979- 2021 Children eBook Overdrive

Ready or not!

Bryant, Megan E 2022 Children eBook Overdrive

Falling short

Cisneros, Ernesto 2022 Children eBook Overdrive

A case of grave danger

Cleverly, Sophie 2021 Children eBook Overdrive

Oh my gods! II, The forgotten maze

Cooke, Stephanie, 1986- 2022 Children eBook Overdrive

Glass slippers

Cypess, Leah 2022 Children eBook Overdrive

Minecraft : mob squad : never say nether

Dawson, Delilah 2022 Children eBook Overdrive

Laugh-out-loud jokes for kids : the big book of knock-knock jokes

Elliott, Rob (Humorist) 2022 Children eBook Overdrive

Dress-up day

Gomez, Blanca, 1978- 2022 Children eBook Overdrive

The grave thief

Hahn, Dee 2022 Children eBook Overdrive

The princess in black and the giant problem

Hale, Shannon 2020 Children eBook Overdrive

Sentinels in the deep ocean

Hinojosa, Stacy, 1983- 2021 Children eBook Overdrive

Where seagulls dare

Horowitz, Anthony, 1955- 2022 Children eBook Overdrive

My parents won't stop talking!

Hunsinger, Emma 2022 Children eBook Overdrive


Hunter, Erin 2022 Children eBook Overdrive

The bad seed goes to the library

John, Jory 2022 Children eBook Overdrive

The good egg and the talent show

John, Jory 2022 Children eBook Overdrive

Marvel super hero adventures : Spider-Man

Kibblesmith, Daniel, 1983- 2020 Children eBook Overdrive

Unseen magic

Lloyd-Jones, Emily 2022 Children eBook Overdrive

Cress Watercress

Maguire, Gregory 2022 Children eBook Overdrive

Waiting for Mama

Marino, Gianna 2022 Children eBook Overdrive


Ortega, Claribel A. 2022 Children eBook Overdrive

Cameron Battle and the hidden kingdoms

Perry, Jamar J 2022 Children eBook Overdrive

Captain Underpants and the sensational saga of Sir Stinks-A-Lot

Pilkey, Dav, 1966- 2022 Children eBook Overdrive

Cat Kid Comic Club : on purpose

Pilkey, Dav, 1966- 2022 Children eBook Overdrive

The puzzling pearls

Siberry, Lisa 2021 Children eBook Overdrive

The suspicious scarf

Siberry, Lisa 2021 Children eBook Overdrive

Leap of faith

Sieveking, Laura 2017 Children eBook Overdrive

Perfectly pegasus

Sima, Jessie 2022 Children eBook Overdrive

Little Red and the very hungry lion

Smith, Alex T 2015 Children eBook Overdrive


Smith, Wilbur A 2022 Children eBook Overdrive

The last mapmaker

Soontornvat, Christina 2022 Children eBook Overdrive

The t-rex attack

Stone, Rex 2022 Children eBook Overdrive

The flames of hope

Sutherland, Tui, 1978- 2022 Children eBook Overdrive

Māmā, e hiakai ana mātou!

Ta'ala, Teri 2022 Children eBook Overdrive

Counting to bananas : a mostly rehyming fruit book

Tillotson, Carrie 2022 Children eBook Overdrive

Mirabel's discovery

Weber, Vicky 2022 Children eBook Overdrive

A duet for home

Yan Glaser, Karina. 2022 Children eBook Overdrive

Always remember your name :

Bucci, Andra 2022 eAudiobook Borrowbox

The match

Coben, Harlan, 1962- 2022 eAudiobook Borrowbox

Life, death and biscuits

Allen, Anthea 2022 eAudiobook Overdrive

The girl in his shadow

Blake, Audrey, active 2020 2021 eAudiobook Overdrive

The atlas six

Blake, Olivie 2022 eAudiobook Overdrive

Deaf utopia : a memoir and a love letter to a way of life

DiMarco, Nyle, 1989- 2022 eAudiobook Overdrive

Key lime pie murder

Fluke, Joanne, 1943- 2008 eAudiobook Overdrive

The other half of Augusta Hope

Glen, Joanna 2019 eAudiobook Overdrive

Davos man : how the billionaires devoured the world

Goodman, Peter S 2022 eAudiobook Overdrive

The last beekeeper

Gulian, Jared. 2021 eAudiobook Overdrive

The nineties

Klosterman, Chuck, 1972- 2022 eAudiobook Overdrive

The club

Lloyd, Ellery 2022 eAudiobook Overdrive

Listen : how to find the words for tender conversations

Mannix, Kathryn 2021 eAudiobook Overdrive

The siren of Sussex

Matthews, Mimi 2022 eAudiobook Overdrive

The exhibitionist

Mendelson, Charlotte, 1972- 2022 eAudiobook Overdrive

Manifest : 7 steps to living your best life

Nafousi, Roxie 2022 eAudiobook Overdrive

Loop tracks

Orr, Sue, 1962- 2022 eAudiobook Overdrive

Stars and bones

Powell, Gareth L 2022 eAudiobook Overdrive

The diamond eye

Quinn, Kate 2022 eAudiobook Overdrive

Fevered star

Roanhorse, Rebecca 2022 eAudiobook Overdrive

Beautiful world, where are you

Rooney, Sally 2021 eAudiobook Overdrive

Lost & found : a memoir

Schulz, Kathryn 2022 eAudiobook Overdrive

The silent wife

Slaughter, Karin, 1971- 2020 eAudiobook Overdrive

Young Mungo

Stuart, Douglas, 1976- 2022 eAudiobook Overdrive

Four aunties and a wedding

Sutanto, Jesse Q 2022 eAudiobook Overdrive

Stories I might regret telling you : a memoir

Wainwright, Martha, 1976- 2022 eAudiobook Overdrive

Garters and gargoyles

Warren, Nancy, 1959- 2021 eAudiobook Overdrive

A captain for Caroline Gray

Wright, Julie, 1972- 2021 eAudiobook Overdrive

The legacy

Bond, Caroline 2021 eBook Borrowbox

56 days

Howard, Catherine Ryan 2021 eBook Borrowbox

The pavilion in the clouds

McCall Smith, Alexander, 1948- 2021 eBook Borrowbox

The tulip tree

McCourt, Suzanne. 2021 eBook Borrowbox

Fabrics and pattern cutting

Aldrich, Winifred 2012 eBook Overdrive

Life, death and biscuits

Allen, Anthea 2022 eBook Overdrive

Love and other puzzles

Allsopp, Kimberley 2022 eBook Overdrive

Gods and dragons

Anderson, Kevin J., 1962- 2022 eBook Overdrive

Spine of the dragon

Anderson, Kevin J., 1962- 2019 eBook Overdrive


Anderson, Kevin J., 1962- 2021 eBook Overdrive

The war of two queens

Armentrout, Jennifer L 2022 eBook Overdrive

Father complex

Ashe, Gregory 2022 eBook Overdrive

I came all this way to meet you : writing myself home

Attenberg, Jami 2022 eBook Overdrive

Dream town

Baldacci, David 2022 eBook Overdrive

Rebel homemaker : food, family, life

Barrymore, Drew 2021 eBook Overdrive

Into the night

Bennett, C.K. 2021 eBook Overdrive

A dream of death

Berry, Connie (Novelist) 2019 eBook Overdrive

A legacy of murder

Berry, Connie (Novelist) 2019 eBook Overdrive

Malicious intent

Blackburn, Lynn Huggins 2022 eBook Overdrive

The Paris showroom

Blackwell, Juliet 2022 eBook Overdrive

Coward's kiss

Block, Lawrence 2016 eBook Overdrive

Not your average hot guy

Bond, Gwenda 2021 eBook Overdrive


Brayden, Melissa 2022 eBook Overdrive

The chosen twelve

Breakwell, James 2022 eBook Overdrive

Motorcycle odyssey : a backpacker's guide to riding the length of Vietnam

Brookland, Nicholas (Motorcyclist) 2022 eBook Overdrive

Hippocrasy : how doctors are betraying their oath

Buchbinder, Rachelle 2021 eBook Overdrive

Moon knight. Vol. 3, In the night

Bunn, Cullen 2015 eBook Overdrive

No heaven for good boys

Bush, Keisha 2021 eBook Overdrive

The Duchess who dared

Castle, Charles, 1939-2013 2021 eBook Overdrive

The Leonard Girls

Challinor, Deborah 2022 eBook Overdrive

The winter dress

Chater, Lauren. 2022 eBook Overdrive

Greenwood : a novel

Christie, Michael, 1976- 2019 eBook Overdrive

Messy minimalism : realistic strategies for the rest of us

Crawford, Rachelle 2021 eBook Overdrive

Loving lieutenant lancaster

Eden, Sarah M 2021 eBook Overdrive

Servant mage

Elliott, Kate, 1958- 2022 eBook Overdrive

Moon Knight : from the dead

Ellis, Warren, 1968- 2019 eBook Overdrive

Flying home and other stories

Ellison, Ralph, 1914-1994 2016 eBook Overdrive

The recovery agent

Evanovich, Janet 2022 eBook Overdrive

In the margins : on the pleasures of reading and writing

Ferrante, Elena 2022 eBook Overdrive


Fowler, Karen Joy 2022 eBook Overdrive

Good girls die first

Foxfield, Kathryn 2020 eBook Overdrive

All the pretty people

Freethy, Barbara 2022 eBook Overdrive

Ten steps to Nanette : a memoir situation

Gadsby, Hannah 2022 eBook Overdrive

Return to Fourwinds

Gifford, Elisabeth. 2014 eBook Overdrive

The undertakers

Glover, Nicole 2021 eBook Overdrive

A matter of death and life

Green, Simon R 2022 eBook Overdrive

Redwood and wildfire

Hairston, Andrea 2022 eBook Overdrive

Sea glass cottage : a Hope Harbor novel

Hannon, Irene 2022 eBook Overdrive

Queen of our times : the life of Queen Elizabeth II

Hardman, Robert 2022 eBook Overdrive

The funny thing about Norman Foreman

Henderson, Julietta 2021 eBook Overdrive

Artquake : the most disruptive works in modern art

Hodge, Susie, 1960- 2021 eBook Overdrive

Our happy days

Holbe, Julia 2022 eBook Overdrive

Art of cunning

Holmes, Steffanie 2015 eBook Overdrive

Enchanting the heiress

Hunter, Kristi Ann 2022 eBook Overdrive

Atsuko's Japanese kitchen

Ikeda, Atsuko. 2019 eBook Overdrive

In at the deep end

Janu, Penelope 2017 eBook Overdrive

Vince and Joy

Jewell, Lisa 2005 eBook Overdrive

The house with a thousand stairs

Jones, Garrick 2020 eBook Overdrive

Sing anyway

Kelly, Anita 2021 eBook Overdrive

Wherever is your heart

Kelly, Anita 2022 eBook Overdrive

Raiment : a memoir

Kemp, Jan, 1949- 2022 eBook Overdrive

The silver bullets of Annie Oakley

Lackey, Mercedes 2022 eBook Overdrive

The earl's dilemma

Larkin, Emily, 1970- 2017 eBook Overdrive

The curfew

Logan, T.M. 2022 eBook Overdrive

Sea of Tranquility

Mandel, Emily St. John, 1979- 2022 eBook Overdrive