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New Booklists — November 2020

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(183 titles)

The invitation

Abbott, Rachel 2020

The light after the war : a novel

Abriel, Anita 2020 Large Print

The sentient

Afifi, Nadia 2020

Brass carriages and glass hearts

Allen, Nancy Campbell, 1969- 2020

Inside story : a novel

Amis, Martin 2020

Dead man in a ditch

Arnold, Luke 2020

The human

Asher, Neal L., 1961- 2020

A perfect Cornish escape

Ashley, Phillipa 2020

Morbius the living vampire [1] : old wounds

Ayala, Vita 2020 Graphic Novel

Over the woodward wall

Baker, A. Deborah 2020

Iron gods

Bannister, Andrew, 1965- 2019


Banville, John 2020

A sunset in Sydney

Barker, Sandy 2020


Baxter, Stephen 2020


Bear, Elizabeth 2020

Bug week & other stories

Beautrais, Airini 2020

Shorefall : a novel

Bennett, Robert Jackson, 1984- 2020

Cry baby

Billingham, Mark 2020

The lost carousel of Provence

Blackwell, Juliet 2019 Large Print

The vineyards of Champagne

Blackwell, Juliet 2020 Large Print

Letters from Berlin

Blanchard, Tania 2020

Wolf pack : a Joe Pickett novel

Box, C. J 2019 Large Print

The last druid

Brooks, Terry 2020

Hello, again

Broom, Isabelle, 1979- 2020

Team of five : the presidents club in the age of Trump

Brower, Kate Andersen 2020 Large Print (Non-fiction)

Cruel summer

Brubaker, Ed 2020 Graphic Novel

The Sicilian method

Camilleri, Andrea 2020

Bestiary : a novel

Chang, Kristin 2020

The Tolstoy estate

Conte, Steven, 1966- 2020

The golden rule

Craig, Amanda, 1959- 2020


Crosskey, N. J. 2019

All our shimmering skies

Dalton, Trent 2020

Mother loves me

Davies, Abby 2020


De La Plante, Ali Leriger 2019 Graphic Novel

Dragon Age : Blue Wraith

DeFilippis, Nunzio 2020 Graphic Novel

Playing nice : a novel

Delaney, J. P. 2020

The silence : a novel

DeLillo, Don 2020

Blacksad : collected stories

Díaz Canales, Juan, 1972- 2020 Graphic Novel

Attack surface

Doctorow, Cory 2020

Burnt sugar

Doshi, Avni 2020

Trees. Volume three, Three fates

Ellis, Warren, 1968- 2020 Graphic Novel

Punisher : Soviet

Ennis, Garth 2020 Graphic Novel

Crush the king

Estep, Jennifer 2020

Lethal game

Feehan, Christine 2020

Dark song

Feehan, Christine. 2020

The group

Feigel, Lara 2020

Chimes of a lost cathedral

Fitch, Janet, 1955- 2019 Large Print

The living sea of waking dreams

Flanagan, Richard, 1961- 2020

A wedding in the olive garden

Fleming, Leah 2020

House of correction

French, Nicci 2020

The searcher

French, Tana 2020

An American duchess

Fyffe, Caroline 2020 Large Print


Gfrörer, Julia 2020 Graphic Novel

The mirror man

Gilmartin, Jane 2020

One story

Gipi, 1963- 2020 Graphic Novel

Time to say goodbye

Goodwin, Rosie 2020

Witness to death

Graham, Heather 2020

The postscript murders

Griffiths, Elly 2020

A time for mercy

Grisham, John 2020

A garland of bones

Haines, Carolyn 2020

Map's edge

Hair, David, 1965- 2020


Hammer, Chris, 1960- 2020

The sister's gift

Hannay, Barbara 2020

Seeds and stems

Hanselmann, Simon 2020 Graphic Novel


Harris, Robert, 1957- 2020

The once and future witches

Harrow, Alix E. 2020

The Red Mother. Volume one

Haun, Jeremy 2020 Graphic Novel

Happiness will follow : a graphic novel memoir

Hawthorne, Mike 2020 Graphic Novel

Wife after wife

Hayfield, Olivia, 1960- 2020

A caramel sky

Hazlehurst, Kayleen M., 1949- 2020

We are all the same in the dark

Heaberlin, Julia 2020

The Duke of Caladan

Herbert, Brian 2020

Love bites

Herman, Ry 2020

Fallen Angels. Vol. 1

Hill, Bryan Edward 2020 Graphic Novel

Magic lessons

Hoffman, Alice 2020

Revenge of the Cosmic Ghost Rider

Hopeless, Dennis 2020 Graphic Novel

Just like you

Hornby, Nick 2020

A village affair

Houston, Julie 2020

The boy I love

Husband, Marion 2020

I follow you

James, Peter, 1948- 2020

Invisible girl

Jewell, Lisa 2020

A honeybee heart has five openings : a year of keeping bees

Jukes, Helen 2020 Large Print (Non-fiction)

The wreck

Keneally, Meg 2020

The viper

Kent, Christobel 2020

The Tindalos asset

Kiernan, Caitlín R. 2020

Batman [13] : City of Bane. Part 2

King, Tom, 1978- 2020 Graphic Novel


Knox, Malcolm, 1966- 2020


Koontz, Dean R. 1945- 2020

A queen in hiding

Kozloff, Sarah 2020

The cerulean queen

Kozloff, Sarah 2020

The queen of raiders

Kozloff, Sarah 2020

Let me be frank : the COVID-19 diaries

Laing, Sarah, 1973- 2020 Graphic Novel


Lam, Laura, 1988- 2020

666 Gable Way

Lamia, Dani. 2020

In a holidaze

Lauren, Christina 2020

Slow burn

Leather, Stephen 2020

Phoenix extravagant

Lee, Yoon Ha, 1979- 2020

The collection

Leger, Nina, 1988- 2019

The night letters

Leith, Denise 2020

Gideon Falls [4] : the pentoculus

Lemire, Jeff 2020 Graphic Novel

For when I'm gone

Ley, Rebecca 2020


Ma, Yŏng-sin, 1982- 2020 Graphic Novel

Blue ticket

Mackintosh, Sophie 2020

Jingle all the way : a novel

Macomber, Debbie 2020

A wild winter swan : a novel

Maguire, Gregory 2020


Marzocchi, Leila 2020 Graphic Novel

The house of a hundred whispers

Masterton, Graham. 2020

Sunny days & sea breezes

Matthews, Carole 2020

The godmothers

McInerney, Monica 2020

The mother fault

Mildenhall, Kate 2020


Miller, Sue, 1943- 2020

Shigeru Mizuki's Kitaro : the trial of Kitaro

Mizuki, Shigeru, 1922-2015 2020 Graphic Novel

In the cut

Moore, Susanna 2019

The kingdom

Nesbø, Jo, 1960- 2020

The secret life of Mr Roos

Nesser, Håkan, 1950- 2020

The secrets of strangers

Norman, Charity 2020

Home stretch

Norton, Graham, 1963- 2020

What are you going through

Nunez, Sigrid 2020

The queen's rival

O'Brien, Anne, 1949- 2020


O'Farrell, Maggie, 1972- 2020

Cardiff, by the sea : four novellas of suspense

Oates, Joyce Carol, 1938- 2020

The first lie

Park, A. J. (Novelist) 2020

The secrets of Love Story Bridge

Patrick, Phaedra 2020 Large Print

The coast-to-coast murders

Patterson, James, 1947- 2020

Private Moscow

Patterson, James, 1947- 2020


Pearse, Lesley 2020


Pulido, Rayco, 1978- 2020 Graphic Novel

A song for the dark times

Rankin, Ian 2020

The two lost mountains

Reilly, Matthew 2020

The lost colony

Riddle, A. G. 2020

Storm of locusts

Roanhorse, Rebecca 2019

The ministry for the future

Robinson, Kim Stanley 2020


Robinson, Marilynne 2020

The winter of the cartoonist

Roca, Paco 2020 Graphic Novel

Silent bite

Rosenfelt, David 2020

Prison Pit : the complete collection.

Ryan, Johnny 2020 Graphic Novel

Immortal angel

Sands, Lynsay 2020

The invisible life of Addie LaRue

Schwab, Victoria 2020

Wendy, master of art

Scott, Walter, 1985- 2020 Graphic Novel

Constitution illustrated

Sikoryak, R. 2020 Graphic Novel


Silvey, Craig, 1982- 2020

Bonds of brass

Skrutskie, Emily, 1993- 2020

The Return

Sparks, Nicholas 2020

The Cloven. Book one

Stein, Garth 2020 Graphic Novel

I know you rider : a memoir

Stein, Leslie, 1982- 2020 Graphic Novel

The glass magician

Stevermer, Caroline 2020

The mother code

Stivers, Carole 2020


Strandberg, Mats, 1976- 2020

The dawnhounds

Stronach, Sascha 2019

The happy glampers

Tate, Daisy 2020

Doing time

Taylor, Jodi 2019

Plan for the worst

Taylor, Jodi 2020

The doors of Eden

Tchaikovsky, Adrian, 1972- 2020

The loneliness of the long-distance cartoonist

Tomine, Adrian, 1974- 2020 Graphic Novel

The sky is blue with a single cloud

Tsurita, Kuniko, 1947-1985 2020 Graphic Novel

The devil and the dark water

Turton, Stuart 2020

Don't look for me

Walker, Wendy, 1967- 2020

Hench : [a novel]

Walschots, Natalie Zina, 1983- 2020


Way, Mikey 2020 Graphic Novel

The valkyrie protocol

Weber, David, 1952- 2020

Sweet time & other stories

Weng, Pixin 2020 Graphic Novel

Ashes of the sun

Wexler, Django 2020

Shore leave

Whish-Wilson, David 2020

Repo virtual

White, Corey J. 2020


White, S. R. 2020

Zoey punches the future in the dick

Wong, David, 1975 January 10- 2020


(331 titles)

Java all-in-one

Lowe, Doug, 1959- 2020 005.133 JAV


Casabona, Joe 2020 006.74 CAS

Dear reader : the comfort and joy of books

Rentzenbrink, Cathy 2020 028.9 REN

Why women read fiction : the stories of our lives

Taylor, Helen, 1947- 2019 028.9 TAY

The haunting of Alma Fielding : a true ghost story

Summerscale, Kate, 1965- 2020 133.1 SUM

The time of our lives : growing older well

Dessaix, Robert, 1944- 2020 155.67 DES

Losing a parent

Marshall, Fiona 2020 155.937 MAR

Seize the yay

Davidson, Sarah 2020 158.1 DAV

The wonder switch

Harris, III, 1983- 2020 158.1 HAR

The art of stillness in a noisy world

Fridh, Magnus 2020 158.12 FRI

Rapport : the four ways to read people

Alison, Emily 2020 158.2 ALI

The virus in the age of madness

Lévy, Bernard-Henri 2020 194 LEV

Māori philosophy : indigenous thinking from Aotearoa

Stewart, Georgina Tuari 2020 199.93 STE

Pandora's jar : women in Greek myths

Haynes, Natalie 2020 292.211 HAY

Venus and Aphrodite : a biography of desire

Hughes, Bettany 2020 292.2114 HUG

How to break up with friends

Korrel, Hannah 2020 302.34 KOR

If then : how one data company invented the future

Lepore, Jill, 1966- 2020 303.4834 LEP

Uncharted : how to navigate the future

Heffernan, Margaret, 1955- 2020 303.49 HEF

The uncounted

Cobham, Alex 2020 305 COB

Caste : the lies that divide us

Wilkerson, Isabel 2020 305.5122 WIL

Caste : the origins of our discontents

Wilkerson, Isabel 2020 305.5122 WIL

Having and being had

Biss, Eula 2020 306.3 BIS

Do nothing

Headlee, Celeste Anne, 1969- 2020 306.36 HEA

Grounded : a companion to slow living

Carlile, Anna, 1977- 2020 306.4812 CAR

The hungover games

Heawood, Sophie 2020 306.8743 HEA

Reconnected : a community builder's handbook

Leigh, Andrew 2020 307.1 LEI

What is at stake now : my appeal for peace and freedom

Gorbachev, Mikhail Sergeevich, 1931- 2020 327 GOR

Coffeeland : a history

Sedgewick, Augustine 2020 338.4766393 SED

From crime to crime

Henriques, Richard 2020 340.092 HEN

Contradictions of the welfare state

Offe, Claus 2019 361.65 OFF

Surviving lockdown : human nature in social isolation

Cohen, David, 1946- 2021 362.1962 COH

Fat cow, fat chance : the science and psychology of size

Murray, Jenni, 1950- 2020 362.196398 MUR

One punch : the tragic toll of random acts of violence

Dickins, Barry, 1949- 2020 364.1555 DIC

Bush school

O'Brien, Peter 2020 371.10092 OBR

No rules rules : Netflix and the culture of reinvention

Hastings, Reed, 1960- 2020 384.555 HAS

Rebel without a clause : losing the linguistic plot

Butler, Susan, 1948- 2020 420 BUT

Word for today

Sussex, Roly 2020 422 SUS

Complete French grammar

Heminway, Annie 2020 448.24 HEM

Complete Italian grammar

Danesi, Marcel, 1946- 2020 458.24 DAN

How to make the world add up

Harford, Tim, 1973- 2020 519.5 HAR

Cosmos : possible worlds

Druyan, Ann, 1949- 2020 520 DRU

The botanical adventures of Joseph Banks

Harrison, Christina (Horticulturist) 2020 580.92 BAN

Swainston's fishes of Australia

Swainston, Roger, 1960- 2020 597.0994 SWA

In praise of walking

O'Mara, S. M. 2020 612.044 OMA

We are the weather : saving the planet begins at breakfast

Foer, Jonathan Safran, 1977- 2020 613.262 FOE

Viral pandemics : from smallpox to COVID-19

Kavey, Rae-Ellen W. 2021 614.58 KAV


Parsons, Jacinta 2020 616.344092 PAR

The little book of orchids : gems of nature

Chase, Mark W., 1951- 2020 635.93415 CHA

Plantopedia : the definitive guide to houseplants

Camilleri, Lauren 2020 635.965 CAM

Plant therapy

Cooper, Katie 2020 635.965 COO

A short history of the world according to sheep

Coulthard, Sally 2020 636.3 COU

Nala's world

Nicholson, Dean 2020 636.8 NIC

Eat a peach : a memoir

Chang, David, 1977- 2020 641.5092 CHA

Everyday fresh : meals in minutes

Hay, Donna, 1971- 2020 641.555 HAY

Speedy bosh! : quick, easy, all plants

Firth, Henry 2020 641.56362 FIR

The Happy Pear : vegan cooking for everyone

Flynn, David (Vegetarian chef) 2020 641.56362 FLY

Vegan with bite

Martinez, Shannon 2020 641.56362 MAR

The little library Christmas

Young, Kate (Food writer) 2020 641.5686 YOU

To Asia, with love

McKinnon, Hetty 2020 641.595 MACK

Parwana : recipes and stories from an Afghan kitchen

Ayubi, Durkhanai 2020 641.59581 AYU

The Rangoon sisters cookbook

Chung, Amy 2020 641.59591 CHU

Australian food

Granger, Bill, 1969- 2020 641.5994 GRA

Grazing boards

2020 641.812 GRA

Loaf story : a love letter to bread, with recipes

Hayward, Tim, 1963- 2020 641.815 HAY

One tin bakes

Kimber, Edd 2020 641.8653 KIM

Wean in 15

Wicks, Joe 2020 649.3 WIC

John Nash : artist & countryman

Lambirth, Andrew, 1959- 2019 709.2 NAS

The garden : elements and styles

Musgrave, Toby 2020 712 MUS , Large Book

The secret gardens of Somerset : a private tour

Willis, Abigail 2020 712.6094238 WIL , Large Book

How to draw cute heroes

MacDonald, Dawn 2020 741.56 MACD

100 posters that changed the world

Salter, Colin, 1949- 2020 741.67409 SAL

Textile travels

Kelly, Anne 2020 746 KEL

Crafting a felt farm : a Waldorf project for all ages

Reinhard, Rotraud 2020 746.0463 REI

Bohemian modern

Henson, Emily 2020 747 HEN

Golden light : the interior design of Nickey Kehoe

Nickey, Todd 2020 747 NIC , Large Book

Street art Africa

Waddacor, Cale 2020 751.73096 WAD

Georgia O'Keeffe : a life

Robinson, Roxana 2020 759.13 OKE

Encounters : a photographic journey

Wood, Levison, 1982- 2020 779.092 WOO , Large Book

Killing time : short stories from the long road home

Barnes, Jimmy, 1956- 2020 786.9 BAR

150 glimpses of the Beatles

Brown, Craig, 1957- 2020 786.9 BEA

The meaning of Mariah Carey

Carey, Mariah, 1970- 2020 786.9 CAR

Do you feel like I do? : a memoir

Frampton, Peter, 1950- 2020 786.9 FRA

Wilco : the ultimate music guide.

2020 786.9 WIL , Large Book

Once upon a Tyne : our story celebrating 30 years together on telly

McPartlin, Anthony David, 1975- 2020 791.45092 MACP

Kristian Frederikson : designer

Potter, Michelle, 1944- 2020 792.026092 FRE

Is this anything?

Seinfeld, Jerry, 1957- 2020 792.76 SEI

Dance we do : a poet explores Black dance

Shange, Ntozake 2020 792.80973 SHA

Tea and scotch with Bradman

Perry, Roland, 1946- 2020 796.358092 BRA

In praise of paths : walking through time and nature

Ekelund, Torbjørn Lysebo 2020 796.51092 EKE

The ways of the bushwalker : on foot in Australia

Harper, Melissa 2020 796.510994 HAR

Irony and sarcasm

Kreuz, Roger J. 2020 808.7 KRE

Make me rain : poems & prose

Giovanni, Nikki 2020 811 GIO

That was now, this is then : poems

Seshadri, Vijay 2020 811 SES

Tongues of fire

Hewitt, Seán 2020 821 HEW

Covid chronicles

Judkins, Annie 2020 821 JUD

All the sonnets of Shakespeare

Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616 2020 821 SHA

A Roderick Finlayson reader

Finlayson, Roderick, 1904-1992 2020 828 FIN

Time's monster : how history makes history

Satia, Priya 2020 907.2 SAT

A brief history of the Mediterranean

Black, Jeremy, 1955- 2020 909.09822 BLA

In search of the woman who sailed the world

Clode, Danielle 2020 910.92 BAR


2020 918.1 BRA

Best baby names 2021

Thomas, Siobhan 2020 929.4 THO

Blood royal : dynastic politics in medieval Europe

Bartlett, Robert, 1950- 2020 929.7094 BAR

Philip and Alexander : kings and conquerors

Goldsworthy, Adrian Keith 2020 938.07092 PHI

1520 : the field of the cloth of gold

Licence, Amy 2020 940.232 LIC

Britain's war : a new world, 1942-1947

Todman, Daniel 2020 940.5341 TOD

I will run wild : the Pacific war from Pearl Harbor to Midway

Cleaver, Thomas McKelvey 2020 940.5426 CLE

Red Lead : the naval cat with nine lives

Perry, Roland, 1946- 2020 940.545994 PER

The crown in crisis : countdown to the abdication

Larman, Alexander, 1981- 2020 941.084092 WIN

Gypsies : an English history

Cressy, David 2020 942 CRE

Ravenna : capital of empire, crucible of Europe

Herrin, Judith 2020 945.471 HER

Rome : city in terror : the Nazi occupation 1943-44

Failmezger, Victor 2020 945.632 FAI

Past forward : essays in Korean history

Hwang, Kyung Moon 2019 951.9 HWA

Jerusalem : the biography

Sebag Montefiore, Simon, 1965- 2020 956.944 SEB

Portraits of Cuba

Duncan, Daniel 2020 972.91 DUN

Sentenced to debt : Robert Forrester, First Fleeter

Wilson, Louise, 1946- 2020 994.02 WIL

Niue rising

Talogi, Toke 2019 996.26092 TAL

My invented country : a memoir

Allende, Isabel. 2020 Biography B ALL

In the time of the Manaroans

Bilbrough, Miro 2020 Biography B BIL

I am an island

Calidas, Tamsin 2020 Biography B CAL

The Reacher guy : a biography of Lee Child

Martin, Heather 2020 Biography B CHI

Brave(ish) : a memoir of a recovering perfectionist

Ghielmetti, Margaret Davis 2020 Biography B GHI

John Haynes : the man behind the manuals

Temko, Ned 2020 Biography B HAY

TMI : my life in scandal

Hilton, Perez, 1978- 2021 Biography B HIL

Untwisted : the story of my life

Jennings, Paul, 1943- 2020 Biography B JEN

James & Nora : portrait of Joyce's marriage

O'Brien, Edna 2020 Biography B JOY

Raising a rare girl : a memoir

Lanier, Heather Kirn 2020 Biography B LAN

Tomorrow will be a good day

Moore, Tom, 1920- 2020 Biography B MOO


Linnell, Garry Biography B MOO

Prince Philip revealed

Seward, Ingrid 2020 Biography B PHI

The smallest lights in the universe : a memoir

Seager, Sara 2020 Biography B SEA

Recollections of my non-existence

Solnit, Rebecca 2020 Biography B SOL

Mad at the world : a life of John Steinbeck

Souder, William, 1949- 2020 Biography B STE

The wild silence

Winn, Raynor 2020 Biography B WIN


(22 titles)

A hidden life.

Motion picture (DVD)

Blue velvet

Motion picture (DVD)

Lazy Susan.

Motion picture (DVD)

Little pink house.

Motion picture (DVD)

Love Sarah

Motion picture (DVD)


Motion picture (DVD)

Mr. Mercedes. Season 3

Television program (DVD)

New Amsterdam. Season two

Television program (DVD)


Motion picture (DVD)

Outlander. Season five.

Television program (DVD)

Prime suspect. Series 1-4.

Television program (DVD)

Reverie. The complete series.

Television program (DVD)

Supergirl. The complete fifth season.

Television program (DVD)

The booksellers.

Documentary (DVD)

The boys. Season 1.

Television program (DVD)

The Flash. The complete sixth season.

Television program (DVD)

The trip to Greece

Motion picture (DVD)

The truth

Motion picture (DVD)

The whistleblower = Chui shao ren.

Motion picture (DVD)


Motion picture (DVD)


(246 titles)

Gods, goddesses, and heroes : mythology from around the world

Accatino, Marzia 2020 Non-fiction / Our Society

Books make good pets

Agard, John, 1949- 2020 Picture Book

The body book

Alice, Hannah 2020 Non-fiction / Health & Technology

Where's Mrs T-Rex?

Arrhenius, Ingela P., 1967- 2020 Picture Book (Board Book)

Catch that chicken!

Atinuke 2020 Picture Book

October, October

Balen, Katya 2020 Chapter Book

Goldie Vance. Volume five, Larceny in La La Land

Ball, Jacqueline A 2020 Comic

Keep an eye on Ivy

Barroux 2020 Picture Book

The Spots and the Dots

Baugh, Helen 2020 Picture Book

The tunnel of dreams

Beckett, Bernard, 1968- 2020 Chapter Book

Dance class 3 in 1. #2

Béka 2020 Comic

The spring filly!

Berrow, G. M. 2020 Chapter Book

Apple adventure!

Berrow, G. M. 2020 Chapter Book

The night before Christmas in Wonderland

Bexington, Carys 2020 Picture Book

The naughtiest unicorn on a school trip

Bird, Pip 2020 Audiobook on CD

The naughtiest unicorn on the beach

Bird, Pip 2020 Audiobook on CD

Māui and the secret of fire

Bixley, Donovan 2020 Non-fiction / Our Society

The good old looky book

Bixley, Donovan 2020 Chapter Book

Glaki : spear of the depths

Blade, Adam 2020 Chapter Book

Diprox the buzzing terror

Blade, Adam 2020 Chapter Book

The ultimate battle.

Blade, Adam 2020 Chapter Book

Back to sleep

Blake, Zoë Foster, 1980- 2020 Picture Book


Bland, Nick, 1973- 2020 Picture Book

The moonbeams

Bliss, Emily 2020 Chapter Book

Cassandra, animal psychic. # 2, Out on a limb

Bottier, Isabelle 2020 Comic

Harriet's expanding heart

Brace, Rachel 2020 Picture Book

What's black & white & red all over?

Brandreth, Gyles Daubeney, 1948- 2020 Non-fiction / Poetry, Plays & Jokes

This boy can!

Brooke, Cori 2020 Picture Book

This girl can!

Brooke, Cori 2020 Picture Book

Clean up!

Bryon, Nathan 2020 Picture Book

What the dinosaurs saw : life on earth before humans

Burke, Fatti 2020 Non-fiction / Science

Ming dynasty China

Burke, Fatti 2020 Chapter Book

All kinds of kindness

Carey Nevin, Judy 2020 Picture Book (Board Book)

The elephant

Carnavas, Peter, 1980- 2020 Audiobook on CD

Will you help Doug find his dog?

Caston, Jane 2020 Picture Book

A forever home for Tilly

Chapman, Linda 2020 Chapter Book

There's something weird about Lena

Cohen, Sigi 2020 Chapter Book

A tale of witchcraft...

Colfer, Chris, 1990- 2020 Chapter Book

Jabari tries

Cornwall, Gaia. 2020 Picture Book

Christmas crackers

Costain, Meredith 2020 Chapter Book

Little Fish and friends

Cousins, Lucy 2020 Picture Book (Board Book)

Never and forever

Cowell, Cressida 2020 Chapter Book

Norse tales : stories from across the rainbow bridge

Crossley-Holland, Kevin 2020 Non-fiction / Our Society

Kodi [1]

Cullum, Jared 2020 Comic

The wolf's secret

Dahman, Myriam 2020 Picture Book

Dinosaur Christmas!

Dale, Penny, 1954- 2020 Picture Book

Obsessive about octopuses

Davey, Owen 2020 Non-fiction / Science

Come home Ella

Davies, Chelsea 2020 Picture Book

Why do things die?

Daynes, Katie 2020 Non-fiction / Feeling & Thinking

Living planet

De la Bédoyère, Camilla 2020 Non-fiction / Science

Mission shark bytes

Deen, Sophie 2020 Chapter Book

Riding academy race

Deutsch, Stacia 2020 Chapter Book

A to Z of dinosaurs and prehistoric animals

Dickmann, Nancy 2020 Non-fiction / Science


Do, Anh 2020 Chapter Book

Totally weird

Do, Anh 2020 Audiobook on CD

Super weird!

Do, Anh 2020 Audiobook on CD


Do, Anh 2020 Audiobook on CD

Extra weird!

Do, Anh 2020 Audiobook on CD

Crazy weird!

Do, Anh 2020 Audiobook on CD

Even weirder!

Do, Anh 2020 Audiobook on CD

Sequin and stitch

Dockrill, Laura 2020 Chapter Book

Conjuror Cow

Donaldson, Julia 2020 Picture Book (Board Book)

Gruffalo, where are you?

Donaldson, Julia 2020 Picture Book (Board Book)

Postman Bear : a lift-the-flap book

Donaldson, Julia 2020 Picture Book (Board Book)

Songs for our sons

Doyle, Ruth, 1963- 2020 Picture Book

Gustavo the shy ghost

Drago, Flavia Z. 2020 Picture Book

You're my little Christmas wish

Edwards, Nicola 2019 Picture Book (Board Book)

In the half room

Ellis, Carson, 1975- 2020 Picture Book

King of the swamp

Emmett, Catherine 2020 Picture Book

Skulk : a lost shadow's puzzle adventure

Etherington, Robin 2020 Chapter Book

The girl who stole an elephant

Farook, Nizrana 2020 Chapter Book

Little unicorn's birthday

Fielding, Rhiannon 2020 Picture Book

Lizard in a zoot suit

Finnegan, Marco 2020 Comic

Teen titans go! to camp!

Fisch, Sholly 2020 Comic

The missing prince

Flanagan, John 2020 Chapter Book

Brilliant questions about growing up : simple answers about bodies and boundaries

Forbes-Robertson, Amy 2020 Non-fiction / Health & Technology


Franceschelli, Christopher 2019 Picture Book (Board Book)

Pirate stew

Gaiman, Neil 2020 Picture Book

The Tindims of Rubbish Island

Gardner, Sally 2020 Chapter Book

The mysteries of the Universe

Gater, Will 2020 Non-fiction / Science

The shadow moth

Gibbons, Francesca 2020 Chapter Book

The Vanderbeekers lost and found

Glaser, Karina Yan 2020 Chapter Book

A short, illustrated history of space exploration

Goldsmith, Mike, 1962- 2020 Non-fiction / Health & Technology

All sorts

Goodhart, Pippa 2020 Picture Book

Donut the Destroyer

Graley, Sarah 2020 Comic


Green, Alison, 1963 December 4- 2020 Picture Book

The forever horse

Gregg, Stacy 2020 Chapter Book

The treehouse joke book

Griffiths, Andy, 1961- 2019 Non-fiction / Poetry, Plays & Jokes


Guest, Patrick 2020 Picture Book

One banana, two bananas

Guillain, Adam 2020 Picture Book

Te paraikete tauawhi

Gurney, Chris, 1956- 2020 Non-fiction / Language

For unicorn lovers only : history, mythology, facts and more

Gwynne, Penelope 2020 Non-fiction / Our Society

Climate change and how we'll fix it

Harman, Alice 2020 Non-fiction / Our Society

Full speed

Harvey, Jacqueline 2020 Chapter Book

Crab : a snappy book of colours!

Hegarty, Patricia 2019 Picture Book (Board Book)

Bee mine : a springtime book of love

Hegarty, Patricia 2020 Picture Book (Board Book)

Thank you, heroes

Hegarty, Patricia 2020 Picture Book


Hendriks, Karen 2020 Picture Book


Henn, Sophy 2020 Chapter Book

We will rock our classmates

Higgins, Ryan T. 2020 Picture Book

Monster food

Hirst, Daisy 2020 Picture Book (Board Book)

Monster clothes

Hirst, Daisy 2020 Picture Book (Board Book)

Max + Xam

Hofmann-Maniyar, Ariane 2020 Picture Book

Peppa's baking competition

Holowaty, Lauren 2020 Picture Book (Board Book)

Found you

Holzwarth, Devon 2020 Picture Book

Climate emergency atlas

Hooke, Dan 2020 Non-fiction / Our Society

All about time

Hope, Charles, 1981- 2020 Non-fiction / Science

This is my daddy!

Hout, Mies van 2020 Picture Book


Hulme-Cross, Benjamin 2020 Chapter Book

King Arthur

Hulme-Cross, Benjamin 2020 Chapter Book


Hulme-Cross, Benjamin 2020 Chapter Book


Hulme-Cross, Benjamin 2020 Chapter Book

To trap a thief

Hunt, Des, 1941- 2019 Chapter Book

Revenge of the living Ted

Hutchison, Barry 2019 Chapter Book

Invasion of the living ted

Hutchison, Barry 2019 Chapter Book

The explorer's code

Hymas, Allison K. 2020 Chapter Book

The twin dogs

Inoue, Chihiro 2020 Picture Book

The last garden

Ip, Rachel 2020 Picture Book

Space explorers

Jackson, Libby, 1981- 2020 Non-fiction / Health & Technology

Tilly and the map of stories

James, Anna 2020 Chapter Book

What we'll build : plans for our together future

Jeffers, Oliver 2020 Picture Book

Peril at Owl Park

Jocelyn, Marthe 2020 Chapter Book


Kadohata, Cynthia 2020 Chapter Book

It's up to U!

Kalbstein, Jeremy 2020 Picture Book

The ride

Karsten, Guilherme 2020 Picture Book

The little war cat

Khan, Hiba Noor 2020 Picture Book

The wild way home

Kirtley, Sophie 2020 Chapter Book

They threw us away

Kraus, Daniel, 1975- 2020 Chapter Book

The book of mythical beasts and magical creatures

Krensky, Stephen 2020 Non-fiction / Our Society

Horse boy

Landman, Tanya 2020 Chapter Book

Yule not open this book

Lee, Andy, 1981- 2020 Picture Book

Rosie leads the way

Lee, Renee Irving 2020 Picture Book

Kidnap on the California Comet

Leonard, M. G. 2020 Chapter Book

Emil and the great escape

Lindgren, Astrid, 1907-2002 2020 Chapter Book

Julian at the wedding

Love, Jessica 2020 Picture Book

What Zola did on Wednesday

Marchetta, Melina, 1965- 2020 Chapter Book

Dog training for kids : fun & easy ways to take care of your furry friend

Marin, Vanessa Estrada 2019 Non-fiction / Health & Technology

The body image book for girls : love yourself and grow up fearless

Markey, Charlotte N. 2021 Non-fiction / Our Society

Lift-the-flap construction and demolition

Martin, Jerome (Editor) 2020 Non-fiction / Health & Technology


Mason, Paul, 1967- 2020 Non-fiction / Science

Will you be my friend?

McBratney, Sam 2020 Picture Book

Minecraft epic bases : builds to spark your imagination

McBrien, Thomas 2020 Non-fiction / The Arts

Not now, Bernard

McKee, David 2020 Picture Book

The beast and the Bethany

Meggitt-Phillips, Jack 2020 Chapter Book

The grandest bookshop in the world

Mellor, Amelia 2020 Chapter Book

My mum's a pillow

Merrin, Fiona 2020 Picture Book

Peep inside bug homes

Milbourne, Anna 2020 Picture Book (Board Book)

A short, illustrated history of medicine

Miles, John C., 1944- 2020 Non-fiction / Health & Technology


Miller, Kayla 2020 Comic

The midnight guardians

Montgomery, Ross (Fiction writer) 2020 Chapter Book

Where's the unicorn in Wonderland?

Moran, Paul (Illustrator) 2020 Chapter Book

The stolen Prince of Cloudburst

Moriarty, Jaclyn 2020 Chapter Book

Isadora Moon collection 5

Muncaster, Harriet 2020 Audiobook on CD

Corpse talk : groundbreaking women

Murphy, Adam 2020 Comic

100 ways to rebuild the world

Murray, Helen (Senior editor) 2020 Non-fiction / Health & Technology

My headteacher is an evil genius

Noel, Jack 2020 Chapter Book

Mallory, Mallory : the revenge of the tooth fairy

Norcliffe, James, 1946- 2020 Chapter Book

After the war

Palmer, Tom, 1967- 2020 Chapter Book

Max Einstein saves the future

Patterson, James, 1947- 2020 Chapter Book

Attack of the Heebie Jeebies

Percival, Tom, 1977- 2020 Chapter Book

A deer called Dotty

Peters, Helen (Children's fiction writer) 2020 Chapter Book

I'm sticking with you

Prasadam-Halls, Smriti 2020 Picture Book

All about fairies

Quinn, Izzy 2020 Non-fiction / Our Society

Arlo, the lion who couldn't sleep

Rayner, Catherine 2020 Picture Book

The battle

Riazi, Karuna 2019 Chapter Book

The tower of Nero

Riordan, Rick 2020 Chapter Book

Penguin island

Ripley, Coral 2020 Chapter Book

Sea turtle school

Ripley, Coral 2020 Chapter Book

The great realisation

Roberts, Tomos 2020 Picture Book

You matter

Robinson, Christian. Picture Book

On the move : poems about migration

Rosen, Michael, 1946- 2020 Non-fiction / Poetry, Plays & Jokes

Quidditch through the ages

Rowling, J. K. 2020 Chapter Book

Charlie Tangaroa and the creature from the sea

Roxborogh, Tania Kelly, 1965- 2020 Chapter Book

The grand opening

Russell, James, 1972- 2020 Chapter Book

Aretha Franklin

Sánchez Vegara, Ma Isabel 2020 Non-fiction / Biography

Steve Jobs

Sánchez Vegara, Ma Isabel 2020 Non-fiction / Biography

Elton John

Sánchez Vegara, Ma Isabel 2020 Non-fiction / Biography


Sánchez Vegara, Ma Isabel 2020 Non-fiction / Biography

Ayrton Senna

Sánchez Vegara, Ma Isabel 2020 Non-fiction / Biography

Ernest Shackleton

Sánchez Vegara, Ma Isabel 2020 Non-fiction / Biography

Peanuts : the gang's all here! : a Peanuts collection

Schulz, Charles M. 1922-2000 2020 Comic

The werewolves who weren't

Shelley, T. C. 2020 Chapter Book

Ice cream queen

Simon, Coco 2020 Chapter Book

The space between lost and found

Stark-McGinnis, Sandy 2020 Chapter Book

Karate kids

Sterling, Holly 2020 Picture Book

Own goal!

Stewart, Paul, 1955- 2020 Chapter Book

Superstore surprise

Stilton, Geronimo 2020 Chapter Book

The magic of the mirror

Stilton, Thea 2020 Chapter Book

My shadow is pink

Stuart, Scott 2020 Picture Book

Moonlight the unicorn's high tea hiccup

Sutton, Sally 2019 Chapter Book

The pug who wanted to be a pumpkin

Swift, Bella 2020 Chapter Book

How to make a better world

Swift, Keilly 2020 Non-fiction / Our Society

Lily and Feather

Sykes, Julie 2020 Chapter Book

Bite me!

Szubanski, Magda 2020 Chapter Book

Rise of the To'a!

Tatafu, 'Alisi 2020 Non-fiction / The Arts


Teckentrup, Britta 2020 Picture Book

Owen and the soldier

Thompson, Lisa, 1969- 2019 Chapter Book

The unadoptables

Tooke, Hana 2020 Chapter Book

Make yourself at home

Torp, Signe 2020 Non-fiction / The Arts

Hollowpox : the hunt for Morrigan Crow

Townsend, Jessica, 1985- 2020 Chapter Book

Dragon mountain

Tsang, Katie, 1987- 2020 Chapter Book

Egg & spoon : an illustrated cookbook

Tylee, Alexandra 2020 Non-fiction / Health & Technology

Crabapple trouble

Vandorn, Kaeti 2020 Comic

A world full of poems

Vardell, Sylvia M 2020 Non-fiction / Poetry, Plays & Jokes

Hello Jimmy!

Walker, Anna 2020 Picture Book

Canterbury Quake

Wallace, Desna, 1959- 2020 Chapter Book

A journey through Greek myths

Ward, Marchella, 1991- 2020 Non-fiction / Religion

Peek-a-boo baby boo!

Waring, Zoe 2020 Picture Book (Board Book)

Ways to make sunshine

Watson, Renée 2020 Chapter Book

That's not my robin ... : its chest is too soft

Watt, Fiona 2020 Picture Book (Board Book)

Mia Mayhem steals the show!

West, Kara 2020 Chapter Book

Minecraft annual 2021

Whitehead, Dan 2020 Non-fiction / The Arts

Dance with Emma : a lift-the-flap book with lyrics!

Wiggles (Musical group) 2020 Picture Book (Board Book)

Hot potato : a lift-the-flap book with lyrics!

Wiggles (Musical group) 2020 Picture Book (Board Book)

Albert Einstein's Theory of relativity

Wilkinson, Carl 2020 Non-fiction / Science

What are little girls made of?

Willis, Jeanne 2020 Picture Book

The Orphans of St Halibut's

Wills, Sophie. 2020 Chapter Book

Miriam at the river

Yolen, Jane 2020 Picture Book

More hands-on science

2020 Non-fiction / Science

Recycle and remake

2020 Non-fiction / The Arts


2020 Non-fiction / The Arts

Master builder respawned.

2020 Non-fiction / The Arts

The big book of football

2020 Non-fiction / The Arts

Tiger, tiger, burning bright!

2020 Non-fiction / Poetry, Plays & Jokes

Avenger dogs.

2020 DVD

Fish school. 2.

2020 DVD


2020 DVD

Let's play at the park.

2020 Picture Book (Board Book)

The wheels on the truck

2020 Picture Book


(52 titles)

The daughters of Ys

Anderson, M. T 2020 Comic

Future girl

Asphyxia (Novelist) 2020 Fiction

The lives of Saints

Bardugo, Leigh 2020 Fiction

Queer : the ultimate LGBTQ guide for teens

Belge, Kathy 2019 Non-fiction

RWBY [1]

Bennett, Marguerite 2020 Comic

Scream. Vol. 1, Curse of Carnage

Chapman, Clay McLeod 2020 Comic

The silvered serpents

Chokshi, Roshani 2020 Fiction

Aquaman. Vol. 2, Amnesty

DeConnick, Kelly Sue 2020 Comic


Donnelly, Jennifer 2020 Fiction

Katipo Joe : Blitzkrieg

Falkner, Brian 2020 Fiction

Queen of volts

Foody, Amanda 2020 Fiction

Finding balance

Gardner, Kati 2020 Fiction

The art of drag

Hall, Jake 2020 Non-fiction

Dawn of X. Volume 07

Hickman, Jonathan 2020 Comic

My hero academia. Vol. 25, Tomura Shigaraki : origin

Horikoshi, Kōhei, 1986- 2020 Comic

Hideous beauty

Hussey, William (Horror fiction writer) 2020 Fiction


Jung, Jessica, 1989- 2020 Fiction


Kelly, Collin 2020 Comic

The end

Larsen, Erik 2020 Comic

All together now

Larson, Hope 2020 Comic


Oseman, Alice 2020 Fiction

Stranger things : the bully

Pak, Greg 2020 Comic

Among the beasts & briars

Poston, Ashley 2020 Fiction

Bianca de Lumière

Prendé, Lisette 2020 Fiction

Early departures

Reynolds, Justin A. 2020 Fiction

Modern fantasy [1]

Roberts, Rafer, 1976- 2019 Comic

The rule of all

Saunders, Ashley 2020 Fiction

The glass queen

Showalter, Gena 2020 Fiction

Smash it!

Simone, Francina 2020 Fiction

Far from perfect

Smale, Holly 2020 Fiction

Captain Marvel [3] : the last Avenger

Thompson, Kelly 2020 Comic

Iron heart

Varela, Nina 2020 Fiction

Lumberjanes [15] : birthday smarty

Watters, Shannon 2020 Comic

Ant-Man : World hive

Wells, Zeb 2020 Comic

Middlewest. Book three

Young, Skottie 2020 Comic

Marvel's Avengers : road to A-Day

Zubkavich, Jim 2020 Comic