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Wellington City Libraries has an extensive collection of short stories. In our libraries, short stories are interfiled with the general fiction collection; look out for 'short story' stickers on book spines.

Finding short stories

Finding a short story on a particular theme or subject can be done on the catalogue using a Keyword Search option and entering the theme/subject required with the word fiction. Finding a short story on a particular theme/subject can be difficult and staff are always available to assist.

New books

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Short Story websites

There are many short story web sites; unfortunately these do not always include theme/subject indexes, although many have full text short stories. Here are a few that may be of interest.

  • Classic Short Stories
    again contains full text classic short stories with a very international flavour. The most interesting aspect of this site is the related links pages. From here there are links to Mystery short stories, Jewish short stories, to name a few, also links to many author collections, such as Jack London and the complete works of William Shakespeare.
  • East of the Web Short Stories
    provides a different short story experience. This site is interactive, and writers can post their own short stories and discuss others work. There are also short guides to other short stories, such as Katherine Mansfield, Fables, Vampires etc.

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