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Syndetics book coverIn/visible sight : the mixed-descent families of Southern New Zealand, by Angela Wanhalla.
In/visible Sight is a fascinating exploration of a little-known part of our history: the lives of part-Māori, part-Pākehā New Zealanders in the nineteenth century, especially between Ngāi Tahu and Pākehā settlers. Intermarriage (and the joining together of families) played a key role in both fostering and controlling interaction with Pākehā. The book highlights the complexities of those relationships, and ambiguities of mixed-descent lives, offering fresh insights into this aspect of NZ's heritage.

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Includes deeds, maps, portraits, bibliography, Index of Maori signature names, general index.

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(whakapapa, tables).

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(material collected from Native chiefs ... 1859-1863).

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398.209931 TAU
Tau, Rawiri Te Maire. Ngā pikitūroa o Ngāi Tahu = The oral traditions of Ngāi Tahu. Dunedin : University of Otago Press, 2003.
Includes work from 13 principal manuscripts, photographs, waiata, whakapapa.
Chaps. 1-4: Knowledge & whakapapa
Chaps. 5-6 Migration of Ngāi Tahu in Te Ika a Maui
Chaps. 7-8 Migration of Ngāi Tahu in Te Waipounamu
Appendix 1: The origins of Waitaha
Appendix 2: The tradition of Tū Ahuriri

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Taylor, W. A. Lore and history of the South Island Maori. Christchurch : Bascands,

993.1 TRA
Travers, W.T.L. The stirring times of Te Rauparaha, chief of the Ngati Toa, with the sacking of Kaiapohia. 1906.

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Treaty of Waitangi and the Ngai Tahu claim. Christchurch : Ngai Tahu Trust Board, 1988.

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