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Te Matapihi Ki Te Ao Nui

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Te Moana-a-Toitehuatahi

(Bay of Plenty etc)
Mai I Nga Kuri-a-Wharei ki Tihi-rau

Waka: Mataatua, Nuku-tere, (Tainui ki Torere- Ngai Tai)
Also associated: Ara-utauta, Pakihi-kura, Tauira, Takitimu, Horouta>

Iwi/Hapu:Includes Ngati Ranginui, Ngai Te Rangi, Te Arawa ki Maketu, Ngati Awa, Te Whakatohea, Ngai Tuhoe,

Also, Te Tini-o-Toi, Te Tini-o-Awa, Maruiwi, Nga Potiki, Te Hapu-oneone.

Ngati Awa
Te Whanau a Apanui

book cover courtesy of Syndetics Kohika : the archaeology of a late Maori lake village in the Ngati Awa rohe, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand, edited by Geoffrey Irwin. (2004) 993.116 KOH.
The archaeological remains of a remarkably well-preserved indigenous Maori village are unearthed and analyzed in this collection of contributions from 20 scholars who worked at the excavation site. Abandoned because of flooding, the village of Te Kohika remained untouched for 270 years and preserved in a peat swamp until it was discovered in 1974. For the past 30 years, archaeologists have been researching the pataka storehouses, cooking shelters, homes, wood and fiber items, and storage pits at the site, making this one of the largest ongoing archaeological projects in New Zealand's history. Each essay offers an expert's opinion on the artifacts discovered and cultural observations disclosed by this landmark excavation. (Syndetics annotation)

993.1004 BLA
Blair, Mary. The land of Toi : Maori research. 1947. (Mataatua)

993.116 BUS
Bush, E. Tauranga : aspects of history, 1977. (Ngati Ranginui, Ngaiterangi, Pukenga, Ngati Tapu). (lists wharenui).

993.11 GIF
Gifford, W. H. A centennial history of Tauranga. 1940. (Ngaiterangi)

993.1 SIM
Simpson, Tony. Te riri Pakeha : the white man's anger. Wairua : Alister Taylor, 1979.

993.116 JOR
Jordan, E. T. Katikati in legend and history. 1989. (Ngaiterangi) (Includes census of Ngatirangi adult males, 1864, whakapapa).

993.11 MACC
McColl, Agnes Their greatness : tales of the pioneers of the Eastern Bay of Plenty. 1956. (Mataatua).

993.101 MACF
McFadgen, B. G. Ruahihi Pa. National Museum of New Zealand, 1984. (Ngati Ranginui).

Steedman, J.A.W. Known genealogies and history of the Maori families of Tauranga and surrounding districts = Nga ohaaki o nga whanau o Tauranga Moana. 1984. (Mataatua)

929.2 PUK
Steedman, J.A.W. Pukenga : the lament of Pukenga, "where are all my people?" 1995. (Ngati Awa, Ngaiterangi) Whakapapa tables.

993.11 MACC
McColl, Agnes Their greatness : tales of the pioneers of the Eastern Bay of Plenty. 1956. (Mataatua).

993.116 NEW
New Zealand. Waitangi Tribunal. Te raupatu o Tauranga Moana = Report on the Tauranga confiscation claims. 2004.

993.116 OMA
O'Malley, Vincent. The aftermath of the Tauranga Raupatu, 1864-1981 : an overview report commissioned by the Crown Forestry Rental Trust. 1995.
Overview of events subsequent to confiscation of Māori land in the Tauranga district following the New Zealand wars of the 1860’s. The actual confiscation & purchase of these lands is the subject of a separate report by Dr. Hazel Riseborough” (Foreword.) Includes bibliography, and two appendices.

993.116 PIA
Pīata mai : our people, our places, our stories [compiled by Ataraita Ngatai].
In March 2013, Opureora Marae was the venue for a significant event with feted and honoured thirty four pakeke aged eighty years and older. All have strong whakapapa links through birth to one or more of the islands of Matakana, Rangiwaea or Motuhoa. (preface)

993.101 STE
Steedman, J.A.W. Nga tupuna o Rahera-te-Kahu-Hiapo. 1977. (Mataatua) Whakapapa tables.

993.101 STE
Steedman, J.A.W. Fabrications of traditional Maori history exposed. 1999.

993.101 STE
Steedman, J.A.W. Mataatua. 2001.

993.101 STE
Steedman, J.A.W. A new concept in Maori history, 4 vols. 1996-.
Includes whakapapa.

993.122 STO
Stokes, Evelyn. A history of Tauranga county. Dunmore Press, 1980. (Ngaiterangi)

Stokes, Evelyn. Pai marire and raupatu at Tauranga, 1864-1867, in, New Zealand journal of history ; vol. 31, no. 1 (p. 58-84)

993.116 STO
Stokes, Evelyn. The confiscation of Tauranga lands = Te Raupatu o Tauranga Moana : a report prepared for the Waitangi tribunal. 1990.

993.116 STO
Stokes, Evelyn. Whanau a Tauwhao : a history of Ngaiterangi hapu. CMSR, University of Waikato, 1980. (Ngaiterangi)

993.11 TAP
Tapsell, Enid. Historic Maketu : hui hui mai. (Reprint) Reed, 2000. (Ngaiterangi).

993.116 TAU
Tauranga 1882-1982, edited by A. C. Bellamy. Tauranga City Council, 1982. (Ngaiterangi, Ranginui).

993.116 W
Willan, Rachael. Papamoa School site, report commissioned by the Waitangi Tribunal for Wai 636.

993.1 WIL
Wilson, John Alexander. The story of Te Waharoa and sketches of ancient Maori life history. Kiwi Publishers, 1999. (Ngaiterangi).


Syndetics book coverEncircled lands : Te Urewera, 1820-1921, by Judith Binney.
Covers the first hundred years of the 'Rohe Pōtae' (the 'encircled lands' of the Urewera) following European contact. The Urewera became an autonomous district, with its own leaders after much land as lost, but the Urewera District Native Reserve was abolished by law in 1920. Binney recovers this fascinating history which deserves wider illumination especially in light of recent events.

Syndetics book coverTūhoe : portrait of a nation, text by Kennedy Warne ; photographs by Peter James Quinn.
This profusely illustrated book is the result of a multi-year project. The two journalists from the forests of Lake Waikaremoana to the coastal valleys of the Bay of Plenty collecting stories, while Tūhoe shared their words, their culture and their lives. Photographs and text richly support each other to present a contemporary portrait of an iwi and its relationship with its treasured land.

book cover courtesy of SyndeticsNga Morehu = The survivors : the life histories of eight Māori women, by Judith Binney and Gillian Chaplin. (1996) Biography BC MOR.
"All the women are from the Eastern part of the North island - the Bay of Plenty, the East Coast, or Poverty Bay. they possess a strong sense of personal identity, which religious and community teachings have created in them. ...the women in this book range from 59 to 93. They have witnessed the disappearance of the traditional social structures, the falling into disuse of their mother tongue, the movement from the country to the city of the younger generations. "

993.122 BES
Best, Elsdon. Tuhoe, the children of the mist : a sketch of the origin, history, myths, and beliefs of the Tuhoe tribe of the Maori of New Zealand, with some account of other early tribes of the Bay of Plenty district. (various reprints).

919.3117 BES
Best, Elsdon. Waikaremoana : the sea of rippling waters. 1897.

299.9 BIN
Binney, Judith. Mihaia : the prophet Rua Kenana and his community at Maungapohatu.. 1979.

Binney, Judith. Te Mana tuatoru : the rohe potae of Tuhoe, in, New Zealand journal of history ; vol. 31, no. 1 (p. 112-131)

993.117 GAL
Gallen, R. G. A souvenir booklet of Waikaremoana, Wairau-moana, Waikare-iti. 1977.

993.116 SIS
Sissons, Jeffrey. Te Waimana : the spring of mana : Tuhoe history and the colonial encounter.. 1991. (Whakapapa tables).

299.9 WEB
Webster, Peter. Rua and the Maori millennium. 1979.

993.101 WIL
Wilson, Ormond. From Hongi Hika to Hone Heke.. 1985.

Ngati Awa

book cover courtesy of Huia Publishers Eruera Manuera, by Te Onehou Phillis. (2001) B MAN
Born in 1895, Eruera Manuera was at the forefront of Ngati Awa leadership for over half a century. This biography won a Special NZ Montana Book Award in 2002.

726.9 BAR
Barton, Gerry. Hotunui : the conservation plan. 1985.

726.9 MEA
Mead, H. M. Nga karoretanga o Mataatua Whare : the wanderings of the carved house Mataatua.

704.03994 MOA
Te Moana : Nga Puna Waihanga annual hui, Te Rua Tekau Tau 1973-1993.

731.462 PHI
Phillipps, W. J. The great carved house of Mataatua of Whakatane. 1950.

993.101 PIO
Pio, H. T. Nga taonga tuku iho a Ngati Awa o Te Awa-a-te-Atua, o Rangitaiki, o Whakatane : ko nga tuhituhinga a Hamiora Tumutara te Tihi-o-te-whenau Pio. 1981.


823 BAK
Baker, Heretaunga Pat. The strongest God. 1988.

Binney, Judith. Nga Morehu : the survivors. 1985.

993.1 LYA
Lyall, A. C. Whakatohea of Opotiki. AH & AW Reed, 1979.

Te Whanau a Apanui

Binney, Judith. Nga morehu : the survivors. 1986.

993.118 LAW
Lawson, L. Wharekahika : a history of Hicks Bay. 1986.

993.1 POR
Porter, Thomas William Rose. History of the early days of Poverty Bay. 1923. (Ropata Wahawaha).

919.311 REE
Reed, A. W. Farthest east. : foot in Maori byways. 1946.

Stirling, Amiria. Amiria : the life story of a Maori woman. 1976.

Stirling, E. Eruera : the teachings of a Maori elder. 1985.

Korero o te Wa I Raraunga I Rauemi I Te Whanganui a Tara I Whakapapa