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Syndetics book coverThe Parihaka album : lest we forget, by Rachel Buchanan.
A photo album doesn't tell you the whole story about a family, and this book doesn't tell the whole story of Parihaka. Rather it prompts you to look at Parihaka from a different angle...it is a story about my relatives - Te Ati Awa, Taranaki, Ngati Ruanui, British.... (book jacket). The 1881 invasion of Parihaka was one of the most important and disturbing events in New Zealand history which left a powerful and complicated legacy. The Parihaka Album: Lest We Forget tracks the author's journey of discovery of her family's links with Parihaka and uncovers some forgotten stories and blind spots in that history. (drawn from the publisher's description)

Syndetics book coverContested ground : the Taranaki Wars, 1860-1881 = Te whenua i tohea / edited by Kelvin Day.
2010 marked the 150th anniversary of the start of the Taranaki Wars, and this thoughtful and informative volume helps shed new light on the people and political landscape of 19th century Taranaki and the legacy of the wars on the history of Aotearoa New Zealand. Essays include : 'Origins of War in North Taranaki', by Danny Keenan, 'Ripples Reach Te Tau Ihu', by Maui John Mitchell and Hilary Mitchell, 'The Strategy of War: The Taranaki Wars and the Development of Maori and British Strategy', by Richard Taylor and 'New Kind of Resistance: Parihaka and the Struggle for Peace', by Hazel Riseborough

Syndetics book coverMāori life in old Taranaki / John Houston ; foreword by Danny Keenan.
30 chapters of material which ranges over topics such as migratory canoe stories, the origins of place names, proverbs and sayings, karakia and waiata, Hauhauism and traditional lore as well as indepth coverage of the armed conflict that rent Taranaki asunder during the nineteenth century. (drawn from the book jacket). The late John Houston, the author of this valuable book on the Maori history of the Taranaki district, was for 30 years a student and recorder of Maori history and lore. ‘Maori Life in Old Taranaki’ brings together the articles which he wrote over many years; it was edited posthumously by Mr C. R. H. Taylor, formerly Chief Librarian of the Alexander Turnbull Library....The book gives the reader glimpses of pre-European days, and touches upon various aspects of the period of early settlement, the conflicts, and subsequent events that today are of historical importance. (drawn from 1966 Te Ao Hou review of earlier edition)

Syndetics book coverTaranaki : an illustrated history, by Ron Lambert and Gail Henry.
Recounts the story of people in the Province over a period of nearly 1000 years from the arrival of the first Maori colonists, to the settlement by the Plymouth Company in the 1840s, the subsequent clash of these two cultures and the rapid social and economic changes which followed in the following 150 years. Published first in 1981, the book has been brought up to date with the inclusion of more recent developments following the changes initiated by the third Labour Government in the 1980s. The book has an extensive Index and the Selected Bibliography provides opportunity for further reading.

Syndetics book coverAsk that mountain : the story of Parihaka, by Dick Scott.
The book draws on official papers, settler manuscripts and oral histories to give the first complete account of what took place at Parihaka. Parihaka has become a byword for Maori refusal to yield land, culture and dignity to New Zealand's colonial government. Well after the end of the New Zealand Wars, the people of this small settlement at the foot of Mt Taranaki held out against the encroachments of Pakeha settlers in a struggle that swapped the weapons of war for the weapons of peace.Now in its ninth edition, this seminal work was in 1995 named by the Sunday Star-Times as one of the ten most important books published in New Zealand. (drawn from publisher's decription)

book cover courtesy of Huia Books Ngāti Ruanui : a history , by Tony Sole. (2005). 993.12 SOL
Tony Sole (Ngati Ruanui, Nga Ruahine) begins with a story of nineteenth-century resistance, then travels back in time to a South Taranaki account of the origin of the universe. The Asia/Pacific origins of Ngati Ruanui are explored as the story told by contemporary DNA sequencing technology is placed alongside Maori traditions of the ancestral journey from the Pacific which ended in Taranaki.
Numerous whakapapa charts, waiata, and whakatauki (genealogical tables, songs and proverbs) appear along with maps and photographs . (drawn from Huia Books)

993.12 AIT
Aitken, L. Purangi 1891-1991. (Ngati Maru, descendants of Tokomaru waka).

993.12 BRO
Bromley, A.P.C. Hawera district centenary : an outline of the development of a New Zealand community. 1981. (Taranaki)

993.101 BRO
Broughton, Ruka. The origins of Nga Rauru Kiitahi. 1983 (Aotea / Nga Rauru).

919.312 BRO
Brookes, E. S. Frontier life : Taranaki. 1892 (Rare Books) (Taranaki).

Burdon Randal M. New Zealand notables 1st series. 1941. (Te Whiti).

Caughley, Angela. The interpreter : the biography of Richard 'Dicky' Barrett. David Bateman, 1998.

993.12 CHU
Church, I. Heartland of Aotea. 1992. (Ruanui, Rauru, Taranaki).

Condliffe, J. B. Te Rangi Hiroa : the life of Sir Peter Buck. 1972,
(whakapapa tables. Links to Ngati Mutunga, Tama, Maru).

Day, K. Maori wood carving of the Taranaki region. 2001.

993.12 EAR
Earlier days on the coast : local folk stories. 1990.

993.12 GRI
Griffin, E. M. Tales of Te Namu and Hori Teira. 1972. (Taranaki).

993.12 GUM
Gumbley, Warren. Archaeological mapping of Awa-te-Take Pa and Ngangana Pa, Taranaki. 2000.

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Harris, Aroha. Crown acquisition of confiscated and Maori land in Taranaki, 1872-1881. Waitangi Tribunal Division, Dept. of Justice, 1993.

993.12 HIL
Hill, E. M. There was a Taranaki Land League. 1969.

993.101 HOU
Houston, John. Turi of the Aotea canoe. 1933. (Aotea, Ngati Rauru)

993.12 LEG
The Legacy of Turi : an historical geography of Patea County. 1976. (Aotea / Nga Rauru).

993.12 MacD
McDonnell, Thomas, 1832-1899. An explanation of the principal causes which led to the present war on the west coast of New Zealand : in defence of the action taken by Lieut.-Col. Thos. McDonnell, whilst commanding the Patea Field Force, with a suggestion to future operations. Originally published 1869, fasc. ed.

993.12 MAR
Martin, William. The Taranaki question. 1967.

779.2 PAR
Partington,W.H.T. Te Awa : Partington's photographs of Whanganui Maori. 2003.
"Photographs taken ... between 1891 and 1908 ... containing images from Taumarunui to Putiki ... features people from all parts of the Whanganui River"--Back cover.

731.462 PHI
Phillipps, W. J. Carved Maori houses of western and northern areas of New Zealand. Wellington : Govt. Printer, 1955.

993.12 RIS
Riseborough, Hazel. Days of darkness : Taranaki 1878-1884. 1989. (Taranaki).

993.1 RUS
Rusden, G. W. Aureretanga : groans of the Maori. 1975. (Taranaki).

993.12 SEF
Seffern, William H. J.. Chronicles of the garden of New Zealand, known as Taranaki. fasc. ed.

993.144 SIM
Simon, Morvin. Taku whare e : my home, my heart. Wanganui : Wanganui Regional Polytechnic, 1991. (Southern Taranaki, Nga Rauru).

993.1 SIM
Simpson, Tony. Te riri Pakeha : the white man's anger. Wairua : Alister Taylor, 1979. (a small part of book relates to Taranaki).

993.1025 SIN
Sinclair, Keith. Origins of the Maori wars. 1961. (Taranaki)

993.12 SMI
Smith, S Percy. History and tradition of the Maori of the West Coast, North Island of New Zealand prior to 1840. Reprint. Kiwi Publishers, 1999.

759.99312 TEM
Te Maunga Taranaki : views of a mountain. [curators, Gregory Burke ... [et al.] ; editor, Susette Goldsmith]. 2001.

306.461 TIT
Tito, Jo. Matarakau : ngā kōrero mō ngā rongoā o Taranaki = Healing stories of Taranaki, 2007.

993.12 WAS
Waswo, Irene, 1920- Okato, Tataraimaka, Puniho districts : their stories told. 1999.

993.12 WEL
Wells, B. A history of Taranaki : a standard work on the history of the province. New Plymouth : Edmonds & Avery, 1976. (Taranaki).

993.101 WHI
White, John. The ancient history of the Maori : his mythology and traditions. Vol 8. Awatea, Taranaki, Nga-ti-hau, Nga-ti-rua-nui


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Belich, James. The New Zealand wars and the Victorian interpretation of racial conflict. Auckland : Penguin Books, 1986.

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Phillipps, William J. Carved Maori houses of western and northern areas of New Zealand. Wellington : Govt Printer, 1955.

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Simon, Morvin. Taku whare e : my home, my heart. Wanganui : Wanganui Regional Polytechnic, 1991.

993.1 SIM
Simpson, Tony. Te riri Pakeha : the white man's anger. Wairua : Alister Taylor, 1979.

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