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Ngā haurongo Iwi Ahuwhānui, Hītori hoki General Iwi or Historical biography

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993.1004 AO
Te Ao hurihuri, edited by Michael King. 1992.
(Especially - Mahuika, Api. Leadership : inherited and achieved. Pp 86-114.)

993.1 BEL
Belich, James. The New Zealand wars and the Victorian interpretation of racial conflict. Auckland : Penguin Books, 1986.

709.931 BEL
Bell, L. Colonial constructs : European images of Maori 1840-1914. Auckland : Auckland University Press, 1992.
"The focus is not on Maori culture and history and Maori-European interactions, but on European images of these. Nor is the book a study of social and political history, for which the visual representations primarily provide illustrations. The first concern is representation - the process of representations made by Europeans for Europeans"--P. 2

920.0028 BIO
Biography in New Zealand. 1985.
(includes: O'Regan, Stephen. Maori, biographies and dictionaries).

Book of New Zealand Women : Ko kui ma te kaupapa edited by Charlotte Macdonald, Merimeri Penfold and Bridget Williams.Bridget Williams Books, 1991.

Dictionary of New Zealand biography. Vols 1-5. Wellington : Dept of Internal Affairs, 1990-2000. Also available online, and extracted from the same content :
Vol. 1. People of many peaks; the Maori biographies 1769-1869.
Vol. 2. The Turbulent years; the Maori biographies,1870-1900.
Nga Tangata taumata rau, 1769-1869.
Nga Tangata taumata rau, 1870-1900.
Nga Tangata taumata rau, 1901-1920.
Nga tangata taumata rau, 1921-1940.
Nga tangata taumata rau, 1941-1960
Te Kingitanga : the people of the Maori King movement : essays from, The dictionary of New Zealand biography / foreword by Sir Robert Te Kotahi Mahuta, introduction by Angela Ballara.
Mapihi kahurangi = Prized treasures : illustrated biographies from Nga Tangata taumata rau, 1769-1869.
New Zealand biographical clippings, 1890-1988 – [Microfiche]
Microfiche edition of more than 230 volumes of clippings compiled between the early 1920s and 1990 and held in the Alexander Turnbull Library.

499.4025 ELL
Ellis, E. M. The gift of tongues : interpreters named in the New Zealand gazette, 1853-1953 : an index. Christchurch : E.M. Ellis, 1994.

993.10016 FIL
Fildes, H.E.M. Selective indexes to certain books relating to early New Zealand. 1984.

910.3 FLE
Fletcher, J. Index to Maori names. Wellington : Alexander Turnbull Library, 19--
709.931 HAM
Hamilton, Augustus. Maori art. Facsim ed. Christchurch : Kiwi Pub, 1998.

899 HAR
Harlow, R. B. A name and word index to Nga Moteatea. 1986.

708 LIN
Lindauer, G. Maori paintings : pictures from the Partridge Collection.

731.462 MEA
Mead, S. M. Toi whakairo : the art of Maori carvings. 1986.

704.03994 NEI
Neich, Roger. Painted histories : early Maori figurative painting. 1993.

Nga waka o nehera = The first voyaging canoes, by Jeff Evans. (1997)
Brings together the written tradition for each of the waka that voyaged to Aotearoa.

387.21 NEL
Nelson, Anne. Nga waka Maori. 1997.

899.4 NGA
Ngata, Apirana. Nga Moteatea, translated by Pei Te Hurunui Jones.

398.2931 POM
Pomare, M. and J. Cowan. Legends of the Maori. 2 vols. H. H. Tombs, 1930-34..

Royal, Te Ahukaramu. Te Haurapa : an introduction to researching tribal histories and traditions. 1992.

Scholefield, G.W. A dictionary of New Zealand biography. 2 vols. Dept of Internal Affairs, 1940

993.1 SHE
Sherrin, R.A.A. Early history of New Zealand : from earliest times to 1840. H. Brett, 1896.

929.3 SIM
Simpson, Miria. Index, Haere ki ō koutou tīpuna, He poroporoaki : obituaries 1952 to 1983 Hamilton, N.Z.! : University of Waikato, Centre for Māori Studies and Research, 1984.

993.1 SIM
Simpson, Miria. Ngā tohu o te Tiriti : making a mark Miria Simpson ; editing and project coordination by Carol O'Biso. Wellington N.Z. : National Library of New Zealand, 1990.

299.9 SMI
Smith, S. P. The lore of the whare wananga : or, Teachings of the Maori college on religion.2 vols. 1913-15.
(whakapapa tables.)

993.18 SOU
Southern people : dictionary of Otago Southland biography. 1998.

993.101 STE
Steedman, J.A.W. A new concept in Maori history. 4 vols. 1996.

016.9931 TAY
Taylor, C.R.H. A bibliography of publications on the New Zealand Maori and the Moriori of the Chatham Islands. 1972.

305.8994016 WAK
He Waka eke noa : Maori information resources. 1991.

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