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Finding information on Law

Wellington City Libraries has a large law collection held in different locations in the Central library.
New Zealand legal resources can be found to the south end of the 2nd floor of the Central library, or at the 2nd floor enquiries desk. This information is reference only, to be used within the Central library.

Statutes and Acts cannot be found on the library catalogue.

Legislative publications - Acts, Bills & Regulations

1. Bills (Proposed legislation introduced into Parliament.)
There are 3 kinds :
Public - applies to the whole community
Local - applies to a particular locality
Private - applies only to a particular individual or group.
The progress of each Bill is found in the Bulletin.

2. Acts or Statutes (Final versions of the Bills which have become Laws of the country.)
These can be located in the Blue and Yellow bound volumes by year and number. The most recent are in loose leaf format and arranged Alphabetically in boxes.
Acts can expire, be amended by subsequent Acts or repealed.
Substantially amended Acts can be reprinted with Amendments. These are located in Brown bound volumes series with RS and a volume number. The contents of each volume are arranged in alphabetical order. (Shelved next to the Blue bound volumes for Statutes 1854 - current).
These are shelved to the south of the stairwell, south end of the 2nd floor.
There is an alphabetical list of the Acts at the end of the shelf.

3. Statutory Regulations and Bylaws
Finer details of Acts are not always decided by Parliament. Legislation can be delegated to Non-Parliamentary Bodies and Individuals.
It is a requirement by Law that regulations be published in the New Zealand Gazette, once effective with Titles, Date and Act under which they were made.
Recent regulations are in the Red volumes shelved against the south wall on the 2nd floor, past years (1925 - 2012) are shelved in the stack area, please ask a staff member for assistance.

Searching the catalogue

If you know the title of an item, use a Title search on the library catalogue.

But the best way to search for law material is by using a Subject browse or a Keyword search. Typing in 'criminal law' or 'commercial law' will give you a list of subject headings; click on an entry in the list to bring up the list of titles. Click on the title of an item to get to the full record screen. This screen has information about the item, it's location, classification number, and status of the item.

New Zealand law books (Reference)

Those with the Call Number Ref 340 - 349 New Zealand Collection are found on the Victoria street side 2nd floor of the Central Library. There are separate large book and a small book sequences in this collection.

Lending collection and international law books are located at classification 340 - 349 at the North end, first floor of the Central library.

Brooker's, Butterworths, CCH law updates

The following legal updates are Kept at Desk at the 2nd Floor Enquiries Desk of the Central Library.

Commercial Law346.07
Criminal Law 345
Environmental Law 344.046
Family Law346.015
Legal Practice Manual340 LEG
Resource Management Act 346.044 RES

You are required to leave ID at the desk while you use these books.

New Zealand Law Journals

They are located at the Central Library with the New Zealand Reference Magazines on the harbour side, south end of the 2nd Floor. Magazines are arranged alphabetically by magazine title. Titles held include:

Employment Law Bulletin (Butterworths)
New Zealand Family Law Journal
New Zealand Law Journal
New Zealand Law Review

New Zealand Law Reports

These are located in the Law collection by the Government Publications to the south of the stairs on the 2nd floor.

Case Law, 1883 - 2001
Employment Reports of New Zealand, 1991 - Current
Family reports of New Zealand, 1983 - Current
Laws if New Zealand (Butterworths) - Case law
New Zealand Case Law Digest
New Zealand Gazette Law Reports, 1898 - 1952
New Zealand Law Reports, 1861 - Current

Branch resources

Your Local branch library will have popular law books at the call numbers 340 - 349. And each branch will have a small reference collection on Law.

Please ask a staff member at the Enquiries desk for assistance.

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