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Te Matapihi Ki Te Ao Nui

How to find Foreign Language information

Wellington City Libraries have items in over 46 different languages, including fiction and non-fiction, dictionaries, magazines and audio-visual material.

The quickest search option is to use Subjects search and enter the language required. e.g. Vietnamese language. The result will list all subject headings, from conversation and phrase books, to textbooks for foreign speakers.

    French    German
    Italian    Spanish

Only Central holds magazines, and only some branches have audio-visual material.

Books in other languages

The collection is on the south end of the 1st Floor and divided into each language, then the languages are in alphabetical order. Each collection includes fiction and non-fiction. All foreign language books have green tape on the spine.

    Chinese    Gujarati
    Japanese    Korean
    Tamil    Vietnamese

The branches hold limited numbers of foreign language books. The Children's collections do have basic readers in the main languages.
Wo ai tung wu, by Ch'i-chun. 495.1 CHI
Faces / Kati Teague. (J) 495.922 TEA Vietnamese


The magazine collection is at the south end of the 1st floor. Only the Central Library holds major language titles. Magazines are issued for one week. A list of some of our foreign language is available here (Word).
Our foreign language magazines include:
Haboon (Somali), Der Spiegel (German), Grushobha (Hindi), Paris Match (French), Elsevier (Dutch) and Rabonitsa (Russian).

Audio-Visual material

Central Library has a large collection of CDs, DVDs and cassettes for students of foreign Languages. The collection is held at the North end of the Ground Floor in the Sound and Vision Centre. Items are issued for 4 weeks. All AV items which teach English or Māori are free to borrow.

As well as material that teaches foreign languages, we have a separate section for foreign language DVDs.

Use the Advanced Search and select Keyword entering type of language required (e.g. French language). Click on Media and select type required (e.g. Cassette).
Examples include:
Basic French. (Cass) 448.34 BAS
Italian : a complete course in understanding. (Cass) 458.34 VEL

Much smaller collections are held in the branches.
Spanish cassette pack. (Cass) 468.34 SPA
Russian : a complete course for beginners. (Cass) 491.7834 WES

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