What is MyLibrary?

MyLibrary is a free service which allows you to set up your own portal page to bring together lists of new books, CDs and DVDs at the library, plus links to databases and other useful websites in the subject areas you are interested in.

These new book lists are updated at least once a month, and give you a quick overview of new additions to the library, broken down by subject area. Interested in new history books only? Or new science fiction? You can quickly access these lists with MyLibrary, as well as many other topics besides.


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What does MyLibrary offer me?

With a MyLibrary account you can:

  • Choose subject areas you are interested in, such as Business, or Home & Garden. Choosing interest areas pre-populates your account with lists that relate to these areas
  • Add your own favourite website links (for a personalised web portal)
  • Update your MyLibrary selections at any time. If you choose Business initially, for example, you can always add in Classical music later

Not interested in signing up, but still want the content?

That's fine too! Go head and enter MyLibrary here, and you will see the master list of web links and new book lists.

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Lost your password?

If you have lost your password, you can Fix this here.

Please note: if you chose not to enter an email address when you signed up, you will need to contact us to recover your password after you've reset it.


Please Note:

  • A MyLibrary username and password are separate from your library membership - this is an extra service that we provide that is in no way linked to your library card.
  • If you don't have a library card, you can still access most of the MyLibrary links.
  • If you would like information about joining the library so that you can borrow items, visit our Joining page.

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