About Recent Picks

These are the lists of recent arrivals to Wellington City Libraries.

The lists are selected by librarians. Apart from the Buyer's Choice (which is compiled as items are ordered), all items have been recently received into the Library and will be available for loan or reserve.

MyLibrary works best if you nominate your preferred subject profile e.g. Popular non-fiction. From there, by selecting the 'customise' link you can delete or add more links that you would like to have listed on your personalised page.

Each list will highlight a featured item or two. The underlined title links will take you directly into Whekenui, Wellington City Libraries catalogue system so you can check up to the minute availability.

Graphic links will take you directly to www.amazon.com or www.amazon.co.uk so you can check for further reviews or purchase information. Note: This is not a specific recommendation of Amazon. Should you choose to buy anything from them, please note that no information about your purchases or Amazon account, is shared between Wellington City Libraries and either Amazon company.

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