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Conversations about indigenous rights : the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples in Aotearoa New Zealand
"Conversations About Indigenous Rights provides an assessment of how New Zealand is meeting its obligations under the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous peoples, ten years on from its signing. It shows the strong alignment between the Treaty of Waitangi and the Declaration, and examines how the Declaration assists the interpretation and application of Treaty principles of partnership, protection and participation. Incldues chapters by Moana Jackson, Dame Naida Glavish, Sir Pita Sharples, Rawiri Taonui, Selwyn Katene, Sheryl Lightfoot, Steve Larkin, Anaru Erueti, Jessica Ngatai, Fleur Te Aho, Tracey Whare, Pushpa Wood and Jason Mika." (Adapted from publisher information)


Syndetics book coverIndigenous identity and resistance : researching the diversity of knowledge, edited by Brendan Hokowhitu ...
"Social scientists in New Zealand, Canada, and Samoa, most of them indigenous themselves, share their research findings regarding indigenous identity and resistance across the borders of the colonial nations where they work and live. Their topics include mixed ancestry or Metis, towards a model for indigenous research, indigenous political representation and comparative research, the fiction of post-colonial Pacific writers, and a genealogy of indigenous resistance. The 13 essays are from two colloquia, one in Otago, New Zealand in 2006 and the other in Edmonton, Canada in 2007." (Drawn from Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverResistance : an indigenous response to neoliberalism / edited by Maria Bargh.
Contents : Maori development and neoliberalism / Maria Bargh -- Economic determinants of Māori health and disparities / Bridget Robson -- Cultures of collecting / Cherryl Smith -- A long wait for justice / Maui Solomon -- 'If I close my mouth I will die': writing, resisting, centring / Alice Te Punga Somerville -- Blunting the system: the personal is the political / Interview with Annette Sykes -- We are everywhere / Interview with Teanau Tuiono -- A small issue of sovereignty / Maria Bargh -- Maoori and the United Nations / Claire Charters -- Globalisation and the colonising state of mind / Moana Jackson

Syndetics book coverBeyond biculturalism : the politics of an indigenous minority, by/ Dominic O'Sullivan.
O'Sullivan argues that biculturalism inevitably makes Maori the junior partner in a colonial relationship that obstructs Maori aspirations to self-determination. The politics of indigeneity and self-determination are discussed as alternative political ideas for thinking about Maori relationships with the state. Against this background, and by drawing on Australian and Canadial comparisons, the book examines contemporary Maori political issues such as the Foreshore and Seabed Act 2004, Maori parliamentary representation, the 'one law for all' ideology, settlements of Maori grievances against the Crown, and Maori economic development. (Huia website)



Syndetics book coverBitter sweet : indigenous women in the Pacific / edited by Alison Jones, Phyllis Herda & Tamasailau M. Suaalii.
"A collection of writing by 10 indigenous Pacific women. Essay topics include images of Maori women on NZ postcards, the interests and cultural identity of Maori women, education in Western Samoa, young Samoan women and sexuality, gender and work in Fiji, deconstructing the 'exotic' female beauty, representation in films, and poetry." (Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverPolitics of indigeneity in the South Pacific : recent problems of identity in Oceania / Erich Kolig, Hermann Mackler, (eds.).
Contents include : Cultural Revival, the Construction of indigeneity, and the World-System / Erich Kolig -- Culture and Crisis in Maori Society: The Tradition of Other and the Displacement of Self / Toon van Meijl -- The Maori Iwi - Contested Meanings in Contemporary Aotearoa / New Zealand / Hal B. Levine -- Maori Assertions of Indigeneity, Post-Colonial Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Holocaust Denial / Michael Goldsmith -- Guardians of Nature or Ecologists of the Stomach? The Indigenous Cultural Revival in New Zealand, Resource Use and Nature Conservation / Erich Kolig.

Syndetics book coverThe politics of indigeneity : challenging the state in Canada and Aotearoa New Zealand, by Roger Maaka and Augie Fleras.
"In recent years many groups perceived as indigenous have challenged the behaviors of their respective states, especially in terms of the constitutional structures created by settler societies. In response, some of those states are attempting to come to some means of restitution and/or correction. Maaka (native studies, U. of Saskatchewan) and Fleras (sociology, U. of Waterloo) examine the results of two such efforts, the Waitangi Tribunal settlements of New Zealand and the Canadian project to establish self-government for aboriginal peoples. They cover the events and trends that led to such efforts, including the rising perception by aboriginal people that they had lost sovereignty that they should regain, the development of partnerships that led to changes in policy, and the steps toward constructive engagement. (Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverPossessions : indigenous art/colonial culture, by Nicholas Thomas.
"As the relationships between colonial powers and indigenous peoples are re-evaluated, the profound influence of the art of Africa, Oceania, and the Native Americas on the development of modern Western art has become a controversial topic. This book provides an in-depth analysis of "primitivism" in Australian and New Zealand art from the early 19th century to the present. In addition, Thomas examines the use of art as a response to the colonial situation in modern works by the Aborigines and Maori. While many of the issues raised by Thomas are insightful and provocative, only a handful of scholars in America will recognize the artists profiled. (Drawn from Library Journal, courtesy of Syndetics)

Syndetics book coverSexuality and the stories of indigenous people / edited by Jessica Hutchings and Clive Aspin.
First person accounts of Takatapui men and women which include poetry, prose, and deeply personal narratives.

Decolonizing methodologies : research and indigenous peoples / Linda Tuhiwai Smith.
"An analysis of traditional European social science research as part of the colonising of indigenous peoples, and of these people's responses to this colonisation. The author also investigates approaches to research which respect the wider concern of people reclaiming control over indigenous ways of knowing and being. In 10 chapters, 2 of them focused on Maori concerns. The author works at the University of Auckland." (Syndetics summary)



Rapua te ara tika : indigenous education journeys in North America : a report to the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust / Whare Te Moana & Rachael Selby.



Syndetics book coverMaori property rights and the foreshore and seabed : the last frontier / edited by Claire Charters and Andrew Erueti.
Contents include : Foreshore and seabed in New Zealand law : a legal-historical introduction / Richard Boast -- Wi Parata is dead, long live Wi Parata / David V. Williams -- Pt. 3. Specific issues. -- The foreshore and seabed legislation: resource- and marine-management issues / Catherine Iorns Magallanes -- Fiduciary duties to Maori and the Foreshore and Seabed Act 2004: how does it compare and what have Maori lost? / Claire Charters -- The recognition of indigenous peoples' rights to traditional lands: the evaluation of states by international treaty bodies / Andrew Erueti.

Syndetics book coverTaone tupu ora : indigenous knowledge and sustainable urban design / edited by Keriata Stuart & Michelle Thompson-Fawcett.

Indigenous land rights in an international context : a survey of the literature relating to Australia, New Zealand and North America / Vincent O'Malley.



Syndetics book coverColonial photography and exhibitions : representations of the 'native' and the making of European identities / Anne Maxwell.
Contents: chapter 5. In the shades of imperialism : representations of colonized peoples in Australia and New Zealand chapter 6. Beyond the native belle : dissident photographers and indigenous publics in Samoa and New Zealand chapter 7. Colonial photography and indigenous resistance in Hawaii : the case of the last royal family.

Syndetics book coverRecalling Aotearoa : indigenous politics and ethnic relations in New Zealand, by Augie Fleras and Paul Spoonley.
"Cultural and national identity have changed dramatically in New Zealand during the latter part of the twentieth century, with the emergence of policies on biculturalism, the development of new immigrant communities, and the increased focus on the Treaty of Waitangi and the settlement of treaty claims. Recalling Aotearoa examines why these changes have occurred, and considers the new directions for New Zealand as a nation." (Syndetics summary)

The impact of IT on indigenous peoples.

The political economy of indigenous peoples and development / by Terrence Loomis.


Sovereignty, law and self-determination

Syndetics book coverNga tini wheta : navigating Māori futures, by Mason Durie.
Contents include : 2. Indigenous resilience : from disease and disadvantage to the realisation of potential (2006) -- 3. Indigenous transformations in contemporary Aotearoa (2007) -- 4. Global transitions : implications for a regional social work agenda (2009) -- 5. Towards social cohesions : the indigenisation of higher education in New Zealand (2009) -- 6. Indigenous partnerships : the academy as a site for enduring relationships and the transmission of old and new knowledge (2009)

Syndetics book coverWaitangi and indigenous rights : revolution, law and legitimation, by F. M. (Jock) Brookfield ; foreword by the Hon. Justice David Baragwanath.
"Waitangi and Indigenous Rights is a major contribution to the urgent and essential debate surrounding the Treaty of Waitangi. Professor Brookfield takes a measured, thorough and principled approach to these important questions. His central theme is how a revolutionary taking of power by one people over another may be partly legitimated. Wrongs done to those who suffered the takeover must then be redressed with due allowance for new rights and interests that have developed from it.The first part of the book deals with role of law in actual or threatened revolution, but especially in the revolutionary expansions of Western imperialism. In the second part the focus narrows to the British Crown's seizure of power over Aotearoa New Zealand from 1840, the counter-revolutionary challenges of Maori over the years, the establishment of the separate New Zealand Crown, and the present problems of doing justice to Maori constitutional claims..." (Drawn from Syndetics summary)

Indigenous sovereignty in two cultures : Maori and American Indians compared / Harry A. Kersey, Jr.

Syndetics book coverThe Maori and the Crown : an indigenous people's struggle for self-determination / Dora Alves ; foreword by Paul Cleveland.
"An account of the various efforts by the British and New Zealand governments to redress the grievances of New Zealand's Maori people." (Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverState authority, indigenous autonomy : Crown-Maori relations in New Zealand/Aotearoa 1900-1950, by Richard S. Hill.
"Examining the relations between the Maori and the Fuling New Zealand government, this text provides an overview of the Maori quest for autonomy in the first half of the 20th century and the government's responses to those requests." (Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverMaori and the State : Crown-Maori relations in New Zealand/Aotearoa, 1950-2000, by Richard S. Hill.
"This book is the companion volume to the author's State Authority, Indigenous Autonomy, which covered Crown-Maori relations in first half of twentieth-century New Zealand. ... The book analyses the ways in which Maori leaders and communities have utilised numerous opportunities to pursue rangatiratanga, including efforts to reappropriate the state institutions established to control them. In illuminating the interactions between Maori and state over a crucial half century, one in which the official pursuit of assimilation was superseded (under pressure from the Maori Renaissance) by bicultural policies, Maori and the State provides an essential background to Crown-Maori relation in New Zealand in the twenty-first century. Book jacket." (Drawn from Syndetics summary)

Collective human rights of Pacific peoples / conference organising committee, Ngapare Hopa ... [et al.] ; editor, Nin Tomas.

Syndetics book coverIndigenous peoples' rights in Australia, Canada & New Zealand / edited by Paul Havemann.
"Indigenous Peoples' Rights in Australia, Canada and New Zealand aims to provide a contemporary and contextual survey and analysis of the legal and political interaction between the British settler' states of Australia, Canada and New Zealand, and the indigenous First Nation peoples they dispossessed." (Syndetics summary)

Recognising the rights of indigenous peoples / edited by Alison Quentin-Baxter.

Legal pluralism and the colonial legacy : indigenous experiences of justice in Canada, Australia and New Zealand / edited by Kayleen M. Hazlehurst.

Restitution of property to indigenous people : the New Zealand experience, by Stephen C. Bourassa, Ann Louise Strong.

The state of Maori rights, by Margaret Mutu.
"The State of Maori Rights brings together a set of articles written between 1994 and 2009. It places on record the Maori view of events and issues that took place over these years, issues that have been more typically reported to the general public from a 'mainstream' media perspective. It is an important documentation of these fifteen years of New Zealand history, recording the assertion of Maori rights as the indigenous people of Aotearoa New Zealand, focusing on Maori issues and experiences and written from a Maori perspective. ...(drawn from the publisher's description).


Narratives and literature

Syndetics book coverTelling stories : indigenous history and memory in Australia and New Zealand / edited by Bain Attwood and Fiona Magowan.

Syndetics book coverSonglines to satellites : indigenous communication in Australia, the South Pacific and Canada, by Helen Molnar and Michael Meadows.

Syndetics book coverWithout reservation : indigenous erotica / collected and edited by Kateri Akiwenzie-Damm.

Syndetics book coverSkins : contemporary indigenous writing / compiled by Kateri Akiwenzie-Damm and Josie Douglas.
"Skins is full of passion, warmth and humor. It reveals the rich diversity of styles and themes explored by contemporary Indigenous writers in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States. This unique collection of short stories brings together prominent and critically acclaimed writers from each of these countries. The voices in Skins are fresh and gritty, drawing on a wealth of different cultural experiences and realities." (Syndetics summary)

First Nations of the World ; General Indigenous Issues

Syndetics book coverIndigenous aspirations and rights : the case for responsible business and management / edited by Amy Klemm Verbos, Ella Henry and Ana Maria Peredo.
"This book illustrates three main aspects of business practices in relation to Indigenous peoples: learning from failure, unresolved issues and on-going challenges, and developing models for success. Edited by three leading voices in Indigenous rights research and practice, Indigenous Aspirations and Rights features contributions from around the globe. The work draws together policy implications for management and implications for Indigenous peoples, and examines how the PRME, the UN Global Compact, and the concept of socially responsible business can be expanded to encompass more positive outcomes for Indigenous peoples."(Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverFirst peoples : indigenous cultures and their futures / Jeffrey Sissons.
"Sissons, professor of social anthropology in New Zealand, calls his book an argument about the future of indigeneity, and in it he analyzes first peoples from the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, and Brazil. He addresses the painful nineteenth- and early twentieth-century process of assimilation, which was, from the indigenous perspective, a violent separation of people from their culture and children from their families. ... Sissons maintains that indigenous cultures worldwide are in the process of recovering what was lost in the process of colonization, that is, their children, land, and sovereignty. He feels that this is possible through participatory democracy. Although not geared to the layperson, Sissons' study is a valuable contribution to the field." (Drawn from Booklist review, courtesy of Syndetics)

Syndetics book coverThe new imperial order : indigenous responses to globalization, by Makere Stewart-Harawira.
"Stewart-Harawira (educational policy studies, U. of Alberta, Canada) interweaves the emergence of the global international political and economic order with indigenous people's experiences of that order; his central themes are the marginalization of indigenous sovereignty and self-determination and the ongoing subjugation of indigenous ontologies which could be important to alternative frameworks of global order. He discusses the emergence of international law, historicizes the construction of the multilateral economic order, and discusses indigenous resistance strategies within the international political arena and their influence on international law. " (Syndetics summary).

Syndetics book coverTribe : endangered peoples around the world, by Piers Gibbon with Jane Houston.
"Gibbon is a Britain-based explorer who has been involved with numerous documentaries (including a recent one on headshrinking traditions of the Shuar people of Ecuador) and TV series (a six-part series on historical food) and also lectures on his experiences. This book offers a beautifully illustrated, accessible treatment of tribal people around the world. The material is organized thematically and covers food and drink, dress and adornment, shelter, courtship and marriage, music and dance (and leisure), social structures (and war and peace), beliefs and rituals, and the future. The text is substantial and respectful and is well balanced with the lavish visuals." (Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverTribes / by Art Wolfe with Deirdre Skillman ; introduction by David Maybury-Lewis ; foreword by Iman.
"On every continent except Antarctica, there are extraordinary indigenous peoples who adorn themselves with the wondrous ornamentation that nature avoids: multicolored clays and dyes,brilliant feathers, and other exotic elements. ... But Tribes is more than a simple document of body art: it is a bold celebration of the pageantry and patterns of everyday life. With an introduction by Harvard anthropologist David Maybury-Lewis and a foreword by Iman, Tribes offers a rare glimpse into the world's most fascinating cultures. Taken tribe by tribe, the variety of adornment and cultural experience Art Wolfe has discovered is astonishing; taken as a whole, the collection of photographs is a testimonial to the power of human creation and spirit." (Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverResources, nations and indigenous peoples : case studies from Australasia, Melanesia and Southeast Asia / edited by Richard Howitt with John Connell and Philip Hirsch.
"Tensions between indigenous peoples and nation states take many forms, but none is so definitive as the question of resource sovereignty. Written by geographers, anthropologists, lawyers, economists and field practitioners, this book argues that these tensions are constructing a new geopolitics of identity and sovereignty within the nation states of Australasia, Melanesia and Southeast Asia.Building on the success of an earlier volume, Mining and Indigenous Peoples in Australasia, this volume goes beyond documenting the impacts of resource-based development to examine five key themes in contemporary disputes: the complex relationships between resources, identity and sovereignty; culture and gender issues in resource projects;marginalisation of and negotiations with indigenous interests; compensation and the monitoring of agreements; and the roles of governments in mediating relations between resource industry and indigenous groups." (Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverDaughters of the Pacific, by Zohl de Ishtar.

Syndetics book coverSacred plant medicine : explorations in the practice of indigenous herbalism, by Stephen Harrod Buhner.
"The historical use of plants by indigenous peoples is explored, & how this connects to universal experiences of the sacred in everyday life." (Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverIndigenous peoples in international law, by S. James Anaya.
"Anaya demonstrates that, while historical trends in international law largely facilitated colonization of indigenous peoples and their lands, modern international law's human rights program has been modestly responsive to indigenous peoples' aspirations to survive as distinct communities in control of their own destinies. This book provides a theoretically grounded and practically oriented synthesis of the historical, contemporary and emerging international law related to indigenous peoples. It will be of great interest to scholars and lawyers in international law and human rights, as well as to those interested in the dynamics of indigenous and ethnic identity." (Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverMother tongues : travels through tribal Europe / Helena Drysdale.
"Over seven seasons Helena Drysdale and her family travelled from the Mediterranean to the Arctic, from the Atlantic to the Aegean. By living in a van 'on location' rather than flying in and out like foreign correspondents, the family got to know people, visited their homes, and through them explored the very basis of the cultures inhabiting Europe's ambiguous fringe." "What drives the Basques' fight for independence? Why are the Corsicans so volatile and the Frisians so lonesome? Who are the Sami? The Alanders? The Ladin? Mother Tongues reveals the struggles of these peoples to stave off extinction in an increasingly homogenized world."--BOOK JACKET.

Sound alliances : indigenous peoples, cultural politics, and popular music in the Pacific / edited by Philip Hayward.
"An anthology of essays on the new syncretic, or "fusion," styles of music of the indigenous peoples of the Pacific region, who have adopted forms of popular music as an expression of their cultural identity." (Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverAboriginal Australia & the Torres Strait Islands : guide to indigenous Australia, by Sarina Singh ... [et al.].
"Travel guide to Aboriginal Australia and the Torres Strait Islands. Covers basic facts about Aboriginal Australia, such as history, society, spirituality, people and population, and sport and culture. Provides visitor information such as responsible tourism, shopping, permit applications and internet resources. Details specific facts about each region. Includes full-colour and black-and-white illustrations, maps, glossary, language information and index." (Syndetics summary)


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