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Heritage > Mervyn Kemp Oral History, Part 9

Recorded 24th September 1995

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Part 9, (26.5MB)


Time marker: Summary:
00' 40" Remuneration of local government employees. Suggests many below calibre and exorbitantly paid.
05' 20" Disagreement with cabinet minister over remuneration.
08' 00" Regional Council principles discussed. Had realised that Wellington City often acted on behalf of whole region.
09' 40" Sir Francis Kitts opposed. Part of considerable pressure to maintain status quo.
11' 40" Discusses ports authority and Power Boards as being suitable for regional government. Regrets decline of honesty and integrity in public life.
13' 00" Power boards replaced by 'commercial monsters'. Critical of those standing for 'ad-hoc' boards..
16'40" Airport needed to be controlled by Regional Council. Resisted by Wellington Town Clerk McCutcheon, Helene Ritchie and Michael Fowler resistant to this change.
18'40" Catchment Boards in Regional Councils a good move, well represented by engineer. Not comfortable commenting on Hutt as member of the board.
22'00" For long time took less than the small annuity available as Mayor. Opposed as Mayor only on two occasions.
25'00" Enjoyed job but had concern at high salaries paid to growing number of people, examples. Several Council decisions discussed including powers awarded to Town Clerk that later were criticised. Was sustained in job by affirmations. Enjoyed impromptu speaking.

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