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Heritage > Mervyn Kemp Oral History, Part 8

Recorded 24th September 1995

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Part 8, (28.4MB)


Time marker: Summary:
00' 20" Pool cost far higher than estimates. Some rates money had to be used.
01' 20" Concern over how fast facilities become outdated. Chairman's role to worry about costs, e.g. Equity vs. rates burden - especially regarding State Houses.
04' 20" Discusses perceived resentment and "snobbishness" toward Tawa from Porirua residents.
08' 00" Discusses Loans Board scrutiny of local government loan applications, now disbanded.
11' 20" Sports coaching an issue as teachers decided against weekend activities. Set up system with parents. Convened himself.
16' 40" Strong relationship with Parliament due to extra roles e.g. Board of Health - responsible to Minister of Health. Board of Health set up inquiries e.g. Committee of Inquiry into Old Aged Care. No payment, little expenses.
21'40" Remuneration of Town Clerks cited as example of overpayment. Some bitterness when gave service at no cost to ratepayers. Attributes sense of service to example of Salvation Army father. Sacrifices made by wife and family.
25'00" Discusses standing as Independent. Joined National Party as 'sleeping dog'. Attended annual Municipal Conferences.
26'40" Inaugural Regional Council Chairman 1980-86. Read about plan in newspaper. Describes Stuart McCaskill as ambitious and capable; critical of chairman being too old. Irritation over this led to retirement.
29'00" New water scheme at Te Marua cost far more than necessary, started during chairmanship.

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