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Heritage > Mervyn Kemp Oral History, Part 6

Recorded 24th September 1995

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Part 6, (27.9MB)


Time marker: Summary:
00' 20" Surprise opposition to engineer's appointment, called meeting but faced continued resistance. Opposition a feature of local government. Through talking most opponents became friends.
03' 40" Goal was to reticulate water and enable sensible subdivision. Community identity came later. Financial abilities were strength.
05' 20" Discovered power was a fickle thing, determination being a sustaining quality. Ratepayer's poll held on reticulation and narrowly won.
7' 02" Detailed discussion of water supply. Beginning of regional water supply which led to foundation of regional council.
12' 20" Tawa Town Board premises described. Initially an unheated, earth-floored, fire station.
14' 00" Implementation of water supply. Some other priorities including footpaths mentioned. Water supply installation impaired by heavy rains.
18' 00" Water supplies connected. RSA's building water reticulation a problem for sewage and grey water disposal. Titahi Bay sewage outfall discussed; was to be shared by Tawa with Porirua (funded by government) but Tawa paid own way.
22' 20" Minister of Works, Stan Gooseman involved in negotiating price for Tawa to come in to scheme. Opening of RSA threatened by breakdown in negotiation. Exchanges of stern telegrams.
24' 00" Mayor by this time. Gooseman alleged that he was threatened. Charge was denied and agreement reached. Suggests that most council initiatives relied on ratepayer funding and volunteer labour.
27' 00" Costings for reticulation discussed. Restoration of roads after pipe laying next priority. Borrowing for this frowned upon. Blight's Building mentioned.

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