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Heritage > Mervyn Kemp Oral History, Part 5

Recorded 24th September 1995

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Part 5, (28.4MB)


Time marker: Summary:
00' 40" Returns to childhood in Ashfield. First day of school cancelled as school closed by 1918 flu epidemic. Father affected and had to be isolated at home. Housekeeper was supplied by government and Father recovered.
04' 00" Discusses Hall Kemp as a possible name. Daughter Elizabeth married Graham Sutton. Discusses her skills and her strong interest in children's sport.
09' 20" Discusses flat hunting by taxi during acute post-war accommodation shortages. Eventually got flat and went to Tawa which he had not previously heard of.
12' 00" Porirua and Tawa Flat not together. In 1951 Local Government commission gave permission for Tawa flat to have election for Town Board and Mayor. Elected but had little knowledge. Wellington City not engaged with issues. Johnsonville/Churton Park already in Wellington.
17' 40" Newspaper notice stated no further building permits for Tawa. Tawa unable to have election; no roll, no ability to appoint returning officer. Used Johnsonville roll to enrol Tawa citizens relying on knowledge of Arthur Carman and Arthur Clark.
20' 20" Became involved in Ratepayers Association dispute, on winning side. Jimmie Dunn suggested both stand for election. Dr Brian Kelly missed out by one vote. Kemp elected, attends inaugural meeting, appoints staff.
23'40" No money, but beginning to flow. First task was assessing monies due. Makara's books in confusion. Recommended involvement of Auditor-General. Became chief organiser: set up Rate Roll. All employees temporary. First appointment was engineer to plan water reticulation to avoid shortages.
28'20" At this early stage a false move would have meant disaster.

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