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Heritage > Mervyn Kemp Oral History, Part 4

Recorded 24th September 1995

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Part 4, (28.4MB)


Time marker: Summary:
00' 20" Father-in-law had a tool-maker's business which he wanted to leave to Kemp. However recognised that he had no experience in this field and the decision was made to wind the business up.
02' 00" Becomes a public accountant instead. Recalls some clients and his propensity to under-charge
05' 00" Become involved in Tawa's affairs. Decribes how he worked for many years without remuneration which he always declined
06' 40" Describes Tawa as a "struggling little community". No thoughts during this early period of becoming Mayor, simply of living in a viable home. Recalls protesting about something and as a result becomes president of the Ratepayers Association at a time when Tawa was becoming a separate entity from Makara Riding
08' 40" Describes the separation coming without preparation leaving a vacumm to be filled. No employees to begin with. Induced to stand as a rookie.
10' 40" Tawa had no focus or facilities, compared with situation in Churton Park. No water supply, kerbing.
14'00" Rail tunnels mentioned as important but not services to Tawa.
16'00" No school, kindergarten or churches.
17'00" Pre-motorway relied on old military road. Rates only income needed to be monitored.
20'20" Application made some time before to break from Makara deferred by war, involved Porirua and Tawa.
22'20" Johnsonville also in financial hole as unwilling to raise rates.
23'40" Discusses George Turkington of Makara, appointed to chairman of Tawa town board. Turkington not good at forward planning with exception of land subdivision.
25'40" Septic tanks almost illegal but no alternative. Land relatively cheap but Tawa barely definite name.
28'20" Suggests Johnsonville area also neglected in planning by developers, 100 year old roads still exist. Philosophy of strict financial control and do it yourself attitude discussed, desire to make Tawa into a desirable suburb.

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