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Heritage > Mervyn Kemp Oral History, Part 12

Recorded 24th September 1995

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Part 12, (24.1MB)


Time marker: Summary:
01' 00" Warren Cooper more a 'swimmer with the tide' than strong ideas person.
02' 20" Highlights: most achievements on small scale. Pride in keeping council operation small.
03' 20" Shunned monumental building. Refers to new concept of local government, providing Wellington with formula for developing international airport. Possibility for new Ansett airport at limited cost but insufficient support.
09' 20" Should have been regional operation but dismissed. However commercial interests onside.
11' 40" MBE and CBE awarded for services to local government.
12' 20" Municipal association member and chair, lost much of its importance to Local Government reform. Elwood one of last elected to chair. Distinguishes between Local Government Association and Municipal Association - latter had closer ties with central government, influence wielded for some time by Kemp.
16'20" National Road Board's passing regretted.
18'20" Changes from deregulation, advantages questioned. Ministry of Works' passing meant loss of knowledge and reliability.
21'20" Would have been less reckless than Labour in 1984 reforms.
24'40" Sport: keen cricketer, batsman, switched to tennis. Father a good cricketer who might have made the Australian team. Still follows cricket, not keen on one-day matches.
29'00" Not sure would repeat career - too many disappointments. Lacked good fortune. Did not go as intended.

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