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Heritage > Mervyn Kemp Oral History, Part 10

Recorded 24th September 1995

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Part 10, (28.3MB)


Time marker: Summary:
01' 00" Restructuring of local government. Local Government Commission enlarged from 2/3 to 5. Brian Elwood, former Mayor of Palmerston North, as chair of Local Government Commission. Mastered role quickly, formidable opponent.
05' 40" Rumours of amalgamation for other local authorities. Tawa seemed unassailable, confirmed by Elwood.
09' 00" Elwood attended meeting with Borough Council. Was retired because of tiredness and added responsibilities of the Regional Council. From 1980 both jobs held simultaneously for three years.
12' 00" Doris Mills and Roy Mitchell deputies at Tawa. Both keen to be mayor. Mitchell one term only, Mills died suddenly in term.
14' 20" Details 1988 reform of Tawa Borough by Local Government Commission. Realisation that people's wishes would not be heard.
18' 00" Recalls Elwood's visit to Tawa with intention to reform. Felt let down by decision. Presented by Elwood as fait accompli.
22'20" Disgust felt at abuse of democracy and ruthlessness. International law mentioned as possibility.
25'00" Churton Park demonstrates that reform could have been handled in a way that strengthened places like Tawa instead of absorption into Wellington City.
22'00" For long time took less than the small annuity available as Mayor. Opposed as Mayor only on two occasions.
27'40" Two polls held in Tawa. All possibilities exhausted. Discusses reaction to the new structure.

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