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Te Matapihi Ki Te Ao Nui

Town of Wellington, Port Nicholson, from Rai - Warra - Warra Hill (From Samuel Charles Brees, Pictorial Illustrations of New Zealand, John Williams and Co., London, 1848) Twelve months in Wellington / by John Wood (1843)


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The writer of the following pages has just returned to this country, after a twelve month's residence in Wellington, New Zealand. The only landed property he possesses is situated in the Port Nicholson settlement, and thus his prospects are, in some measure, identified with the success or failure of the New Zealand Company's colonization operations. He cannot, however, refrain from protesting against the means employed to draw to the Company's settlements a class of' emigrants for which, at present, New Zealand is not calculated ; and if the result of his own experience should have the effect of putting others on their guard his object will be attained.

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