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What influences retirement decisions? (pdf)
Authors: Davey, Judith
Source: Social policy journal of New Zealand, Mar 2008; n.33:p.110-125
Abstract: An in-depth academic article looking at the factors which influence retirement, including health and financial issues. Features interviews, and makes reference to the Health, Work and Retirement Study.

Why 70 is the new 50
Author: Black, Joanne
Source: Listener, 21 Nov 2009; v.221 n.3628:p.16-21
Abstract: The article looks at why New Zealanders are continuing to work past their retirement age.

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Old dogs and new tricks
Author: McCormick, Ian
Source: New Zealand Management; Nov 2010, Vol. 57 Issue 10, pp59-61
Abstract: The article dicusses the benefits of boards having older directors on them, and mentions two valued directors.
Landing a Job After 50
Authors: Brandon, Emily
Source: U.S. News & World Report; May2009, Vol. 146 Issue 4, p38-39
Abstract: The article discusses jobseeking after fifty.
How to age-proof your career
Authors: Kadlec, Dan
Source: Money; May2010, Vol. 39 Issue 4, p118-123
Abstract: Gives tips for older employees to use in order to appear younger at work, ie keeping up with social media.
I Retired. Now How Do I Unretire?
Authors: Kowitt, Beth
Source: Fortune; 14 June 2010, Vol. 161 Issue 8, p50
Abstract: An article which presents the views of an expert on baby boomers and their thoughts regarding working.
Find a new working self
Author: Feldman, Amy
Source: Businessweek; 3/8/2010, Issue 4169, p68-69
Abstract: The author of the book "Working Identity, Professor Herminia Ibarra is interviewed. She mentions that often older people often have more success with developing their own new business, rather than working for someone else.
Reinvent your career, and get ready for for the next 30 years
Authors: Erickson, Tamara J.
Source: T+D; Jul 2008, Vol. 62 Issue 7, pp 36-39
Abstract: This is a really positive article which looks at how longer life spans enable people who have retired to reinvent themselves and perhaps get involved in doing what they have always wanted to do. It also looks at ways of those who don't want to retire, can negotiate a more flexible way of working with their employer.
Safeguarding the intellectual capital of baby boomers
Authors: Kaye, Beverly; Cohen, Joyce
Source: T+D; Apr2008, Vol. 62 Issue 4, pp 30-33
Abstract: Although it is primarily addressed to employers, this is a another good article outlining why organisations should make the workplace less age discriminatory and enable vital knowledge and skills to be passed from one generation of workers to another.
Overaged are underrated - implications of an ageing workforce
Author: Birchfield, Reg J.
Source: New Zealand Management Mar 2008; v.55 n.2 pp 28-29
Abstract: The article reports on the recent study by NZIM and Institute of Policy Studies into New Zealand's aging workforce, and what this will mean in the future.
'Til death do us part?
Author: Le Pla, Ruth
Source: NZ Business, Mar 2008; v.22 n.2: pp 32-36
Abstract: This interesting article comments on the findings of the EEO Trust Work & Age Survey and looks at how businesses are dealing with the rapidly ageing workforce. Also includes ten tips on how businesses can successfully manage older workers.
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