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New Zealand resources and contacts


  • BNI
    A business and professional networking organisation that allows only one person from each profession to join any chapter.
  • Business Mentors NZ
    If you employ less than 25 people and your business is more than 12 months old, you are eligible for a business mentor.
  • Chrysalis for Women
    A Wellington-based business network group for women in small to medium sized businesses. Also offers a 12-month workbook 'Your Business Journey'. The Principal is Kim Chamberlain - an author of books and e-books on communication skills, personal development, brain training and language exercises; an international conference speaker; and coordinator of women's business network groups.
  • CO.of women
    A nationwide business organisation for female entrepreneurs.
  • Dress For Success
    Provides interview suits, confidence boosts and career development to more than 30,000 women in over 70 cities internationally each year. Dress for Success is a not-for-profit organization which helps low-income women make tailored transitions into the workforce. They are always looking for women interested in helping in a variety of ways including repairing garments and fundraising.
  • Founders Exchange
    The Founders Exchange is a fantastic meetup for women to exchange ideas with and learn from their peers
  • Homebizbuzz
    Winner of the Best Small Business Web Site in New Zealand at the 2002 NetGuide Web Awards, this site provides a vast array of useful information to anyone starting out in business, as well as existing businesses, including a free newsletter.
  • Iwahine
    Boutique wahine Maori business advisory and consulting service
  • Maori Business Facilitation Service
    This is a free business development service for Maori interested in starting up a business or wanting to improve an existing business. The service is for commercial opportunities only, and targets small to medium-sized businesses. It operates from the Te Puni Kokiri and Maori Trust Office regional offices. Here is a link to an article about them Female Maori entrepreneurs flourishing
  • Maori Women's Development Inc
    MWDI was formed in 1987 with the assistance of Ministerial action and the goodwill of the National Council for Maori Women's Welfare League Inc to meet business, employment and financial demands. They provide loans of up to $20,000 to help Maori women start or expand businesses It aims to encourage Maori women and men into business as well as building a network of Maori in business.
  • National Advisory Council on the Employment of Women (NACEW)
    This site is aimed at women you are considering become self-employed business owners. It includes a number of case studies, as well as links to relevant papers.
  • New Zealand Federation of Business & Professional Women Inc
    BPW NZ promotes equity for all women in the workplace through advocacy, education and information, and has 31 branches throughout New Zealand.
  • Rails Girls Wellington
    Rails Girls is a global phenomenon helping all types of girls to understand technology and build their ideas, using the Ruby on Rails framework.
  • Rainbow Wellington
    Business and Professionals Association (previously GAP) - based in the Capital City of Wellington, Rainbow Wellington is the largest professional network for gays and lesbians in Australasia - now with over 400 businesses on board! You'll be able to share your skills and services and establish new business opportunities and a whole new network.
  • Venus Network
    A nationwide business referral community designed for women who are serious about growing their business, their networks and themselves. There is a Wellington network.
  • Women on Boards (Min. of Women's Affairs)
    The Nominations Service aims to increase the number of women leaders and decision-makers on state sector governance boards and committees.
  • Yourbiz
    This is a great local site developed by business owners for business owners. Free registration.

Articles freely available online

International contacts and resources

  • Catalyst
    Catalyst is a non-profit organization working to advance women in business and the professions. This research organization has systematically tracked women's progress in the workplace and publishes this information on the web site.
  • Catalyzing
    Catalyzing is the Catalyst blog, bringing together and amplifying diverse voices that share Catalyst 's mission to expand opportunities for women and business
  • GEM 2014 Women's Report
  • Digital-women
    This site provides an international online community for women who run their own business, business women, and all women generally. Although the financial information provided is mostly relevant to America, there are also lots of free business resources and tools. These include links to articles covering a wide range of business topics.
  • WomanOwned
    Tools and resources for businesswomen, including business plans, start up information, funding resources, and other tools.

Library resources

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Articles available via our online magazines

The articles below which have links are from the EBSCO database, part of mygateway.info and can be accessed fulltext online. If you have not accessed Ebsco within the last thirty days, you need to login here first.

Breaking through the barriers. (cover story)
Author: Baker, Glenn
Source: NZ Business. Jun2015, Vol. 29 Issue 5, p16-19.
Abstract: This indepth article profiles Fiona Clark, director of BreakThrough Business Solutions in North Shore, Auckland, and discusses the BreakThrough Women in Business Program

FAILURE is AN OPTION. . (cover story)
Author: Springall, Lesley
Source: NZ Business; Jun2014, Vol. 28 Issue 5, p20-24
Abstract: The article features Kiwi entrepreneur Lou Donnelly-Davey, who founded several businesses and organizations in New Zealand.

The diplomat's daughter
Author: Baker, Glenn
Source: NZ Business + Management. May2016, Vol. 30 Issue 4, p19-21
Abstract: The article presents an interview with Natalia Albert, a Mexican expatriate based in Wellington who discusses amongst other things the subject of gender inequality in business.

Consuming passion
Authors: Black, Jennifer
Source: Acuity. Apr2016, Vol. 3 Issue 3, p54-57.
Abstract: My Food Bag Limited's co-founder Cecilia Robinson discusses her career and how she went about transforming the home delivery company with celebrity chef Nadia Lim. The article focuses on the career of co-founder Cecilia Robinson of home delivery company . in New Zealand, as she get talks about making the company's transformation, working with celebrity chef Nadia Lim .

Where Girls Go to Code
Author: Gale, Sarah Fister
Source: Workforce. Nov/Dec2016, Vol. 95 Issue 10, p10-11
Abstract: The article reports on recruitment of several women engineers by the services company Accenture in September 2016. .

Fighting Sexism in Silicon Valley: You're Doing It Wrong
Authors: Steele, Chandra
Source: PC Magazine. Nov2016, p26-29
Abstract: The author looks at the issues and challenges faced in the workplace by women in technology service forms.


Syndetics book coverThe conquer kit : a creative business planner for women entrepreneurs / Natalie MacNeil.
"Business plans are one of the last remaining spaces in publishing where intimidating lingo, dry writing, and overly long verbiage are still the norm. You know what these books look like--big and manual-like, there's usually a middle-aged man standing with his arms crossed (or pointing!) on the cover, making promises in all caps about the money you'll make. The Conquer Kit is an interactive journal experience that brings business planning into the realm of play. Readers are invited to sketch, scribble, glue, dream, and write on the pages. all while developing an airtight business plan with proven money-making methods and strategies. Author and entrepreneur Natalie MacNeil encourages readers to build a strong foundation with the four pillars of every successful business (the right name, the right business setup and entity, a sound legal structure, and a basic financial system), create heart-centric products and marketing plans, put together their A team, envision the bigger picture, and bring their dream business to life"-- Provided by publisher.

Syndetics book coverIn the company of women : inspiration and advice from over 100 makers, artists, and entrepreneurs / Grace Bonney ; principal photography by Sasha Israel.
"Across the globe, women are embracing the entrepreneurial spirit and starting creative businesses. In the Company of Women profiles over 100 of these influential and creative women from all ages, races, backgrounds, and industries"--Amazon.com.

Syndetics book coverMy story / Jo Malone.
"Known around the world for her eponymous brand of fragrances and now her brand-new venture Jo Loves (soon to debut in the US), Jo Malone tells the remarkable and inspiring story of her rise from humble beginnings to beloved business success. Jo Malone began her international fragrance and scented candle business in 1983 from her kitchen, where she made bath oils as thank-you gifts for her facial clients. She opened her first store in London in 1994, and in 1999 she sold the Jo Malone London brand to Estee Lauder Companies. Recently, she launched a new brand, Jo Loves, igniting the excitement of fashion and beauty converts all over the world. Raised in government-subsidized housing in Kent in the early 1960s, Jo Malone left school as a teenager to care for her mother after she had a stroke. Jo had not been successful in school because of her dyslexia, but she had the ability to see and feel everything in scent. Her at-home beauty business and hand-made products became popular, and word of her talent spread until an international brand was born. After the sale of her company and the birth of her son, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent treatment in New York. Thus began the second chapter of her life, and in this memoir, Jo tells her full amazing and inspiring personal story"-- Provided by publisher.

Syndetics book coverBreak through : 20 success strategies for female leaders / Marina Go.
From editor of Dolly at the age of 23 to CEO of Australia's leading digital publisher by her forties, Marina Go is here to inspire the next generation of female leaders to take their rightful place at the top. This book shares an in-depth analysis of the 20 leadership traits that make a successful woman - providing the tools to turn your personal vision of success into a reality. Marina defines success as the ability to achieve the goals she sets for herself. In this deeply personal book, she talks candidly about the challenges and triumphs she has faced over her 30-year career as a leader in the media and publishing industry.

Syndetics book coverSun Tzu for women : the art of war for winning in business / Becky Sheetz-Runkle.
"For twenty-five centuries, men have used Sun Tzu's classic "The Art of War" as a guide to conflict. In recent years, it's been a guide to climbing the corporate ladder. But this book shows that there are more paths to winning than frontal assault. You can learn from the ancient Chinese strategist how to apply the feminine principle to the business world--and win every time. Whether it's relying on networking skills to win allies or maneuvering to gain a decisive advantage, the author shows through dozens of case studies from prominent women in business how to overcome the odds, defeat opponents, and forge successful careers. The tenets of Sun Tzu lend themselves to women's natural strengths in diplomacy and relationship-building. With this interpretation, you'll learn to leverage these valuable assets to trump your male colleagues every time." (Syndetics summary)

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