Wellington City Libraries

Te Matapihi Ki Te Ao Nui


Use this option to request an item be held for you when it becomes available e.g. it may be on loan, or at another branch, or you are reserving from home. Anybody with a current library card can make a reserve.

Cost: $2 for adults

$1 for Community Services Card holders

FREE for children and young adults

Number: No limit for adults & young adults; 10 reserves only on a child's card
  • Using our library catalogues, either the EasyFind visual catalogue or the Classic Catalogue, you can place reserves quickly and easily - instructions are available here (PDF format).
  • You can reserve several items at once using the Classic Catalogue, by creating a Personal List.
  • You can reserve magazine issues using the Classic Catalogue, by searching for and selecting a specific issue.
  • You can also place reserves at any library desk, or over the phone.
  • You need:
    • Your library card
    • Information like the title and author of the item you wish to reserve
    • To know which branch you want to pick the item up from

    We will contact you when the item is ready for you, using the contact you have told us you prefer (by phone, email or letter in the mail) . You need to pick it up from your requested library branch within 7 days of notification.

    We cannot guarantee when the item will be available because we are reliant on the item being returned to the library. We do our best to deliver requested items as soon as possible.

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