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Te Matapihi Ki Te Ao Nui

Whakauru ki Te Whare Pukapuka Tuihono o Te Whanganui-a-Tara Joining Wellington City Libraries Online

Visit our Joining page to see what kind of membership you are eligible for.

Free membership:

  • Ratepayers and residents of Wellington City
  • Members of the Wellington Tenths Trust
  • Children of the above
  • Students studying at Wellington educational institutions

If you do not fit these criteria, you can join as an Out of Towner or by paying an Annual subscription. Further information is available here.

Conditions of Membership:

  1. With your temporary card, you may reserve up to 5 books.
  2. After 4 weeks, temporary membership will expire if you haven't visited a library to become a full member.

    To borrow books and continue your membership, you must come into the library and become a full member.

  3. Visit any WCL branch and supply us with Valid ID and recent proof of address, and an alternative address (not your personal residential address.
  4. A Parent or Guardian is required to sign the form and be responsible for all Child or Young Adult cards and the items issued on them.
  5. Cards are not transferable between people. All items borrowed are the responsibility of the card holder.
  6. All items are to be returned to the library by their due date.
  7. The library must be notified of any change of address and any library card lost or stolen. All items issued before such notification are the card holders' responsibility.
  8. Payment to be made on demand for all item rental charges, overdue charges, damages and replacement charges that are incurred.
  9. Information will be passed on to a debt collection and credit reporting agency should you default, and an administration charge may be incurred.
  10. You cannot join online if you are an existing member. If you are unsure whether you belong to the library, please contact us.

The membership card may not be used to issue items until the enrolment form is signed and the relevant ID shown.

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NB. If you receive a security certificate pop up window, please click "Yes".

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